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Gifts for musicians or gift ideas for musicians: How could you find really cool gifts or gift ideas for musicians back then, in a world without the internet? Wasn't hat a real challenge in the "good old days"? Now, you know it meanwhile, because it's a common pattern on the whole website: Without reading much, you may get directly to the shop, too. Important: The offer of 99 music calendars, organ calendars composers calendars, and Bach calendars is unique.


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The subject of gifts for musicians. The gift shop "Bach 4 You" of the Renate Bach Publishing House just wants to invite your for an exciting visit, like it's the website about Johann Sebastian Bach on which you are. This shop is supposed to become a paradise to find gifts for musicians. In the picture above you see one of six Composers calendar, one of the gifts for musicians, for a really exciting low price.


"Gifts for musicians, gifts for musicians, gifts for musicians" is the motto of the publishing house and actually this was the name which we created for this page on this website. However, we didn't want to overdo it later. Anyway the publishing company "Bach 4 You" is looking forward to welcoming many friends, acquaintances, family members, colleagues, fellow club members or neighbors of musicians in every age. By the way: All gifts for musicians – and just pics, no text – is what you can find here. Plus: A special quality, reliability and a real quick procedure for handling and shipping are what you can expect because we are at home in the printing business, that is what we do for a lifetime. On the website of the publishing house is much more to discover that "just gifts for musicians.


One of the music calendar for children is one of the gifts for the youngest music fans. However: there are 32 more music calendars for kids, perfect gifts for musicians, which for instance match perfect learning to play the piano, a violin or the flute. Get to the shop with a click here.



Gifts for Musicians, Gifts for Musicians: "Bach 4 You" Plus More Offers on the Net


Did you find us on Google? There are tons of offers if you decide for the keywords "gifts and musicians". The number one today and it's the 7th of November is "Uncommon Goods" with their musical gifts. Although it's a US company I see all the nice music stuff in German, even in the currency of Euros. It is a selection of 110 gifts on this very day and we didn't find Bach stuff and we didn't find music calendars. We guess Etsy is a big gift player and of course they offer gifts for musicians, too. So, this is a number which results in 20,217 items. 250 more pages after you checked on page 1. Now we added "Bach" after the keywords "gifts for musicians" and the result is 45 on this 1177/2017. We don't want to judge, whether you might like what you see, but if you are interested in Bach stuff, don't miss "Bach 4 You". We try to add "calendar" to the "Gifts for musicians". Again a small selection of items: 43. There are some 3 or 5 wall calendars, how we offer them, so it is not a huge selection. Next. "Musician's Friend" and there is a large variety of presents. However, there is no Bach stuff and there are no calendars. Wait a minute. I wrote "calendar" in the search bar and there are several guitar calendars and tadaaa, two music calendars for children. so this place on the internet is worth a visit.


The Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You" is relatively tiny compared to these big players in the paragraph above - but it's ambitiousand that is why you have three options here and now. You have a brisk summary about all gifts for musicians of the publishing house, that is to say, 99 calendars and many additional Bach gifts. You get that with a click here.


You get to "Bach 4 You" – with a click – here.


Plus if you let us just entertain you a little, then go on reading here. These gifts for musicians or better for friends, acquaintances or family members of musicians, are just lined up with no preference and it's written more for the visitor with leisure, compared to the turbo surfer at warp speed. He or she will get a quick result in the shop definitely faster.



Bach 4 You: Bach Gifts, as Exciting as the Website About the Baroque Musician!

As exciting and creative as the website of my husband is, that is what the offer regarding books, calendars, antiques and Musi and soon more of "Bach 4 You" wants to be. Very soon there will be more than 200 different items with many, many Bach motives. You can buy many items in the shop of the Renate Bach publishing house and create pleasure in your family and among friends. With the purchase of one of the gifts you support our mission too and help us to spread the knowledge about life and works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Why don't you just click yourself to the shop and check how many thrilling gifts around the subject of Johann Bach are there. Please memorize the web address until the next Christma time.


Don't click on the link here. Please go on reading until the following paragraph.



