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Considerable folks and modern technique ...  hurray, that works perfectly together: the design of illustrations that comes with the quotes and tributes related to Johann Sebastian Bach.


You want no introduction? Well ... ok. With one click here you get directly to the first quote about Johann Sebastian Bach.


Quotes, tributes, opinions. On Bach, about Bach, to Bach. Whether there is a composer at all, that more prominent folks inspired to talk about him or his work so excited in a quote? Over a period of three centuries after all! The oldest quotation, which is exciting, surely is handed down from of his son, Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, who – like all of Bach' sons – only did tell positive about their dad. The youngest artist with a quote, which "transports" Bach right into our days, is Paul Falk, a German musician. He is, like Johann Sebastian Bach, belonging to a family of musicians, however not that wide spread like those of the Bache from Thuringia. Every quote, every wisdom, every saying highlights JSB from very different angles. And that is why an addition of single quotes develops into an exciting collection. A Bach description so to speak, created by some 50 Bach enthusiasts, who in more than 300 years paid and still pay their respect to this exception composer like no other human in the world: my chapter of the Bach quotes for you. However these are only and that almost goes without saying quotes about Johann Sebastian Bach. Now: have fun with quotes, wisdoms and sayings about the exception composer. Quotes collected in a time frame of more than 300 years.



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Now you have the choice. If you read my 10 favorites quotes respectively tributes about Johann Sebastian Bach here first, you will know them when you turn through the sections one and two. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, you get the best of the best fast.


Albert Einstein's tribute related to Bach. I consider it the rudest quote of all but I love it.


By Rob C. Croes (ANEFO) (GaHetNa (Nationaal Archief NL)) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The author of the tribute on Johann Sebastian Bach: It is Sir Isaiah Berlin.  It's one of the most likable quotes.


This is one of the four famous sons of Johann Sebastian Bach, who left a tribute for us: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Probably this was the first tribute which is still known ever.


Ludwig van Beethoven's quote is the most well-known tribute in the German language area and may be beyond. To understand it, you need to know that Bach in German is the name for a creek, a little river. So actually it's a fooling around with words, a wordplay.


It is Max Reger, whose tribute on Johann Sebastian Bach is my personal favorite one.


© PhotoCredit: Universal/Dieter Eickelpoth; with cordial permit of Dieter Falk

This is the quote of still young Paul Falk. He probably relates Johann Sebastian Bach closest to nowadays music with his statement.



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This is a colleague of Johann Sebastian Bach who created the biggest distance between Bach and all other musicians in his quote: Robert Schumann


© PhotoCredit: Universal/Dieter Eickelpoth; with cordial permit of Dieter Falk

Dieter Falk, a German music producer and musician stated the shortest tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach.


One of the most impressing kings ever, King Frederick II of Prussia, stated the "most royal" tribute about Johann Sebastian Bach.


© Photo/Source/License: by Maciej Goździelewski (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

The first sentence in the tribute of Sir Eliot Gardiner is surely the most likeable statement. But he said more about Johann Sebastian Bach. Click here to learn about the whole quote.



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