Bach genealogy "live": the grave of the last male great-great-grandchild of Johann Sebastian Bach with the name of Bach in Berlin


The Johann Sebastian Bach Genealogy


Based on big parts of research of the authors Professor Kraft, Kurt Hermann Frickel and Helga Brueck, Hermann Kock and Ragnhild Siegel as well as other scientists together with the professional genealogist Christian Hoske, who is researching in the church archives of Thuringia, we will establish the most comprehensive, most complete and first of all most correct family tree of the Bach Family of Musicians in the oncoming years. In November 2012 some 1,000 positions are collected and 250 persons more are likely, which all will be checked more than once and than added to the genealogy.


Genealogy as a Passion


With our own research of my family we just couldn't avoid to learn more with each contact and with every experience you discover new possibilities. To pass this experience to beginners here and to advanced genealogists, is a second offer of this website. This goes from real novice tips up to exciting hints for those who already search for a while.



99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars and Bach Calendars

Related to Johann Sebastian Bach?


Especially in the USA this phenomenon showed up during our research. Am I related to Johann Sebastian Bach - or am I not? If you believe you are related to the composer and his family, please feel free to click here.


The Johann Sebastian Bach Genealogy Picture Data Base


On this page those documents will be constantly published, which clear the easy and simple degrees of kinship, but mostly the more complicating ones inside the family of musicians. So everybody will be able to follow and make up his own mind.


The marriage notice of Johann Sebastian Bach's wedding in Dornheim close to Arnstadt. On the next page there are more hints and via Flickr you may explore every document almost as large as you want it.



99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars and Bach Calendars

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