Gifts and More Gifts ... As Entertainment and "to the Point" – An Invitation for You


Actually now you have a choice. Maybe even the agony of choice. Do you want to see gifts, the pure gifts and nothing than gifts? Then you are perfect here but have to make a turn now to the shop, so to speak. There you will find the gifts plus the option, that come with it: You just know it, there you won't find just one Bach calendar. There are many. There are the gifts "to the point".


However, if you continue reading here, then you learn more about the single projects and ideas. That is the story behind the scenes here and more background there. For example, why there were ten artists involved, until Bach as an exclusive tin figure was published. Or how Peter Bach Sr. is related in this. On this page, you will just get ... entertainment. If you don't like that, or you are short with time, or you are already late, ... then what are you waiting for? Hop to the shop. Just click here, you do know it.

Definitely the most exciting offer and for that reason, the most uncommon gift for musicians of the publishing house: 142 CDs + pdf of 16.800 music sheets plus one more gift of your choice. You would love to figure out more than just click here. If you click here, you get to the shop.


Here you will find thousands of Bach gifts and thousands of music gifts … learn more.


Gifts for Musicians and More Gifts for Musicians - A World of Books About Bach


Soon you will be able to buy many Bach books here. Although it's still a while, it's already possible now a little. Of courseand that goes without sayingthere are the books which my husband wrote, first. It's a biography for children, the perfect gift for everybody between 6 and 106. We both figured out, this biography for children is not just perfect for little ones. For grown-ups as well it's a reading pleasure and it's really "easy digestible and light fare". Even if that sounds horrible in one sentence with the name of Johann Sebastian Bach.


There are 172 pages in the German edition. The biography about Bach with Veit and Balthazar. It's perfect to read it to a child, to read just for fun and with many illustraions, it's exciting to discover. Would you like a "look inside the book"? Certainly. Here is a first one ...


... that is to say the content. Less is more and that is why there are not too many names in Bach's life mentioned, the music is really no big subject and everything is more like an adventure as you find it in other biographies about the super composer. You want to read more and you want to see more? Okay, our pleasure ...


... just a little more to read ...


... and finally here is a double page with a cute illustration, a painting of Petra-Ines Kaune. "More "look inside the book" is possible on the matching page in the shop. However, the English translation is ready meanhwile and you can order it in the shop.

The Very Personal Gift: The Most Individual Bach Biography in the World

What does that mean now? How, after all, can a biography be personal? To individualize is the miracle term. There is no more personal gift existing in this gift world around the subject of Bach. And that is how it's planned and how it works. Two cherubs have fun, to learn more about the life of Johann Sebastian BAach. Their names are ... Veit and Balthazar. However in this case that does not have to be. Because they could have names like Benjamin and Larissa, Tom and Jerry, Tim and Toby, Angela and Magdalena, Barbara and Moritz. You have figured it outjust like the names of your two kids are. Or like the names of your grandchildren or the two godchildren. And how is that working? It's simple. We rewrite the book and order just one printed copy. Or two or three ... or ten. You decide on the number, it's how much you want to have.


However, if you don't like it that personal, then there is the biography about Bach for childrenit might be it's the 7.000th biography about Bachas an audiobook as well plus as an eBook, for a tablet with illustrations or as a paper-and-ink-book as a paperback. Please keep in mind, that all these versions are not ready before fall 2018. The paper-and-ink-version might need even one year longer.


Johann Sebastian Very Convenient: the Audiobook in 3 Versions


It's possible just without any of Bach's music. Nothing bothers or interrupts the path of life of Bach ...



... or you listen to 19 music works. Between the chapters. All works are reknownd melodies. However, none is longer than 3 minutes ...


... or you make an adventure out of it. 33 melodies are enriching or interrupting the story and Bach's life 66 times. In this way, a n audiobook develops into real entertainment. Again it's true: No piece is longer than three minutes.


The complete biography – whether you enjoy it "pure" in four hours – or with a maximum length of music added in eight hours, is narrated by a professional narrator. Just listen to a sample chapter and you will find out: it's a classical music adventure. However again: This mouthwatering is actually not fair, as the English version of all publishing options does not be available earlier than fall 2018. Sorry about that.

