Related to Johann Sebastian Bach and the Bach Family? It's Really (... Not) That Easy!


There are always gray shades between black and white. And everyone who is "deeply en route" in Bach's genealogy meets them, these gray tones, even there. It is usually a whole branch, which postulates to belong to the musician family Bach from Eisenach. Or at least have common ancestors with Veit Bach. Of course, there are never individuals who claim to be family members. For this proof of belonging always applies equally to his relatives – from the grandfather to the cousin – to the grandson. For an outsider who is very intensely engaged in researching the correct genealogy as a super composer, it is an exciting experience.


A long preserved and bewared jewel in my family, which connects me to America. This document was one of the triggers, which made us research for a connection between Johann Sebastian Bach and the United States of America. Plus, which led us after nine hours of "googling without interruption" first to Bach author Helga Brück. Plus, later on finally to the hoped for goal.



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It was not what was in our family about 50 years as a missing treasure in the circumference of a shoe box. But if this legacy is finally classified, it is invaluable – genealogical.


Peter Bach jr., dressed as a Bavarian-converted two generations before I became interested in ancestral research. Two generations of 25 years are the defined 50 years: at this age, most start with the research on their own cause!



Indications - Assumptions - Documents - Proof ... A Trip of Generations


Is your name Bach or are you related to the Bach Family of Musicians? Are you assuming it at least? Then we might be able to help you. Because with the century old documents and on the basis of the work of Bach scientists and Bach genealogists Kurt Hermann Frickel, Hermann Kock, Ragnhild Siegel, Helga Brueck, Karl Geiringer and Professor Dr. Günter Krafft we believe, that we collected the largest, most complete and most important, most correct genealogy regarding the Bach Family of Musicians. The Latest findings and of course "new" Bachs, how they call themselves today, change the Bach Genealogy steadily. Collected on the other hand means today, that until now, almost nothing is prepared for a perfect publication. It is a project which needs not years to accomplish to perfection, but a decade.


However, one indication should at least point to the fact you do believe you are related to the musicians. That is to say, for instance the research of your grandfather. Or a family tree, which is existing already and points in the direction of the composer. In our case an indication in an assumption, that can be proven, in one way or another. Just the name of Bach, or the family Background is Thuringia or one of the Bach cities and Bach places wouldn't do for such.


If, however, a relationship with the musicians is conceivable, then you are welcome to contact us: then we will go a part of your way together. Because then we are also most interested in more background. For there are still many "white spots" on the genealogical map of the musician family. In addition, we can perhaps help personally with our experience. Or there is even a common interest in asking our Lord Hoske for his help and for financing this together. Sure, at a special price, of course. If we do not react to your mail, this is not our style. Then our spam filter has "made" your mail – just send us your lines again simply by paper mail. We are looking forward to your feedback.



Related to Johann Sebastian Bach - Some Folks Are Part of the Game


or a tiny group of people the thing is clear, crystal clear - they belong to it! They are clearly related to Johann Sebastian Bach, very few are even grandchildren, of course great-great-great-grandchildren, strictly speaking – and also genealogically correct. Some more have already come from the founding father, Veit Bach. This is especially true for some Bachs in the USA. For many of Bachs and for some people with other surnames the dream is fulfilled, to be able to prove a clear affiliation, but never – at least he does not have it to this day. They simply do not find the proof that kills everything. Some do not find him because they have not yet seriously tried. Some do not find it either, even though they have not been able to localize since decades – often in the second or third generation.



There Is a Third Group


But now to the exciting, third group, which regularly appears: on the Internet, in Thuringia or even in Leipzig. If one deals with the matter of the Bach genealogy very, very intensively, one can - even without numerous examples - curious insights gain. What characterizes it, this third group in Bach's genealogy? How do you recognize them? How to get to this knowledge and what is the result? The first step is to be recognized as a researcher in Bach's genealogy. Recognized by institutions, by scientists, by professors, and by "the league" of the very "great in matters of Bach". They are based in Leipzig and in Eisenach, in Stuttgart and distributed as actual family members all over the world. Here, we also include the well-known Bach genealogy specialists: Frickel, Brück, Kock, Siegel, Kraft, Odrich. Even if only two of them still live (2012 *), the strictly scientific philosophe is all standard. To be equal in their research, the goal of a new generation of Bach genealogists must be.


