Johann Sebastian Bach for All Children: My Offer for Parents of Future Bachs + Future Mozarts

First of all, the offer on this site is intended for you to inspire children and young people. But also for parents it is an interesting way to get to know the Thomaskantor entertainingly. Johann Sebastian Bach is also exciting.


It's Threefold!

Right, not only for kids there is a very special Bach offer, secondly, it is also for young teens (... what ...... is that?). In addition, it makes sense for all adults who are interested in Bach or want to get to know him. So the following suggestions are even threefold.

Aha, so a CD for parents and children: if that is not family life, then what?


Bach for Your Ears or Bach in a Book?

Bach books for kids? They are available in a very different corner of this website. If you want to go there, just click here. You come back through the navigation and there the music. And if you want to read less, but want to hear more, you are right here.


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To Find It ... That's the Goal


Sure, there is something special to Bach for Kids. But, you must find it easy! And this applies both to books about Bach, which are juvenile justice, and to information and entertainment, which is even more exciting in the media: a radio play offers something like that. While this is not interactive, it is more comfortable, more modern, it is more appealing and fun.


So we did it. We have been looking for you. And here you will find all the CDs of Johann Sebastian Bach, which are exciting and which we can recommend.


From our own experience, we will give you an interesting variation on how you can get to know the Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon court composer. On the road. Yes, in the car. In traffic jams, in morning traffic on the next business trip. Good, not before you reach the age of eighteen.

Aha, so CDs for parents and children: if that is not family life, what then?



Bach 4 Ever



First of all, we believe that few children who are interested in Johann Sebastian Bach are lost here. More interesting is this page of the "Bach über Bach" homepage for parents, godparents, patents, grandmas and grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, educators and all who are dealing with young people. Because we are firmly convinced, with the reminder of our own school time, that it is much more educational than not to destroy a topic for a young person for a long time, more than to inspire him or her for it. This isfor usa completely different target.

Grandma and Grandpa will probably be in this corner of the Bach homepage. Because here there is something to the Compositeur, which does not spoil all the fun of the master from the beginning.



My Adventure With the Music from Bach



An example from my life with the Thomaskantor: A "Best of Bach" CD. I had bought them. A long long time ago. The result: all four titles I found great. Five did not please me. Four I found corrosive. The resultBachnot for me. That is decades ago. What we would offer you today with this homepage would have been valuable. A selection that is informative and also entertaining. So justat the topthe most popular "hits", which are understood as an appetite, to continue from there the way then. For me, for example, the cellosuites are nothing. What really excites me, however, are the Brandenburg concerts. And from this point on, there are CDs to pour the Atlantic. So to speak. And there you just look for the preferred orchestrathat's only 5,000.



Stuff for Kids Works Well For Adults, Too


Just as "dummy books" are not just for dummies, a radio play to Bach can be very gorgeous.


And here comes a second group of adults into the game. Adults without children. Why not get to know Bach in a form designed for kids? Of course we have the CDs for the little ones completely pulled back and listened to us from one smirk to another. It is such a friendly way to get to know the master that our original reason to listen to the CD in the car led to this thought. At all, the car and the right lock of the highway, the way home, when the one million others do and the trip to the holiday is the ideal time, Bach "to consume".


Then it is simply the sympathetic form of getting to know Mr. Thomaskantor. And this is not as bierernst, as it happens here on our homepage. This, of course, was a joke again. Without new flair in my head, however, I can guarantee that there is nowhere else so much youth-specific about Bach broadened in one spot. And: nowhere else can you just try a few minutes. Here, go to "Bach over Bach"! The publishers find this good and you come to the taste.



My Critics – My Opinion


Bach for my not yet born child. Nonsense?


Maybe you have already discovered one: "Bach for my dog", "Bach for my unborn child" or a similar title on a CD. We do not want to have Bach products that are promoted with marketing tricks on this "Bach über Bach" homepage. And you do not want to buy or try it at all. Because they are nothing else but wonderful Bach music, which is not specially optimized for your child or the dog, selected or compiled. On this page we introduce Bach for kids, teens and teenagers, who also deserve this addition. What is currently worth a purchase on the market can be found belowwhich is not there, we do not even mention the above lines. If you disagree with a workplease register.



A Listening Sample of All Possible Variants! Where Else Is That?


Because the decision for one or the other CD is quite difficult, there is always a "Bach über Bach"as you are accustomed to. You can listen to a few minutes in each of the sympathetic productions, and you will surely be thrilled. In any case, it has inspired us, and we, both my wife and I, have long since outgrown children's shoes. So there is a musical and narrative appetite for you, in which we wish you a lot of fun.



For Reasons of Fairness*


Explicitly, it should be noted here that we do not document the order of precedence. Likewise, we do not distribute stars here, so no reviews. The publishers have asked us for permission of the publication in every respect and in writing. If one of the artists or creators with the publication here has a problem: please call, we remove the CD then as soon as possible. Without confirmation we have not received your objection. Phone 0 71 31 - 57 67 61 or Thank you for your kind permission to all involved in the production of the CDs.


By clicking on the picture you enlarge the CD case and can read the back as well. Courtesy of all copyright holders. Sorry folks, currently I found that out only in German. However I'll find out if there is something in English, too.


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