A Real Cool Gift Starting at Age 3: The Bach Coloring Book for Future Classic Music Fans


One more idea of my husband: The Bach Coloring Book.


No, it's not the perfect gift for every dwarf at age 3. However, at this age, it could start. For the Picassos among your children, for the da Vincis and Salvador Dali's. So, for the really highly skilled little ones. So, all others just grow into this coloring book, so to speak. Plus that coloring book does not come with a single of these strange tones of this sort of strange misters with the peruke on his head.


Just try the following: Buy the coloring book, show it to your youngest and mentionreal casuallyyou are permitted to color such a nice coloring book as early as he or she is really good to do such with different drawings. Everything that's not permitted today is really exciting. Johann Sebastian was not allowedafter he became orphan at age 10in the house of his oldest brother to copy a music booklet with compositions of back then famous composers. What Johann Sebastian figured out to do it anyway ... is what you can read at a very different place.


The coloring book as a gift: That is 17 drawings with 17 coloring suggestions and 17 highlights in Johann Sebastian Bach's life. What we would have never figured out in our "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" was be an option, to use this little coloring book in a first English lesson. Although it's bilingual, just for one reason, which is we don't have to print to editions to offer it worldwide. Without this little coloring book would cost a fortune. By the way: Here you can explore all the pages: One drawing is prettier than the following and one thing is this little coloring book for sure: It is the only publication of its kind, whichever was exclusively arranged by the Bach family of musicians. My husband had the idea and put together the guidelines and the biography. Briana Bach-Hertzogshe is even closer related to the composer than my husbandpainted the artwork and I layouted everything, ordered the print and now I offer it in my shop "Bach 4 You" as a gift idea. One exception to the statement in the last sentence: the biography for kidswhich is the bookcame into being because of the skills of that family of musicians from Thuringia, too.


Please Support Us. Become a Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team Member: Let's Bring J.S. Bach to the Kindergartens of the World


There is only one person on the planet who could "invent" such an idea: It's my husband. It's not enough for him, to reach small humans with his Bach coloring book. It has to be whole herds of dwarfs meanwhile. I blame his profession, in which he explains complex facts to hundreds of school classes too. Exciting, entertaining, amusing. He learned that from his father, who did such a thing already in the 1950s.


So my husband invented the Bach Kindergarten game and in addition, he invented the Bach Weeks Kindergarten Game XXL, too. And "Bach 4 You" now is supposed to spread it all over the world. However, that is not possible without your help.


and that is, how my husband thinks it might work. In our world of today, in our fast developing world of today, there is just a small "window", to interest kids for classical music. The wrong piece in the wrong moment and it goes off direction Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swifthowever, that would be okay, sort of. The older the little ones get, the less they are influenceable are the and the older they are the more damaging are wrong approaches. That is true for many themes, not just for classical music. The idea behind the Bach Kindergarten game is, that small children in that age are actually not all supposed to meet Bach's music, actually even not to really mention it, not to really offer it. We want, that these little personalities actually get interested on their own, who this exceptional person was. In a smart combination with a first acquaintance with Bach's music - selected reknown pieces first at this today very, really very carefullyit could happen that at the end of their youth may be instead of 0.2 kids it might be 0.8 children could be excited to get closer to the music of Bach, Mozart and Co.! Eight tenth of a child doesn't sound that much, does it? Od you see it differently: It's four times 0.2. My husband thinksby the wayhe always was the fastest in mathematics ... however, the results were always wrong.


How does it work in everyday life? are you a fan of classical music? Or you are excited about classical music as one of several styles of music you like? Plus you wish, more humans would like the music genre? Why don't you become a godparent f a kindergarten and become a "combatant" in our "Johann Sebastian Bach mission". Meanwhile, we are a real considerable team. Artists, musicians, genealogists, translators, painters, drawers and supporters ... whether it's spelling, law, book publishing. Just purchase a Bach kindergarten game and give it to the closest kindergarten as a gift. and check out after a few weeks, what has happened to this project. This game too will be published in both German and English.