* 2017 unfortunately no one of them is alive. We were able to meet Mrs. Brück and Mrs. Odrich, and had a lot of fun with Bach's genealogy.



The Self Fulfilling Prophecy - A Really Powerful Indication Voids Itself


Let's make a trip to the stock market, the game table and the economy. It is about the outstanding method of making fantastic profits with stocks, currencies or commodities on the stock market. Or: to have found the ultimate system at the roulette table. Just like having discovered a way at all, to generate unlimited money. What do all three segments in the economy have in common with these systems? It does not work. Moreover, such systems can not work. It starts with the fact that nobody who has found an absolute system publishes it. Thus, for the individual, the exception does not apply to the mass. Exceptions always confirm the rule. But ultimately there is only one Warren buffet. If a system is discovered that actually works at a time X and you spread it – and you benefit from its spread, if you do not find it yourself, but read about it - then in the shortest time ever more market participants try to enrich with this system become. And more and more market participants are also prepared to sneak this system for an ever smaller "selling price as knowledge". After all, so many speculators, investors, and ordinary gamblers in this snowball system play with it that it can not work. By definition. The system terminates itself. For example, if the bank lowers the interest rate by exactly 0.25 percentage points, then the stock market goes through the ceiling. Not for a larger reduction, not for a smaller, and certainly not for an interest rate increase. Over time, this realization is spread from the first, which does not earn its money with shares, so with stock market books. Then news broadcasters will report about it and finally make it all. And it can not work anymore. And what does all this have to do with Bach? A lot. We come back to a weighty clue, which has been done for the same reason for us as a Bach researcher – it just does not work anymore.



Grandpa said, We Are Supposed to Be Related to Johann Sebastian Bach


This ultimate evidence has lost its meaning for our research - but not for you. How does such a thing go? With the publication of this homepage, we have occasional inquiries with exactly this wording: the reason why you turn to us ... with the request for help. We are happy to help. And we especially like to help because we want to complete it: the genealogy around Johann Sebastian Bach. It is therefore a healthy common interest. Only: we do not realize when such a statement was simply "devised" to move us to support. Or whether for decades this reference has been circulating in the family. You know if you have devised this, just to ask "in the blue" at "Bach over Bach". It could be a hit. We do not know. And that is not bad either. Because we can give you any help for self-help anyway. That is crystal clear: first of all, there is a very heavy effort with you. To research what we recommend. And this has to do with traveling, "digging", searching and discoveries. Only when there is more evidence that Grandpa might be right – because he could have been the joke in your family – then we can really help with power, expertise and other experts.


Self Fulfilling Provecy. You note: Your statement that Grandpa should have said ... is not worth the Bach genealogy, after such a diffraction "door and gate open". Not so for you, they know very well, whether the grandpa has feasted and grinned, or whether he said it again and again, if the topic came to classical music. Remember the difference? You can "deceive" us. Can. Not that we're under the impression that he's just figuring this out. No not at all. For we want to find more Bach. This is the declared goal. Even more living Bachs, because they are almost invisible through the data protection for us. But only you know if this first indication is any. And that also explains why we only get involved when we can make a second or even a third indication with you, or you can locate it with our tips. In any case, a request with us makes great sense, if you are willing to implement our tips afterwards. We can not conjure up and if we had some tips that led you directly to the goal, they would be here. On the other hand, the search for Bach's genre is incredibly time-consuming. And if we first personally support you with valuable hints personally, how you get to the next generation, or closer to the goal, then that relieves the essential time of our time. But then - almost more importantly for us – we can distinguish between enthusiastic Bach fans, who really can reach their goal with us. And to those who are more or less a joke – in the blue – simply "let it be checked" whether one is related ... with the greatest composer of the earth and all time.



