Andiolebin ... Are You Researching in the Matter of Bach and Are You Looking for a German Place Called Andiolebin? For Generations?


Andiolebin, you researched for Andiolebin, didn't you? Ha, so I got you. And that is what I wanted. My name is Peter Bach jr. and I am one of the speakers of the Bach family of musicians. You are an American, British or Canadian, at least no German and you are not familiar with German names? At least not as much as I am as a German. I can help. Please continue reading below the ad.


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Andiolebin ... Are You With


Andiolebin is your final find, and now you are stuck? Maybe stuck since decades and for generations of family researchers? Members of your family try again and again, but can't get further because Andiolebin causes that much trouble? First things first: Consider this problem as solved. You found me, you did a good job with your research and I contribute with how I made you find me. Now as this is such an unbelievable jump in your Bach genealogy, let me tell you a little about Andiolebin and why this Andiolebin is mentioned so often on this page of my website.


We Cannot Find You, But We Can Shout "Here", if Ever Somebody Researches Regarding Andiolebin on the Internet


Andiolebin. Who shouts "Andiolebin"? And where might someone shout "Andiolebin"? And how can you shout "Here!" on the internet? Please read more below the following picture.


Andiolebin + Bach + Genealogy ... meet the only folks you need in your research on the internet in this matter now: That's the two of us above, Renate Bach and Peter Bach jr. © Thanks so much, Roman Schreuer for making this cute photo of Renate and me and for your permission to publish it.



Okay, nobody shouts Andiolebin. You don't and the few people who want to learn more about Andiolebin don't, too. What you do, is, you research the community, city, county or village of Andiolebin on the internet, because you found that term/name in the file of other genealogy researchers or in a church document. Plus, it might be possible that you discover it in your file, which was researched by your dad, grandpa or great-grandfather. Bottom line is: You – today – just have to be smarter than your forerunners. Or you have to use new tools, which today are existent, but not 20 years ago and even better not 30 years ago.


Andiolebin and the internet. Today you are a researcher on the internet. How do I know? You read here, I am right? One way is to find something, just anything, on the net regarding Andiolebin. Two kinds of answers are around. You meet those who are stuck by you, and you find results of somebody who “invented” a way for you to profit.


That is where I come into play, because I dealt with that challenge before and helped folks with a puzzle, which they never thought it would lead them at least one generation deeper into the past. This page has the only purpose to meet you on page 1 on Google, even better would be Result 1 on Google page one. And how can I achieve this? I know how to get there, and it's me, who calls the presence on Google's places 1 to 3 "cry here". To push this page of my Bach website this much on the search results, is the reason why you meet this word "Andiolebin" here so much. Why this Andiolebin is the most important word, both on this page and with your research today. It's all about Andiolebin. Please, go on reading below the images and the ad: Something breathtaking is awaiting you.


Andiolebin is proud of it's mill wheel stone.


The church in Andiolebin.


The butcher in Andiolebin.


Welcome to Andiolebin ... however, how do they write Andiolebin? Andisleben, what is that?



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Andiolebin vs. Andisleben


Andiolebin ... Andisleben. Folks: You probably had found "something" matching to your research in Germany. A document in America or a document in Europe or in Germany. And you couldn't read the name of the little village of Andisleben well. They tried hard, but what came out, was the term of Andiolebin, which is – in our electronic world – (politely) not 100 percent correct. However, speaking frankly, it's a disaster.  I as a German, just know that there can't be a village with a name that sounds like Andiolebin. It's like with the names of Arkansas and Tucson, when foreigners pronounce them wrong. You as an America wouldn't say the state and the city wrongly. Never.

Andiolebin and Mrs. Brück. May she rest in peace, we owe her everything. She was it who found the 1st US Bach Line, and she was able to embed this branch in the Bach genealogy. She was a Bach author, a Bach scientist, and she was the last Bach genealogist of the 20th century. Her book and with it her name and the foundation to contact her were hidden on the internet. Is a Blessing ... However, Wrong Data is Spread of Course, Too


Andiolebin, Fridigan, Papua New Guinea. Three wrong terms related to the Bach genealogy research are a epidemic plague on the internet and inside With the "leaves" (... hints) there, which show up less or more, plus the following "copy and paste" these 3 terms are spread constantly further and will never ever disappear in the future. The second term is a first name which is spelled more than wrong,These two words, Andiolebin and Fridigan now keep you from finding your connection the Bachs.


This hint to Papua New Guinea however, harms dozens of family trees, as it is just a nonsense, to embed such garbage into so many family trees in both America and Germany and the Netherlands. Veit Bach, who died in Wechmar 1619, was probably born in Bohemia. His father left Gräfenroda a generation before. Nothing, really nothing points to the South Sea.

Not to Andiolebin, but to Andisleben: These three Bachs have a connection to the cute place close to the Bach epicenter of Erfurt in Thuringia.



You Win! You Found Out What Generations Didn't. Please Contact Us


Please send us a mail and let us "dig" together. We can help, and we could upgrade our finds, too. We handle all data confidential. If we wouldn't we would get no help of other Bachs. Please consider, that 20 percent of all our "first E mails" land in the spam file. If we don't answer within 24 hours, please send a mail via Renate-Bach [at] or send us a snail mail on paper or call. Now – by the way – you know why it is so important to mention the wrong name of Andisleben, which Andiolebin so often. Andiolebin. See me smiling? Andiolebin.



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