The Johann Sebastian Bach Kindergarten Game. Whether it will work? We really hope so!


You can play it with 24 children, with 34 and with 14 as well. These are coloring suggestions. Just cut it, mix it, distribute it. And start the game. You get to the shop - yes, again - here.


All Bach Books in the World? No, But Many Many Bach Gifts & More Bach Gifts


Already very soon we want to offer you all books of other Bach authors in the shop of the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You", which you can buy hot off the press currently. One book once, clearly and completely. Not this books here, another book there a third one at a very different place. Some of them are was what you buy already.


Additional Bach shops, additional music shops, additional fun … learn more.


Gifts on Canvas: Bach, Bach and Bach Once Again

Here they are: Nine of twelve Bach monuments all over the world, however, most of them are in? In Germany of course. An artist has painted many of them for us. Of course, we scanned them in a high resolution and printed on canvas they might become an adornment of every office, lawyer's or doctor's office, a waiting area or your home.



It goes without saying, we have dozens of great motives around the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach, which you can have printed in a very noble version on canvas for eternity. As solitaire works of art, but as well in a gallery, generated of more than one original from one "family of artwork". These are modern artworks of Bach portraits, but as well from those which you know already. Then there are photos of the monuments and photos, which my husband made in all the Bach cities and Bach locations. You may create antiques, which may be changed into perfect gifts. You might picture your home with examples of more "motive families" of artwork.


From painters Ihle to Rentsch plus here in one style: The Portraits of Johann Sebastian Bach by famous and by less famous artists. Bach almost seems to be a chameleon with talent.


There are many, better countless portraits of Johann Sebastian Bach. And it wasn't just unknown masters, who conserved, what Bach looked like back then, shortly before he dies, as a young man in Arnstadt plus in the time in between, like we know him best. However. That is what Bach didn't look like. So, he never looked like all the portraits pretend which exist. With one exception. Haussmann, who lived in Leipzig too, who painted him actually like Bach probably looked. Okay, maybe he "photoshopped" him a little, you could called that way, when painters portrayed their "victims" always a little prettier than they were, however, the story behind makes the difference: Bach became member in the Musical Society in Leipzig, and one of those conditions was, that he had to provide a painted Portrait. That was four years before he died when he ordered that portrait. And what came out, is what you find three times today. Yes, they made copies already back then. All other paintings are created, as invented. Ihle, Rentsch, the so-called old age picture and many, many other works of at least well-known painters are created like these artists just pictured Mister Bach. Good, we know that, so we are doing the same thing.


Johann Sebastian Bach in the 21st century. Ihle, Rentsch, and Haußmann authentic? That is not the right thing for our mission. That is what others might deliver better. Here it starts with Bauer, next is Würtenberger, however, all others are what only experts know.


The Gift of All Gifts: Calendars, Calendars, Calendars All in The Matter of Bach


There are many exciting calendar offers. Just click yourself into the section, where Bach calendars are offered at "Bach 4 You". The specialty: There are nine value priced music calendars. From these the publishing house prints a little edition and hands the better prices down to its customers. You can order 90 more calendars, however, each one will be printed for you. Just for you.


Mr. Bach from Tin: A Really Cool Gift


A real special gift: Bach tin figures.


Is there a Peter Bach sr.? Sure, there is. He is the father of my husband and he belongsthat's just logicalto the fami9ly of musicians, too. Plus he is collecting tin figures. Not just any tin figures. Nope, he is collecting tin figures related to two special themes. Plus no ... it is not Johann Sebastian Bach. Because from Bach there are actually ... well, actually almost no tin figures. My father-in-law is collecting "The History of Beer" and the "Historie of Fire Brigades".


So, you can collect such a thing? Sure you can. It is about some 150 Scenes, which he collected in a long, actually in a very long time. That goes from the first brewing success of the Sumerians and Egyptians until the Reinheitsgebot, which is the Purity Law, which celebrated its 500rh anniversary in 2016. By the way, it's one of the oldest food laws in the world. Around every group of tin figures he lets landscape, houses, castles, palaces or more things handcraftor he put them together on his ownand so whole experience come into being and he adds a little text on a sign to it.


