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How Many Books About Johann Sebastian Bach Are Existing?


There are unbelievable many books existing around the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach and they are sub-divided in the main categories "biographies", "Bach's Music Work" plus subcategories. Aside of these two categories there are many smaller subcategories. Subcategories start with tour guides to the Bach cities and Bach places, goes via children's books about Johann Sebastian Bach and ends with books about really exciting special themes. Plus, there are novels about the master composer.


To check for an exact number of published books – by the way there are surely some several hundred unpublished ones too – you best check in Professor Yo Tomita's bibliography and collect among those 53,000 publications those, which are no essays, articles for magazines or publication like dissertations. After that, books remain.


In the oncoming months I want to contact Professor Yo Tomita, how many of these 53,000 publications are books and just books. Until then, the only thing left is an estimation, a broad estimation based on a check with a fraction of a few years. You are sort of okay, if you estimate fifty percent of the publications to be no book, taking into consideration that it might be a hardcover or a paperback, a small book or a thick one, a picture book or a scientific work. Based on this, my estimation there is a number of some 27,000 books existing about the exceptional composer.




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