The Quodlibet in General – The Bach Quodlibet in Particular


Here you learn about the wedding quodlibet (Hochzeits-Quodlibet) of Johann Sebastian Bach, you get information about the village, in which Johann Sebastian Bach and Maria Barbara got married and in the third section please expect exciting stuff: motley, quaint and funny input around the star composer from Thuringia. The funny stuff starts below with position 4.

A lovable potpourri around the master ... is my exciting page Bach quodlibet: This pic above is a Palmin card, a little card coming with a box of coconut oil. Palmin is the company's name. This brand is still around today, however the pic ... is not.



– What in the World Is a Quodlibet?


It does not fit any way. In a Quodlibet. Whoever has come a little closer to Johann Sebastian perhaps remembers this word. Somewhere you read about it already. What is it? What is a Quodlibet? What then is the wedding quodlibet?


"Invented" the Quodlibet was long before the time Bach of Johann Sebastian Bach. Translated from Latin is "as is popular". Or today "free snout". It's about a piece of music. A piece of music, so to speak. A mix of pieces that were not played together. A mix of often banal melodies, no canon, perhaps the Basel Guggenmusik closer than the Frère Jacques. It was an entertaining singing form at Johann Sebastian's time and also the master himself composed some Quodlibet. The fun improvisations at the Bach family meetings, perhaps a silly form of house music, certainly, of course, certainly at the highest level.


So much love for Bach and his work made the artist who created this great stamp in the Carribean make Eisenach to Eisenbach. One of the most likeable errors in the Bach world.



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– The Wedding Quodlibet by J.S. Bach


The so-called "Hochzeitsquodlibet BWV 527", which was first discovered in the thirties of the 20th century, is probably the oldest preserved vocal work of Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a document for the humorous ad-hoc music that the musician family Bach has cultivated at their family festivals. Bach's science has probably only been discovered in the 1930s: Johann Sebastian Bach's Wedding Quodlibet. It is considered to be the oldest vocal work of the composer and documented that the brooks were played on their family festivals, which was probably always in another city, certainly a Bachstadt or a Bachort. First of all, Quodlibets are pieces of music that are generated from other musical works and a new one. All this happens out of the standing, so is not practiced or tried together. In the list of Bach's works the wedding quodlibet has the BWV number 528. In the wedding quodlibet. It was probably in the years 1707, one means 1708 at the latest. Today it can be said that Johann Sebastian Bach did not play exclusively church music , Which he also did during his life. The text deals with large castles and a rider with a wheel on his back. It is thought that the executioner must have died. The poet of the text states that, in order to sail to India, he finds many ships with him. It is about a baking trolley, stick-fish, Salome, peasants who break the Goschen, a spinning wheel, and round Around an earlochschiff and finally around Plumphchte. Afterwards, the somewhat incomprehensible, if somewhat funny, texts transcend into a completely surreal series of key words, and finally ends in Brabant, where an old woman is born, a young sow and the gibberish ending with an invitation to the pot roast. It is incoherent – somehow and that is it. It is just a Quodlibet, this wedding quodlibet.


A plague below the heaqd of young concert master, which he wasn't yet at the time of his wedding, reminds of the marriage of Johann Sebastian Bach in Dornheim. They believe that the Wedding Quodlibet was performed on this special day in the fall of 1707.


If you would know how romantic this place in Dornheim is, it would show up any many more tour recommendations. If those authors and tour guides would tell you, that's right on the doorstep of Arnstadt, a detour of 1 minute on your way to the Autobahn, this jewel in the matter of Bach would be crowded.


With just a few minutes time more you discover one additional Bach highlight. Twoi minutes drive away from the city limit of Arnstadt.


Enjoy a desert, in German called "coffe and cake" in the Bach-Stube, not a real publich restaurant. However, give them a call, so that they make sure, somebody opens the plays to have that coffe and cake, if you show up. Remember, Dornheim is not a small community, it's actually really tiny. Here's the way to the telephone number, so you don't even have to google. Johann Sebastian Bach in Dornheim.


The memorial and the court of the wedding church alone are worth the detour. Next comes coffee and cake there ...


... the highlight however is the little wedding church inside. It's a real jewel and the history that comes with it, in particular the younger histry is breathtaking. To leanr more about that first hand, that is why you should make sure, somebody is present, wehn you "knock on their door".



– The Bach Potpourri


Not "matching" is the keyword for this site and here is brought together, which meets peculiarities, curiosities and also pleasant breaks, bad luck and mishaps when one is not only in the matter of ancestral research, but at the same time also one of the most famous Musicians on the track. An extra corner, here in the Quodlibet, I have just reserved for myself, for you will pass through these small mishaps, which, as so often and so conscientiously correct, are simply sneaking in, biting, and at least for posterity smiles are suitable. For this I have put together for you some cute finds, which for many already exceed the limits to kitsch. Enjoy my Bach Quodlibet.


Have you looked closely at the postcard above? We have! Here she is again. The image from the top, 1: 1, so you do not need to scroll up again. And?


They could not find anything unusual. Because of course you were not at Flickr. But now you see it crystal clear! You have read about the 21st March on this homepage. On March 31, perhaps, too. But the 21st May is new to you? Nice try.


The most amiable error in my Quodlibet corner for you: the artist of the Dominica stamp was probably so inspired by Bach when he created this little work of art that he named the entire city of Eisenach after the exceptional composer. And so from Eisenach, Eisenbach became easy.



Fall 2021 + Still 1 Trillion Mistakes


I am busy right now and almost around the clock, in the German and also the English version thousands, really several thousand errors to find and correct. At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 there are the promised curiosities ... because to publish them makes me particularly fun: all are cute, promised.

Other amiable errors:


1. In Ansbach stands on the column Hach or Ach, because the B-key (?) Was forgotten.


2. In Nekrolog it was hot, Bach had gone to Lüneburg, because his brother was aborted.


3. Papua New Guinea


4. Seven pins on the crown instead of 5 6. The birthplace was sold exactly as 100 years as a birthplace, but it was a few houses further.


5. The potatoe soup on J.S.'s trip to Lüneburg



Have Fun with A Composer, a Musician and A Comedian in One Person


Have you ever heard of Mr. Hans Liberg, a one man show from the Netherlands? if you like some fun and a brake from the everyday challenge, you might have found a good reason here. Listen to Hans Liberg*s Toccate und Fuge in d-Mill für Orgel und Klavier, a performance in Hamburg. Really something funny related to the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach.



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