The 2024 Wine Wall Calendar ... Twelve Great Wine Calendars "Invented" in Flein, Germany

This is it: the 2024 + 2024 wine wall calendar, the European style wine wall calendar, the wine wall calendar published in the wine village Flein near Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg. However: The pictures in this particular calendar are not about this wine community, not at all. It starts at a really low price, and it is a fantastic addition to a bottle of wine when you visit good friends or need a gift for business partners. Check here, what the lowest price is. And after that you probably want to know, what's that in your currency, what the sizes in inches are and what to expect regarding S&H. For that, please click here.  --


You don't want to be entertained ... you want to the shop? Okay, hit the button to your right. Please, first read about the European style vs. the 50:50 style ( ... common in the USA and maybe more countries).  --


So ... a wine wall calendar! Really a wine wall calendar? What does a wine calendar do on a Bach portal with Bach gifts and music gifts?


Actually and indeed. This wine wall calendar is the famous exception to the rule. To the rule that "Bach 4 You" actually ... yes, actually ... offers only Bach gifts and music gifts. Even the Valentine's Day calendar and the Mother's Day calendar are both musical gifts, because the hearts that you hang with the corresponding calendar on a suitable place in your own home are very musical: See for yourself. All, even really all gifts in the publishing house "Bach 4 You" are actually music gifts or as the publishing house also calls them "gifts for musicians". But not ... the wine wall calendar.


Meet the European calendar style in the shop of "Bach 4 You" and the US calendar style at "Zazzle" … learn more.


Flein, home of the wine wall calendar. However, the wine wall calendar doesn't show pictures of this community. It's only invented here and prepared here. Flein is south of Heilbronn in Southern Germany.

If you do look for a wine wall calendar for your kitchen and the purpose is to leave notes on the monthly pages ... yes, we offer those, too. More information is down the page, or, if you are in a hurry ... here at our Zazzle shop.

A Little Entertainment Around the Wine Wall Calendar from Flein 


So, how did it develop? This wine wall calendar. In Heilbronn, one of the big wine magazines in Germany is being created, an online magazine with plenty of exciting and interesting articles and stories about wine. And this wine portal is only a 9-minute drive from door to door between the publishing house "Bach 4 You" and the editorial office of the wine magazine. Plus, there is one person who knows both of them well ... the managing director of the portal and ... two Bachs.


During a first common "coffee and cake" date, actually quite privately, the realization arises that together we could offer something special that the market doesn't yet know. This is the personalized version of the wine wall calendar.

The logo of the wine internet portal. It's a pity, it's in German only. You don't care? Click on the logo above.

The Wine Wall Calendar ... and the Wine Wall Calendar with Personalization

Personalization is a special feature that the publisher "Bach 4 You" only offers for two of its calendars: one wine wall calendar for private wine connoisseurs and for beverage professionals and the second only for winegrowers, winegrowers' cooperatives and for the demanding local wine and beverage trade. Here you get to the shop again.

For beverage professionals, this is the cost-effective option to personalize a wine wall calendar, because from 10 ordered calendars the personalization costs only € 1, plus the costs per piece for the wine wall calendar minimizes through a first volume discount. From the tenth wine wall calendar on, the price per piece reduces by € 21 (DIN A4). If you order 100 calendars with this personalization and the costs are as low as 10 Cent per calendar, that is € 10.90 per piece.

The wine wall calendar with the title "Wine ... Impressions" and the order number 11 as a personalized article. Yes, for individual wine fans it's a whopping € 32.90 price tag (... check, what's that in your currency today), as we can not offer any volume rebate if you order one piece. However, there is an option: If you decide not to personalize, who this gift gets but from whom he or she this present receives, it would be "A Happy New Year  f r o m  Peter and Renate". So, handed that away as a present, it would make one single calendar only 10 Cents more expensive than a regular wine wall calendar.

The following is exciting only ( ! ) for vintner cooperatives, winegrowers and beverage professionals: 100 personalized wine wall calendars including personalization cost only € 8.60 a piece. And because that is already inclusive value added tax, the suitable offer to a professional buyer would then be ...


only € 7.00


... plus the forwarding expenses and plus 19 % VAT. Exciting? Exciting! 

There is one more offer, but only for beverage professionals: If you think the idea of personalization is quite cool, something very special is waiting for you here. It is the premium personalization of a wine wall calendar. Just click and it's the right offer for you. 