The Mystrious Third Category


It is only through year-long correspondence and through many attempts to get more information that we can find common ground when it comes to examining branches that, according to statements by individuals, belong to the Bach musician family: by others, usually specialists, Bach-genealogists and before But especially in Leipzig, where there is undoubtedly scientific competence for Bach research. However, it is also important that the elite in Bach's science in Leipzig is essentially exclusively concerned with the phenomenon of Johann Sebastian Bach and is shown to be rather less interested in the musician family. It is simple and simple to analyze the claim to belong to another branch of the Bach musician family, to strict scientific work ... and which makes trouble and is uncomfortable. The first commonality of three individuals known to us, which always include the father, grandavers and ancestors as well as relatives - but this is logical - is that they are not involved in the current official genealogy, that is, the standard works of Kraft, Brück , Frickel, Kock, or Siegel do not list these individuals, including their branches. This means that they could be either corresoponded and not appreciative. Or researched alone without the knowledge of the experts in Deutschland and no contact with Leipzig or Eisenach, although there was the most effective information available.



The second common feature of these three groups is that a person in the respective group has exquisitely studied this genealogy and postulates the affiliation. He or she is followed by other family members without examination, but are usually skeptical in the correspondence, that is, Of the affiliation is also uncompromisingly familiar within. This brings us to a strange third community, which is only recognizable by the long-term correspondence and study mentioned above. With all three persons, who communicate their belonging not yet recognized by the Bach Science and the Bach Genealogy, there was a correspondence lasting many months before writing this page. And this correspondence took a decidedly unusual course. In any case and not just with this one authoritative person, but with other members of this branch and in conversation with other Bach specialists on the side of the recognized research.



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Is It All About Keeping a Secret?



It is already an intensive effort on my part to reach the following conclusions. All contacts have in common that the soliciting of more genealogical source information for the own research led to a strange behavior. It is of the utmost importance that in this contact, even the most powerful approach was expressed on my part, that we were of a different opinion as to the belonging to the musician family. And in all three cases this could also be recapitulated internally and traced in the correspondence. Three correspondences were very peculiar. The author of this website also had to deal with Bach genealogy researchers, whose theories were not officially acknowledged, which also mutually oppose each other - but ultimately everything worked out to convince with their theory and their facts. The tendency was clearly extroverted. They wanted to convince. They granted full access to each date, to each original, to each source. This is not the case with the three branches mentioned above. They live in the USA, Belgium and Poland. Explicitly, it is a second US branch, not the descendants of Reinhold Bach. And again, because it becomes concrete here: we, my wife and I, wish nothing more than to be able to assign a new branch by means of outstanding, scientific work of Bach's genealogy. This is essential to criticize.


f one wants to build a familial connection with the researching individuals and minds of these three branches, to appreciate them as researchers or to exchange data, then one thing is common to them. No original copy will be issued as a copy. And any contact that takes place from a certain level below superficiality is rejected. This leads, of course, to curious situations, which consist in not answering the most hearty letters by mail and at the same time by mail. Admittedly, on the grounds that you were sick and the wife too. But the son, who is definitely not so ill, also does not respond to requests at the same time. Even kinship requests to contact us are due to disabling. Only with a few contacts does one notice a pressing premise. On a telephone call one can not see a repetitive reaction. And only with a conversation partner can one find no parallelism between two processes (... actually logical).


There Actually One Bach Threatens to Sue Another Bach?


In the USA - completely deviated from Bach's research, and the flora and fauna on an island in the Pacific - unaffected, there is another brook branch. The story of the genealogist of this group of Bachs – her life was a psychological human catastrophe – is that for many decades there was no interest or approach to connect with Leipzig. And also not with the recognized Bach genealogy. Nevertheless, we succeeded in locating this stream branch over the course of hundreds of hours of research and with Ancestry the ancestral Internet portal. To this branch there is a book, which publishes the results of three generations of researchers. It is striking that the first two generations worked very meticulously and scientifically. This discovery of this branch meant, however, for the author of this website to now bring such a statement into agreement with the undisputed Bach genealogy. If you read here, you know that with my homepage there are possibilities to market this Bach book perfectly. And that was what the author offered. Free of charge, without hinds. Just because the find was exciting. Here a first precaution of the mentioned genealogist occurred. This response was dramatically intensified when we asked for copies of originals in which we wanted to comprehend the authenticity, self-examination, since it was no less than a description of Bach's genealogy. The contact cooled suddenly and dramatically. By pure coincidence later a different connection to a member from this branch arose later, this branch now "only" the name Bach or belongs it just also to the musician family. A planned trip to Germany was quickly re-planned, and we spent three wonderful days together in "Bach Country", as we call Thuringia. I asked this American brook to get in touch with his cousin, and, after we could convince him and his wife, not to do anything wrong, so to speak, as "Amricans among themselves". A two-and-a-half-hour telephone call was very harmonious. A second was the chaos, which was the sad depression of a lawsuit. The background is unimportant for this chapter of the story. It was all about achieving a harmonious second approach. Of course, we were all the more interested in the scientific aspects, and there were no less than eight curiosities, which in themselves are disagreeable.