Of course these dwarfs from tin are no blanks, that is to say, raw. He paints them before. He paints them with shadows and lights so that the exhibits seem to be 3D.


This gift needs no shadows and lights with the painting because it's already 3D. However, you can clearly see, that exactly with these shades of the coloring the great skill and the expertise show up.


Here it gets obvious: The figure is flat and is always placed flat to the viewer. The painted lights and shadows leat to the three-dimensionality. By the way, if you want to present Bach from the left or from the right, you already have to engrave him that way. Because you have to arrange every tin figure always? Parallel to the viewer, correct. And you have realized it: In the picture above it's not about brewing beer plus it's not about putting out a fire. And mentioned on the brink: Neither the US Quarter nor the Euro, nor the fruit bowl plus the kitchen behind are not part of this gift, that you can purchase after one click to the shop.


Postage Stamps: An Adhesive Gift


Correct, every once in a while you will find some postage stamps in our shop which you can perfectly make a gift. However, it's no corner for ambitioned stamp collectors and as well no place for future stamp collectors. These stamps are all works of art and have a minimum size and look great at the same time. They are perfect as a wall decoration. In a great frame and with a large passe-partout.


It needed three full years of hunt until my husband had found and bought all stamps which exist in the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach and his family. And even some cinderellas have found their way into the collection. It's absolutely not objective, where to draw a line not to collect everything which is adhesive on the back: That means if the stamp doesn't pretend to be a stamp, if it's ugly or if the hoax to betray stamp collectors, who collect theme stamps all over the world is too obvious.


If you are on the hunt for all stamps related to one subject, you meet many, many places, where to find jewels after some time. And every once in a while you find especially beautiful examples of Bach stamps, which are perfect as a wall decoration. Of course, we take advantage of the opportunities and offer you a very special high quality and almost antique object as a gift. Just visit this corner from time to time. However, do so only if you are no stamp collector. Plus if you don't want to become a stamp collector.


Yes, there are pretty much of them around. The problem: Almost nowhere you can find out, what size and how decorative they are. Not even on the postage stamp pages of this website. There is one exception: When "Bach 4 You" offers one jewel than there is a comparison of sizes. Important for you to know if you are on the hunt for a gift: Don't take too much time. It may last months until the same stamp is available again plus there might be no postage stamps available there for weeks.


Almost Antiques: Real Old And Age Old Gifts Around The Subject of Bach


Almost antiques ... what do we mean? Well, if you check on Wikipedia, you are considering something an antique, when it's 100 years, however at least 59 years old. And if this is true than a postcard from 1970 is just not yet an antique. However ... who is interested in such a thing so precisely, if you are on the search for a gift?


That is what we mean when you are on the hunt for gifts: You always realize by the way of our photography, how big an item is. It's almost unbelievable and you could only proof it next to each other: the little book in the next picture is actually even more tiny as the book with the Euro and the Quarter. Both coins are not part of the scope of supply.


Even much more seldom than the small book in the picture above you meet this little jewel. That means crystal clear: Check in the shop again and again, whether one is available. So, what if? Then hurry to purchase this gift and store and hide it until the next birthday, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, Christmas Day.


One Idea = Two Musik Gifts


We are sure about that: You have never ever experienced tributes like this. It's narrated by a professional narrator and it's decorated with an eight minutes long short biography about Bach's life.



An idea, so different like all of the "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission": The Bach Medley. Do yourself a pleasure plus a friend. My husband thinkshe is the driver of the both of usyou can listen to it absolutely more than once, twice or three times: Two professional narrators quote the real prominent personalities of the world in the themes of music, art, science, and politics, who said something about Bach's music. It's accompanied with Bach's most popular and most well-known works and as a coronation, there is a short biography of Bach's life in 8 minutes, too. Amusing, nice, exciting. By the way: You can save a lot of money, if you listen to the music here, read the tributes on your own and watch the biography here, too. However, that is by far not the fun and pleasure compared to listen to this Bach medley.


