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Bach gifts and just Bach gifts. That's what this page is about. Bach gifts to discover, Bach gifts to enjoy. Bach gifts for your wishlist at Christmas. There are three sections: Firstly there is the value-priced Bach calendar. Next there are 32 hot off the press Bach calendars and finally, there are those Bach gifts, which just are no calendars. By the way: The monthly pages for each calendar is what you find in the shop. And that is to say, directly below the information regarding sizes and prices. Plus my promise: That's it ... with boring text on this page: My promise (... except the following headlines).


Actually ... you wanted to get dircectly to the shop right now? Just click on the button and enjoy.


Bach Gifts: Bach Calendars First. Plus We Start With the Value Priced Bach Calendar

Wall calendars: Three sizes, European style, 2024 + 2025. You have the choice: EU style or US style.


Two monthly pages in the Bach calendar "Twelve Bach Monuments". All twelve monthly pages are what you can discover in the shop. With a click here. Have fun (... sorry, yes, it's additional text ... again). Your choice: 2024 + 2025.



Second Option Bach Gifts: 32 More Bach Calendars ... Hot Off the Press!


Did you know that just one portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach – it's the masterpiece of Haussmann – portraits what the master looked like back then. All others paintings, like "Rentsch" and "Ihle", is just fantasy. Anyway: A dozen artists, painters and all members of our Johann Sebastian Bach dream team added their version of "Bach by Haussmann". They blew off "the dust" on this real masterpiece, as nobody today would actually hang a "Bach by Haussmann" in their living room, except, it's the original authentic painting. You decide: 2024 or 2025.



Music Gifts!

Music gifts and more music gifts, Bach gifts and more Bach gifts … learn more.


Three More Exciting Bach Calendars Are Three More Bach Gifts for Bach Fans


With a click here you get - in the shop - directly to the Bach calendars. Is that a service for you? We guess it is. However, you get three examples already here and now.

Rather cheeky? Yes, of course!

This is actually the youngest of all 99 music calendars.

Rarities "around" Bach. Here as well a trip to the monthly pages is rewarding. Plus you find some 30 more themes, from which you might not even know the title page among the Bach gifts so far.


Yes Sure: The Bach Gifts Are Missing: Bach Gifts Beyond These 33 Cool Bach Calendars

So, yes, of course: Here you get to the shop – again – for the last time on this page of our website, where you find all the monthly pages of every calendar which you discovered above. Plus you get the price tags of all Bach gifts and more information. With a click here you get there in warp speed.


Five ( ! ) online shops… learn more.

You realize it here very clearly: There are different exciting Bach gifts at "Bach 4 You", that is to say, tin figures, puzzles, music, the coloring book, the biography for kids, the beer stein and the bookend, the alabaster Bach bust and the Bach postage stamps ... however, we love our Bach calendars most. Among what? Among the Bach gifts. Three sizes. 2024 + 2025. To the shop.



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