The Curiosity


We are very convinced that even all three families are new, so far undiscovered branches of the musician family from Thuringia. But without scientific investigation, all three ... defacto are not. Actually, our common interest is so much the same as it is more ... simply can not. All three genealogists of all three branches would have to be very pleased that they were offered professional and free help. After all, by experts who have compiled the most recent, most comprehensive and correct Bach genealogy on earth ... on the basis of acknowledged Bach researchers and their work. Thus their behavior can only allow one conclusion: here, on the other side and on the other side of the Atlantic, "brick". For concern that specialists find the diffraction. The diffraction? We assume that belonging to the Bach family of all three branches is actually correct. However, a conclusive evidence is still lacking. And now, under all circumstances, one tries to prevent third parties from finding in the documents that a connection to Johann Sebastian Bach and his family does not exist. And so the curiosity arises that, by simply hiding the so important foundations and original documents on which the affiliation is formulated, clarification is not avoided but the worst case scenario is created for these researchers: the proof of non-belonging, because In the case of doubt, the diffraction is then one when one discovers where the hypothesis of the bonding member is suspected. This makes a diffraction intentional and what that is, I would not like to formulate here. As in customs, the principle of inversion applies in genealogy. We do not have to prove that a branch is not part of the musician family of Johann Sebastian Bach, but the one who has to assert that it is so. And this proof is not only not provided, but the access to the clarification is actively hidden. However:



In or Out ... It's That Simple!


For the author of this homepage and his wife, who pursues the genealogy decisively, sustainably and with enthusiasm, only one fact counts: it must be provable. Everything must be understandable. It must be right. Any doubtful classification of branches of the musician family of Johann Sebastian Bach beyond the acknowledged ones must also be publicly comprehensible and to be examined today - from outside, from the scientists in Leipzig and from their own relatives. If this is not possible, then we are sorry, and we are in agreement with all scientists around the world: anyone who deliberately withdraws from genealogy in a scientific setting – is "outside". If you are not listed here in the future, you simply do not belong to the musician family of Veit Bach and Johann Sebastian Bach – with scientific support.



A Summary with a Smile


How do you recognize diffraction? First of all, that inconsistencies are published in accessible areas. If, for example, an object is inherited, which later supports the essential statement, and this object is not assigned to the deceased with a probability of 99% because the biography simply proves the opposite. And if the signature of a will is ordained as authentic even though the original document has no signature. Then, if you bend once, do so a second time and a third time. And when you add 1 + 1 in a connection, you can see connections that remain completely hidden to all others.



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Peter Bach Jr. shared things already early in life. Back then it was his ice cream, today it's much exciting stuff about Johann Sebastian Bach.


However, if a relationship with the composer is imaginable, we would love if you contact us. Then we share a portion of your way through the past. If so, we are interested as well, actually we would be very much interested in more background. Because there are still "white spots" on the genealogical map of the family of musicians. Plus, maybe we can help with our genealogical experience. Or there is a common interest to ask Christian Hoske for his help and we might finance this part together. Of course for a special low fee in addition. If you don't hear from us, if you get no answer to your mail, that's not our way to communicate, than your mail was blocked by our spam filter - please send your lines again, by snail mail, that is to say paper mail. We are looking forward to your feedback.


This was just it, not more than this single page, what my family considered a lost treasure in the volume of a shoe box for over 50 years. However, if you finally learned to cherish and to arrange this heritage, it's of priceless value.



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