The Wine Wall Calendar 1 and the Wine Wall Calendar 11 Are Pretty Similar


It is not true that the publisher deliberately complicates the offer around the most favorable wine wall calendar and the first personalized wine calendar. It has resulted, because there should be first only one wine wall calendar. And ... because "Bach 4 You" wanted to offer one wine wall calendar particularly favorably.


First, we do not only distinguish the 3 sizes from DIN A4 to DIN A2, but there are also value priced and hot off the press calendars. Of all calendars ... wine calendars and music calendars. A low-priced calendar is a copy of which the publisher has a small edition printed and then passes the discount on to the buyer. A freshly printed calendar, in our case on this page wine calendar, is it then, if the publishing house lets print only exactly the one for absolutely exactly you. Plus, of course there is no quantity discount.


The wine wall calendar with the order number 1 is something very special, because there is the size DIN A4 of it as a reasonable calendar, but DIN A3 and DIN A2 only as freshly printed, namely, when you order one. "Print-on-demand" is the name of the game today, mostly on the internet. We call it "hot off the press".


And the wine wall calendar "Wine ... Impressions" then also became the first personalized wine wall calendar, at the very beginning even the only personalized wine wall calendar. With the personalization it becomes number 11, so that no confusion arises. Complicated? Good, maybe a little.

There are no personalized calendars on "Zazzle", however check the difference … learn more.


January in the wine wall calendar 1 and in the wine wall calendar 11. Here is a next chance to visit the shop and there to get to the "wine wall calendar department". Via this link. Further down there are firstly the 11 further monthly sheets, which are in both wine calendars (order number 1, for example favorable for € 11,90 plus S&H, inclusive VAT; or order number 11 with a personalization). And after that, only entertainment follows on this page ... perhaps except ... the presentation of another 10 wine wall calendars.

Eleven More Monthly Sheets and Ten more Wine Wall Calendars after that


February in the wine wall calendar 1 and 11.

The next season begins in the vineyard: March in the wine wall calendar "Wine ... Impressions". Right now to the shop?

April in the most affordable wine wall calendar. In between directly to the store?

From now on, sunshine plays a big role in the vineyard: May in the wine wall calendar.

The currently most important factor: the perfect amount of water ... June in both the year and the wine wall calendar.

A first play of colors: July in the wine wall calendar.

Wine connoisseurs are already looking forward to the next good vintage: August in the wine wall calendar.

The decisive time begins not only for wine lovers, but also for photographers.

Now and a little sooner or later is the time for the grape harvest. And it's the perfect time for photographers who want to take pictures of the magnificent play of colors. 12 of them make one wine wall calendar.

November in the wine wall calendar: The vineyard is now quiet and the wine is on its way to countless wine glasses all over the world.

It's gotten cold. And the wine wall calendar year ends shortly.

More Wine Wall Calendars? So, a Wine Postage Stamps Calendar, Maybe?


Peter Bach, Jr. – as he still calls himself today in memory of his father Peter Bach, Sr. – is my husband, and he likes to exaggerate. 1 music calendar, 10 music calendars? But not him. It had to be 99. And so the idea of offering only one wine calendar was almost unbearable for him. Well ... that is a little exaggerated. But he wanted with pleasure, and it began a roller coaster ride, which made it necessary to delete this website page – which was already once completely finished – again and to write again.


Peter wanted to "tinker" 10 wine wall calendars, or better 12 wine wall calendars. And to match the topic of music calendars, he also wanted – at least – one wine calendar with wine stamps. Plus, a wine calendar, or better several with old prints on the subject of wine.

A first find and not bad at the beginning of the research. But, there should be cooler, more fantastic stamps with wine motifs to offer a wine stamp wall calendar.


And so you search and you search ... exactly where you have already found what you were looking regarding composer stamps and Bach stamps. And finds ... now ... nothing that really inspires you.

Very nice, too. But spectacular? Not really. And the searching and searching leads to a hunch: There are by far not as many as on the theme of classical composers.

One last great sheet of stamps and my husband is disappointed: There will never be a cool wine wall calendar with wine stamps. 

Please meet our US style wine calendars on "Zazzle" … learn more.


There are indications that it might be possible to stick to just one wine calendar after all. But there was also the subject of "Historical Prints". And here, the yield was already better, but ... not really impressive. Exactly as in the area of the music calendars there would probably unfortunately be nothing to the topic wine. With the following pictures another disappointment came to my husband.

Cute, but not cute enough for a wine wall calendar?

That's better, but for a long time there was a shortage of the right quantity. In order to "extract" twelve cool motifs, there should at least be 50 very good motifs.

