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Close Cooperations with the Following Individuals, Companies, Friends, Acquaintances and Websites Projects


"Wine Calendar - Wine Calendar" is the latest website of the book and calendar publishing house "Bach 4 You". The German sister website is "Weinkalender ... Weinkalender".


The most recent Bach mission websites were created in the spring of 2020 and are aimed particularly at children and individuals who would have liked to perform a path to classical music. "Classical Music for Children"  ... and of course there is also a website in German "Klassische Musik für Kinder"  appeal to children, but also to parents, educators and teachers. With the thesis "There is no classical music for children", a cool, easily experienced way to this music genre is suggested. The second website is "Classical Music TOP 100". It is the only compilation of its kind that lists 250 music works of historical-conservative and young, cool classical music. And it is also available, of course, in German: "Klassische Musik TOP 100".


Another website is the offer "What Is Classical Music?". Believe it or not, there is no explanation for that term. The German website is "Was ist klassische Musik?". Teachers at primary and other schools are addressed by "Teaching Material Classical Music", a 14-part project consisting of homework, test, correction, video, MP3s and a "teleprompter". There is also a German equivalent.


More Bach fun? Please visit Niels Brandt's website "Bach Quotes" and enjoy: my recommendation!


Bach gifts? Music Gifts? Check here.


Laurens Mauquoi and his portal "Der Weinsnob" offer a wonderful read and a lot of exciting information about wine.

Without Mrs. Möller's contact to us, we might never have met and her "Bach corner" is especially worth a visit: on the website, as well as in the shop at Karlsplatz 27 - 31. To discover there is textile art ... really beautiful pieces!

Do you know Eleonor Bindman, a great musician? She is dedicated to making easier Bach piano transcriptions. Her website is really worth a visit. Just click here.


Annette Hubbell is an author in California, USA. In the summer of 2018, we had great communication regarding her new book. Please visit her website, it's fun! And there is a second website with the name "A Spoonful of Grace", which is worth a visit, too.


Are you a music lover? Well then, welcome. Here you will find Bach Calendars, Composer Calendars and Music Calendars.


Here you will find calendars as well. Related to the themes of Bach, composers and music.That is precisely 33 Bach Calendars, 33 Music-Calendars, 33 Composer Calendars.


Visit Cantor Schlei's cool website. He is not "only" cantor, but a church musician and a county cantor too.


Wolfgang Rösler is one of the earliest persons in the Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team. His drawings and paintings are unique and you should really visit his website with a click here.


If you are a pet lover you might face a loss one day. An animal urn with the portrait of your beloved pet might help you mourning. It comes with a personal picture of your family member. Check out here, what it's about on this artist's website.


General Tours in Leipzig plus – which is awesome – so-called costume tours, which Franz Schuchart offers as Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig, are a real special offer. Why don't you visit him on his website?


If you ever need a musician and search for an audio studio in Oregon click to And if you don't visit the website anyway. It's worth it.


Visit the Carmel Bach Festival website and after that you might be happy and ready to visit the festival.


Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers: This website is really worth a visit!


"Bach über Bach", "Bach for Children" ("Bach für Kinder"), The "Bach Coloring Book + Mini Short Biography for Children" ("Bach Malbuch + Mini Kurzbiografie für Kinder"), The "Bach Biography for Children" ("Bach Biografie für Kinder"), "Bach in Wechmar", "The Bach Biography", "Klassische Komponisten".


The Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You" (Renate Bach Verlag) with its websites "Bach in Books", "Classical Composer Calendars".


Spieltrieb GbR is a German developer of games.


Rüdinger Spedition is a German Forwarding Company, located in Southern Germany. Their second website is for a specialized transportation offer for machines.


Christian Hoske is a German family researcher = genealogist.


Have you lost loved ones during WW I in the so-called Kilianstollen? If so, you must click here.


"Bach 4 You" invites you: 99 calendars related to the theme of music. A website in English language will follow soon.


Kerstien's Gallery: A really great website, the best website of an artist I ever saw. It's about this and that and well worth a visit.


Till Meyer, A Developer of Games.


Maschinentransport aus Leidenschaft Spedition Rüdinger, Krautheim


Rüdinger Spedition, a powerful German freight forwarding company.


Christian Hoske, the genealogist in Thuringia, Germany.


Five "Bach 4 You" Online Shops

learn more.


99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars and Bach Calendars

Bach calendars. 3 sizes. 2020 + 2021. To the shop.


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