Music Calendars, Music Calendars: 33 Really Cool Music Calendars

Music calendars. Don't you really find more music calendars than in the tiny miniature publishing house "Bach 4 You"? That is only really true, if you specify music calendars like we do: 12 monthly motives have to have a connection to the subject of music, So they can not be considered ro a separate music theme. A composers calendar "somehow" is a music calendar too, however ... it is a composers calendar. A calendar with great photos of the band ABBA is "somehow" a musiu calendar, however it's mot in the sense of the offer of the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You". Because there music calendars are true music calendars.


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Is this a music calendar? No, it's no music calendar. Bacuse according to our definition, which "Bach 4 You" has establiehd for its offer, the work above is a so called composers calendars. Exactly from this design you can order more than 1 billion versions. You think we overdo this? Okaxh, than check it, with a click here. Of course there are many, many different composers calendars, that is to say with different disigns and different composers. Your choice: 2017 or 2018.


Well, is this a music calendar than? No, that is no music calendar as well. Not in the sense of our definition. It is a so called Bach calendar. Of course three is an exciting variety of Bach calendars. Nowhere else you get such a number and choice of Bach calendars, composers calendars and finally ... of course music calendars, like at "Bach 4 You", if you skip those 50:50 calendars, where the lower part is a gigantic, ugly calendar space to make notes and put in appointments and dates.

Why Do They Exist? Our Music Calendars?!

Go on reading here only if you have a little time. And if have no time at all, just scroll down to the next calendar. That is - that's our promise - actually a real first music calendar on this page. So: Why do they exist? These our music calendars?!


Once upon a time, my husband had the idea, to handcraft a website about Johann Sebastian Bach. Of course it was supposed to be really different compared to all, which already existed about the composer from Eisenach in Thuringia, Germany. So, because he didn't want to present the "one and only" Bach by Haussmann, that is to say, exactly that painting, that painter Gottlob Elias Haussmann painted, when Bach was livingand which by the way is the most famoushe knew from the very beginning: He needed a new Bach porttrait. He didn't find one on the internet, which he liked and which was free for use. So we made a trip to Paris, France to let one paint there. Behind that "confectioner church" Sacre Coeur. And that is to say with all royality, that means, I have the copyright, to publish it in any way. So, we came back two days later and had the first od many, many Bach portraits in our hands. For a real small amount of money, hwoever not absoultely free of costs. It was the time, when my husband realized, that he would need many, many illustrations. For a Bach website, like he had in his mind. And what was true for all these illustrations, too? There was no illustration for free. That is true for those, which artists painted for my husband all over the world, plus for authentic antique portaits, which by the way you can use for whatever you wnat. However, for quality reasons, it was necessayr to buy an origginal, as the quality just coping from the internet, was not high enough. So he found and bought stelle engravings, wood engravings, erasures, and something like that from the last two centuries. And both showed up in our overall projectcalculation. Please go on reading below the next three music calendars.


The first music calendar on this page: It's not only addressing Bach fans, but fans of organ music as well, conneusseurs of classical music and for those humans, who are excited by great photos. Options: 2017 + 2018.

Correct, this music calendar is challenging in every aspect: You need the angels, you have to be capable to make nice photos, you need a macro objective, if you don't possess one and you have to have some ideays, how you arrange the little musicians nicely in little scenes. By teh way these are figures of the Wendt and Kuehn company and we say thank you here once more from the bottom of our hearts, that we got permission to publish these miniature art works from the German "Erzgebirge", the "Erz Mountains" in Thuringia, Germany. It's the same with this music calendar: Decide between 2017 + 2018.


Just amazing photos of instruments, which you need to perform classical music, with cool light arrangements or just perfectly arranged. A dozen of masters has taken these photos, my husband collected the motives and decided for the best and the only person, who is now missing, is you, to offer this whole work one whole year at a perfect place: The music calendar, absolutely different to those above.



From One Bach Calendar via Composers Calendars to the Music Calendars!


Do you still remember? No time? Please scroll down further. There you will find more msuic calendrs. Many more music calendars.


Some day doubts came up. Would Bach fans help to finance the project and its expenses? Are there so many BAch fans on the planet after all? You think twice and that leads to the result, that there might be twenty times as many people, that might like other composers, too. So, they are interested in classical music, but not exclusively in Bach. So, you have a composers calendar in mind. Already a short time, after my husband had built his first Bach calendr in mind, he came up with the idea, maybe, only maybe to offer a composers calendar in the future. Now, if my husband has an idea, it needs absoultely no time, until he makes his idea come true, most of the times. Please go on readingif you likewhen you have  explored the following six music calendars.


A composers calendar. Actually it is not suposed to be here, however he matches to the story, why the Renate Bach Publishing House offers 99 calendars related to the themes of music, composers, Bach and music for children.

The composer calendar, which is definitely not created for postage stamp collectors. Yes the is the reason, any stamp number is mkissing and the year of publication as well. It's just a cool calendar for fans of classical music. Option 1: 2017, option 2: 2018.


Sure, you get Bach calendars, composers cale4ndars and it goes with aut saying music calendars as well at "Bach 4 You" in upright format, too. Plus you can choose between the sizes 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and 16.5 inches by 23.54 inches. So is this calendar a music calendar? Well, yes and no we are fooling around actually composers calendars are music calendars, too. Aren't they?!

Music works as well absolutely different but conservative. Music calendars can be reayl cool eyecatchers. 2017 + 2018.


One more "young muisc calendar", however it's an absolutely different design. Don't click away after the next Design. There are more conservative calendars. Promise: One design wil meet your taste definitely.

The perfect wall decoration, where ths calendar matches the furniture. To much color? If so, please just scroll down. Decide between 2017 + 2018.



Many Additional Music Calendars: Gifts, Gifts, More Gifts. If You Like One, Hop to the Shop and Check on the Monthly Pages There


Mucis calendars for grownups and music calendars for children change from here. Howver, all calendars are cool gifts related to the subject of music. 66 more calendars related to the themes of composers and Bach is what you find via the navigation or of course, when you click on the shop button here. So, together it's a total of 99 calendars related to the subject of music: Gifts, gifts, gifts. 99 years in a row for one beloved person or for 99 persons as a cool surprise for Christmas this year.

Remember? 2017 + 2018.


99 music calendars and two options: 2017 + 2018.


Your choice: 2017 or 2018.


2017? 2018?


Well, it did work after all. No more composers calendars in between the music calendars after the last paragraph. However, you are missing a single monthly page? Sorry, that we mention it that late. You find all of those 1.188 montly pages in the shop. It's easy to get there. First click on the shop button. Next decide for a calendar theme. Find the calender which you like most. Click on the pic. Now scroll belwo the information regarding prices and sizes (... ha, it rhymes). And that is how it works with any calendar in any section. You are still here? Wow. I really appreciate your patience and hope you had a lot of fun and you will fall in love with at least one design.


Actually: Would have a headline "Music calendars, music calendars, nothing but, cool music calenders for kids and grownups" be a burlesque? You know we are punchinellos. Plus we are experts in music calendars, too. 99 Music calendars. 3 sizes. 2017 + 2018. To the shop.


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