Kitsch or no kitsch, it's a matter of debate. But it is definitely historical, because today there are no more such cards. Publish or not publish ... that was the question after all.

Hm... why not?! The question isn't answered quickly in the beginning. To the shop.


Not really fancy enough and, even worse: There were simply too few attractive printed things, like postcards; there were simply not enough motifs. Just like the wine stamp calendar shortly before, the publisher also had to bury the historical wine wall calendar as a "cute, unworkable idea".


However, a creative team does not just consist of one author and one publisher, but also of two ambitious artists, one of whom also brings a lot of patience and persistence. And so it was possible to get great wine motifs from the past for two different themes, above all enough.


The result many weeks after the creation of the first wine wall calendar, then the personalized calendar: We had found so much material that we wanted to design more wine wall calendars. In addition, there was an enormous pool of cool photos on the subject of wine, namely wine glasses and wine bottles and wine landscapes.


Finally as a "Fleiner", as the resident of the wine village of Flein  there was only one thought left. Did we want to make a wine wall calendar about Flein, our hometown? Or did we want to leave it alone, because first of all there is already a great photo calendar about Flein (... here you come to the view and the history of this work of art) and second because the probability of selling even one is not really huge with 7,000 Fleiners. Because it is really only good for Fleiner. And for Fleinamas. These are the ones who were born when their parents lived in Flein.


Well, not every activity not even that of a calendar publisher has to be reasonable. And so the author and publisher (... Peter and I) created the calendar "Wein und Flein" (Wine and Flein), first in an international version, and then in one for residents of "The Ländle" (The Little Countryside). After a certain euphoria, one of them no longer exists today. And after the Fleiner wine landmarks had been photographed and then freed from graffiti, it is only in the first year of its publication available in DIN-A3 as a unique value priced calendar, from next year and in all three sizes, then freshly printed.

A wine wall calendar video? No, not this super-short film. It informs with text, music, film and pictures about the wine place. A wine wall calendar video ... will soon exist ... but not on this page, but on YouTube.

Yes, there is an English title page and the monthly pages are multi-national (... next picture). "Wine & Flein" or "Flein & Wine"? As a Fleiner we would have to prefer Flein first, but with an offer of wine wall calendars we decided then nevertheless for "Wine & Flein".


Of course ... first you had to know: Queen Elizabeth II drank Flein wine on the occasion of her state visit 1965 in Germany: May in the Flein Wine Wall Calendar.

This research was more demanding. But with the help of the renowned wine and beverage company Armbruster in the center of Flein, we got the certificate directly and indirectly even the picture of the Baden-Württemberg Wine Queen, who came from Flein in 1951: September in the wine wall calendar.

Beautiful photos accompany the whole wine year. The wine wall calendar with wonderful grapes: The wine wall calendar with the order number 3, the title ... see above.

The noblest of all wine wall calendars, "Black & Wine", in portrait format. The order number 4.

Here it is, fitting to the chapter above: the first vintage wine wall calendar. Twelve similar historical cute parts are decorated in front of a vineyard wall and "embellished" with a vine leaf photo.

In fact: a wine wall calendar consisting exclusively of autumn leaves in the vineyard. And it really is a firework of colors. The order number of this wine wall calendar? Sure ... it's number 6.

If you find many wine landscapes in your picture archive, then you just cannot only offer one wine wall calendar on the topic "Wine Landscapes", so it is "Vol. 1". The order number is the 7.

Please do not confuse the two wine landscape calendars. The pictures are similarly cool, but ... they are simply different. And if you can't decide which of these wine wall calendars you want for the coming year, then order "either one" and in the coming year the other. The order number of this wine wall calendar is 8.

Please find 50:50 wine calendars, how they are preferred in the US, in our shop on "Zazzle" … learn more.


The wine wall calendar with the name "Flea Market" and it was not so easy to find this title. It is a wonderful collection of historical prints around the topic "wine". Attention: Please do not confuse this one with the next one. The order number is 9.

A cool combination of modern picture parts, the glasses, and historical components, the prints. Plus the graphic parts, namely two fonts. The title? "Back Then". The order number of this wine wall calendar? The 10.

Twelve dreamlike photos of wine barrels and wine cellars together make a dreamlike and "completely different" wine calendar. It is the latest wine calendar in the series of 12.

