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Stamps from America


Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps from North America - Canada


Here – in the north of America – it all starts with the very first Bach stamp. Why is this a Bach stamp? You will find the answer with the click on the stamp.


On this Bach stamp from Canada, which was issued 1999 at the eve of a new millennium, in the background of the upper right motive notes of Johann Sebastian Bach are visible. It's an extract of the Goldberg Variations. In the Bach Werke Verzeichnis BWV this work has the number 988. Plus, you see Glenn Gould on this stamp, Gould was an unspoken Bach lover. Glenn Gould will show up on more Bach stamps in this collection.


1997  Canada


On the Bach stamp from Canada, issued in 1999 for the dawn of the 21st millennium, notes by Johann Sebastian Bach can be seen in the background of the upper right motif. This is an excerpt from the Goldberg Variations. In the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis this piece has the number 988. Pictured is Glen Gould, who preferred to play Bach and also appears in connection with Bach in other places on this website. 000



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Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps from North America - Mexico


1985  Mexico.


In 1985 Mexico issued a stamp in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach. It is the 300th anniversary of his birth. Juan, not Johann - that's Bach's name in the Spanish-speaking world, on both sides of the Atlantic.


Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps from the Caribbean - Cuba


1997  Cuba


In a set of six musicians in the "Famous Composers" series, the Cuban government issued the Bach stamp in 1997 with a face value of 1 peso. Next to the portrait of Bach, notes of the work "Sonata for Violin" with the BWV number 1001 are depicted. Thank you, Mr. Gomon for the information.



Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps from the Caribbean - Turks and Caicos Islands


Bach genealogy: this Bach stamp is the only stamp among 150 regarding the themes Bach plus genealogy. If you are interested in the most famous and biggest family of musicians in the world, this is your Bach stamp.


1985  Turks and Caicos Insreln: Above is a little Bach genealogy, below are the four instruments bassoon, natural horn, viola d'amore and a clavichord. From me as an almost exclusive music listener a thank you to Paul Gomon, musicologist, author and Bach stamp collector for this much, exciting information. 000



Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps from the Caribbean - Antigua & Barbuda Islands


More countries like the design of that Bach stamp. So you will find this style of stamps several times in the collection. And you get the feeling: haven't I seen them before? No, you didn't. It's confusing as some states share the artwork. Some just share the style but change the paintings on the stamps.


1985 Antigua and Barbuda: this Johann Sebastian Bach stamp presents an extract from the life of the Bach family. You can find this motif in Tobi Rosenthal's painting and the upper stamp was issued together with the four stamps listed below. All five stamps are very, very similar to others, and you could almost think you've seen this exact one somewhere else: Several states thought the style was cool and so there are just some similar designs.


Below is the second Bach stamp edition issued by more states in this style, but with a different theme. Directly you can see this very well by comparing the upcoming stamp and the next but one. 000


Six stamps were issued by the Caribbean state of Antigua & Barbuda to mark the holidays in Johann Sebastian Bach's life. These are the five stamps issued to mark the 300th anniversary of the composer's birth in 1985. And the stamp with the Bach Monument in Leipzig in 2000. In this last stamp, the yellow border area shows the work "Prelude and Fughetta in E Minor", the cataloged BWV piece 900. And although it is a German page, the whole thing here is also in English: It is the Prelude and Fughetta in E Minor. The work number ... it is the same. Thanks for the info, Paul Gomon. 000


2000 Antigua and Barbuda: This Bach block shows the Bach monument in Leipzig, Saxony. If you would like to see what this monument looks like "live", please click here. This stamp was published 15 years after the ones you see above. 000



Same style like the Bach stamp above this one, but it's a different state.


2000  Nevis


2000  Nevis



Bach stamps from the Republic of Dominica. What's exciting: the artist was so excited by Bach, that he renamed the city of Eisenach to Eisenbach. Or, to name a whole city after the name of the composer was his way to tribute to Bach's works.


Exciting as well: Dominica is not the Dominican Republic. Dominica is a small island and is located a few islands north of the Grenadines, so it's very close to the equator, too.


1985  Dominica


2000  Dominica



Nowhere it's more confusing as here, around Grenada, the Grenadines and St. Vincent. In this corner of the Caribbean, there are five states who released these stamps. How come? A bigger island on the southern edge of the Caribbean is St. Vincent. Another one of similar size south is Grenada. Between those two there are some 600 even smaller ones, very small ones and even tiny islands: the Grenadines. They belong to either St. Vincent in the north or to Grenada, below. Where St. Vincent is located – and where Grenada, that is what you can discover when you later click on one of the stamps. This feature will work from fall 2014. The seemingly upside down of stamps, however, will later follow here again.


1983  St. Vincent



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1982  Grenadines of St. Vincent


1984  Grenadines of St. Vincent



1985  Grenada


2000 Grenada



1985  Grenada Grenadines


1997  Grenada Grenadines



2000 Grenada/Carriacou and Petite Martinique




Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps from Central America


1986  Panama



1971  El Salvador


Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps from South America


1985  Colombia


Do you recognize the style? It's the same like on some other Bach stamps from the Caribbean.


2000  Guyana


A very special stamp from Central America. If you have fun, look for two errors on this work of art. If you are interested and do not find it out yourself, please click on the link below the stamp.


1980  Paraguay


1985  Paraguay



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