Well plus: Just copy the content and have that in your car ready. And after that hand the file as a gift to a friend. You buy it once and make it two gifts. or three or four? Well ...!

Are 56 Puzzles Pieces = 56 Gifts?

In the beginning, it's certainly not 56 options, to offer 168 puzzles in different sizes from 56 motives. However ... visit us here once in while ... then you see the offer of the publishing house grow steadily.


Puzzle historic authentic portraits or puzzle modern portraits of the compositeur. Puzzle Bach monuments or puzzle Bach cities and Bach places. Puzzle historic postcards or dreamlike steel engravings. You can always order in 4 sizes. And each will be produced exclusively for you. So you can be pretty sure, you have a one in a kind. Okay, until the next human decides for that motive, too. Then you are not the only one on the planet anymore and your puzzle is no one of a kind anymore.


My husband is "inventing" so many stuff: A gift ensemble. That is what you could compile for your kids: Coloring book, calendar, and puzzle. Plus if the age is matching, that would as well work with the biography about Bach for children by my husband plus the theme matching calendar and finally the puzzle, too. Well, what can you say?! Gifts and more gifts. Or even better: Bach gifts and more Bach gifts.


1 Composer = 1 Gift = 142 CDs ... + You Get 10 Free Add-Ons with Your Purchase


As long as they don't discover a new work composed by Bach, this collection is supposedly complete*: Johann Sebastian Bach's complete work of music. More exciting information? Click here.

It's a risky statement: You can't meet Bach's music better ... then with this offer of the complete edition on 142 CDs. Maybe. The first startup with Bach's music is what you can manage with the 33 most familiar and most popular tiles from Bach's life work if you approach classical music for the first time. If your experience, however, goes so far back, that on Saturday evening you think about, whether you are looking forward to a piece of Bach's music performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or rather by Glenn Gould than this little collection might not be the perfect recommendation.


Plus for the master, which I mentioned in the last paragraph may be the complete edition might not be the perfect gift. However, there are more people around. And for all those, who find that the 33 music pieces on this website are just not performed professional enough performed, however, they don't have the "perfect pitch": For you, this collection definitely is a hit. And - as an exception - we want to mention the purchase price already here: It's € 199 for 142 CDs. With this mentioned, is it the gift of all gifts? Sure, shipping and handling costs add.


* ... Again and again, there are new music works, which scientist consider composed by Bach. Other compositions, howeverscientists thinkare not composed by the Thomas Cantor. So, the term of complete edition might be a little challenging. You know, what we mean.


There Always Remains a "This + That": Gifts Around Johann Sebastian Bach, As Long As Your Mouse Clicks:


It's really exciting, what you can "do with Johann Sebastian Bach": That starts with really noble and really exciting. Plus it reaches until really trivial and absolutely strange. Some items are cool, others are relatively borderline. The selection of gifts is so colorful, like a crowd of humans can be.


So, how is this working? Plus who is this doing? So, who is sending my gift to me? Zazzle is. A cool idea. We deliver whatever "is on it": Modern or authentic, Bach portrait or Bach monument. You check, what you would like to hand as a gift: Cup, baseball cap, Smartphone case, key ring or even a watch. You order with Zazzle, Zazzle delivers to your home. You are happy, we are happy and the one who gets this gift will be happy too. Hopefully. What a nice world. Heavenly. Like Johann Sebastian Bach's music.


Just a reminder … learn more.


An Impertinent Argument: You Won't Find More Composers Calendars in that Style Elsewhere in the Universe

Composers calendars ... so, nowhere else is where you find such a variety of composer calendars? Correct. Here and there you maybe find one or another. With a lot of research and of course only on the internet. Plus, on one gift portal or another might be more than one. However, there they come in that 50:50 format, that is to say, the lover part is a big ugly calendar and only 50 %, the upper part is a nice decorative picture. This is not everybody's taste ... and our taste not at all. You get them at "Bach 4 You": traditional composers calendars and cool composers calendars in European format style, that is to say exactly 33 great composers calendars.



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