This wine wall calendar with the order number 11 above looks very similar to the wine wall calendar 1. But instead of the 3 words "wine" in different languages, here is the place for the personalization. And so this wine calendar is the order number 11. Inside the 12 monthly sheets are 100 percent the same. And of course – as a private wine connoisseur – you can also personalize this calendar with a "private message".

This wine wall calendar with the title "Thank You" is the Ferrari among our wine wall calendars. It is the premium personalized one. And it has the order number 12. You can't order it "by mistake", because the publisher has some questions to you about it. Please click here and discover the 12 premium personalized monthly sheets.

Our Wine Wall Calendars Come in Two Styles: European Style and 50:50 Style

Long, long after the publishing house published its first music calendar, a conversation about the long-term plans with our American relatives led to the general consideration of why anybody should hang a calendar in their house at all, when today electronic gadgets have "almost completely replaced" the calendar. At first the question seemed strange, but it soon turned out that Dwight and Michele, Dwight is a cousin of Peter, didn't even know the wall calendar as it hangs in our houses and apartments. They only had the wall calendar in mind, as it is customary in the USA.

Above it is great but below it is horrible No, really not, but for decoration purposes it only fits into the kitchen.


With this knowledge, Peter went on a tour of discovery in a store that is specially equipped for calendars in a mall, from November onwards. The problem: All calendar title pages for all topics correspond practically to the calendars as we know them. A full-size motif, the calendar title, the year. And that was exactly the reason why the difference remained hidden from us for so long.


If you open any one of these calendars, you will discover that the calendar area doubles, but the whole calendar is extended by a rather ugly large grid work (... sorry guys in the US) in which you can now write down your appointments and reminders. The publisher estimates this style of designing a calendar in the USA at 99 percent.

We figured out "you Americans" might not know our style of calendars at all. Therefore, there is probably no wine wall calendar at all in our usual style in the USA.


To also appeal to the American and international market of people who like calendars, the publisher conceived to explain our German calendar style to Americans. "European Style" or "Poster Style" are the names of our calendars. We gave the US calendar style the name "50:50" style or "with a grid".


And only about 3 to 4 years after the first calendar had been sold in the USA, the idea of offering wine wall calendars and music calendars in a second style, namely as brochure calendars, as it is called here and there in Germany, arose, with the discovery of a special offer on the Internet.


Zazzle is an internet portal that offers gifts: cups, beer mugs, baseball caps, baby bibs, vases and even calendars, ... "50:50 calendars". The special thing: Graphic artists, artists and creative people can contribute their designs. For example, all motifs from the publisher's wine wall calendars.


Zazzle offers shops to creative folks, where they can sell their products. And so "Bach 4 You" also has a shop here. Important to know: There you are "all alone". You choose, order, pay and are happy about the delivery. The publisher doesn't notice anything until ... yes until the deal is concluded, then there is of course a small commission.

The Zazzle button takes you to the Zazzle shop, where the wine wall calendar is the first "section".

Curiosities about the Subject Wine Calendar and a Solution: Google Wine Wall Calendar instead of Wine Calendar


Of course, the creative people at the publishing house also google. Of course, it's exciting where your own works are placed, how they "rank", in other words, whether they're on page 2 or 3 or 4. Because where they are, decides whether you find them or not. What we would be happy about if you find us. And it's noticeable that with the "keyword wine calendar" on Google, the ads come naturally first, but after that Amazon, as is so often the case. So the first thing you'll do there is look up and try offer 1, which by the way is clicked by 50% of all searchers. And with that you are at Amazon and its wine calendar offer. And what attracts attention: There are so many gift boxes with 24 bottles of wine from several suppliers, which are offered as "wine calendars". And even on the ranking behind the first 10 places you can still find many of these wine advent calendars. However, you must mention that this text was written in October and this phenomenon could slowly disappear in mid-December. The solution which wine fans might not know, you get much better results when you google "Wine Wall Calendars".


There is a second curiosity in the search for a wine calendar on the Internet in Germany: such websites provide events on the subject of wine on the Internet, but do not call them wine festival calendars or wine event calendars. The winery Stigler is at the forefront and you can see what such a wine calendar looks like by clicking on the link above. The town of Oberderdingen also offers such a wine calendar, but then calls it "wine event calendar / wine guide" on the page.


A final motif from one of the publisher's twelve wine wall calendars will conclude the "alcoholic theme" on this page. Because wine wall calendars are and remain on this website the exception to the rule: December in the wine wall calendar "Fireworks". Plus, one last time, you get here to the shop quite comfortably.


Your "final chance" on this page to hop to one of the five Bach shops on the internet … learn more.



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