Bach Cities and Bach Places: Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany

1   Why Is Erfurt One of the Bach Cities?

First of all: Erfurt is a Bach city in the important category B. This category is arranged alphabetically. This category is built on the fact, that these five Bach cities and Bach places are not exactly those, which you might know as related to the person of Johann Sebastian Bach.


However, Johann Sebastian Bach is more than "just" the star musician, the super composer and according to the New York Times generally the greatest musician of all times. Bach, that is a member in the Bach Family of Musicians too. And this is not just any family of musicians. The Bach Family is not only the largest and most considerable family of musicians, but it's the case by far. If you want to measure it and want to compare it. And if you are – after all – permitted to do so. I did it. As this website is different. So different. So these Bach cities and Bach places in category B now do have something to do with Johann Sebastian Bach, at least for of five, but they are even more important for the genealogy of the Bache, or you may call them the Bachs or in German "Bäche" today.


Erfurt is the metropolis in the "Land of the Bache", the center, the "ground zero". Not less but 60 records in church books are found in the churches of this Bach city. And that is not just with the name of Bach. There are far more entries with the name of Bach. These are more than 60 records related to this particular Bach Family of Musicians. Most famous among those surely was Ambrosius Bach, father of our Johann Sebastian Bach. Whether Johann Sebastian Bach himself has been in Erfurt, that is for sure. Plus we can assume, that he probably visited Erfurt during a time of 50 years. May be, or better pretty sure, when the yearly family celebrations took place. It is hard to imagine, that one or another took place in Mühlhausen or in Gehren or in Arnstadt, but none in Erfurt. Not with this amount of family members in mind.



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2   Music by Bach + Pics From Erfurt

No narration, just music and pics: Erfurt, a Bach place. Please relax and enjoy.



3   The Bach City of Erfurt on 6 Pictures

Bach cities, Bach places ... great pictures. Erfurt on additional pics? I made tons of photos when nature was perfect and the weather was too. Just click here.



4   Info About the Bach City of Erfurt

With 203,000 residents is Erfurt, capital of Thuringia. At least one resident is missing since 2013. It is Mrs. Helga Brück, who all Bach Genealogy enthusiasts owe so much. We had the chance to meet her, and we are thankful for that. We made the little Erfurt video with her, and so the remembrance of her won't fade away. Erfurt is a proud city, with dreamlike buildings, with churches and with the Erfurt Dome. In the year 742 Erfurt is first mentioned in a record. This town was famous in the woad era. If you want to learn more about woad, you may do that here. I researched that for you.


Or do you want to feel, what an exciting town Erfurt is, and why it is rewarding to enjoy several theme sightseeing tours through the city? Strolling in the footsteps of Bach and Luther? Then be part of such a sightseeing tour. Of course, not every tour is so exclusive like you watch in the video. On the other hand, let us four do a short visit: Frau Brück, you, my wife Renate and I. If you push the play button of the video. Just take yourself some time.


You actually wanted more information? Sorry, here you are: Erfurt.



5   A Short Video: the Bach City of Erfurt

Film, pics, music and narration: Erfurt presented in a likable cute short video. Erfurt is clearly a category B Bach city. So Johann Sebastian Bach was there, worked there (... sort of, just a little) and probably visited relatives. However, the title of Bach city is adequate because nowhere else so many members of that family of musicians lived. For that reason, Erfurt is No. 1 in category B.



6   Where Is this Bach City Located?

33 maps, 33 Bach cities or places. Erfurt is a category B Bach city.



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