Ave Maria by Bach and Gounod: Perform It or Sing It. So if It's Great ... We Publish You Here


What's going on here? What did Bach think? No, not Johann Sebastian Bach, but the author of this homepage "Bach über Bach", Peter Bach! Ave Maria - this is mentioned in one breath with the composer from Eisenach. But the Ave Maria is really from Bach - or is it not? Quite simply, it does not explain itself - it is half of Bach. A little video for you, recorded in the Parisian Métro and then mixed with pretty pictures of the cemetery Père Lachaise in Paris, brings it to the point. What you hear from the backpack is from Johann Sebastian Bach. What comes out of the panflute is Gounod. So a joint venture. Gounod feat. Bach - so to speak.


This thirty-first piece of the selection is a little more interactive than the other thirty-two works, because here one can choose not only between different pictorial themes, but also choose in which one would like to hear the part of Gounod favorite. That ranges from the most typical one, namely the violin to a Ave Maria with harmonica and a version with electric guitar.


Correctly, the number of picture galleries we have reduced a little, because small cats seem to us to Ave Maria rather less to fit and small dogs either. Everything about Johann Sebastian Bach is quite exciting. And in addition, with 50 photostreams and 8 Ave Maria instruments alone, there would be about 396 variants * more - and that makes little sense.


And now you can also contribute, or: You can make music yourself or perform. On this page, you can - once you hear how different instruments, so the part that Gounod contributed, sound to the part, the Bach composed over well over 250 years ago. And beyond? There is also a version "completely without Gounod". So, first, only Bach and secondly creative space for you and you.


That's how it works. The background of Johann Sebastian is my music, you may, you may think, make up the instrument, from the comb to the steel band, from singing to the boyband camera at the friend lend, optimize the set, improvise lighting, check out outfit, gel into the hair - and off you go the gig. Perform what keeps the stuff. Check the result, repeat if necessary. If it's good, the video quality good, the result sharp, the set and everything cool, then we put it here. On "Bach over Bach". And with "Bach over Bach", it is then synonymous to YouTube to the start. The one who posts the most clicks after 365 days will get a little Bachian surprise. What that is, we have to think of "Bach over Bach". And of course, the legal process is ruled out - sure is certain.


* ... exactly would be 400.


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