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That is how I like taking photos: on the left there is the sign mentioning Bach, in the middle of the image there is the Bach monument and in the background you see the house where Bach once lived with his family in Koethen.


That is how I take pictures. On the ground with my back is how I do that every once in a while. This picture is taken with my head on the ground. Correct, I could have learned something different to make a living. Plus I could have decided for a different passion.



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Here You Get to More Images and Pictures ... Without Any More Bushwah!


You would like to see nice images here and now. Many images? And many photos as well? Like I promised. And you want to read nothing about my personal relation to good photos and to good pictures? Than please stop here. And click yourself away. On the left in the navigation you probably discovered, that you can chose: between photos related to the Bach cities and Bach places of the categories A to C, you may chose the photos of Bach monuments in the whole world or you decide on this or that theme related to Johann Sebastian Bach. Or you just click here and you are right where the photos start and that is with no detours.


This is the way, I like it to take photos. Did you ever experience this view of the Holstentor at the city of Luebeck? Just click here to Google images to see, how most photographers take this photo. Of course, you get the common pics here too. But that is in addition.



Bach Images And Bach Photos: That Is What You Are Allowed with My Pics


Hundreds of pictures and photos are placed on this website and when it's all said and done, there are probably thousands of photos and images available. And what are you allowed to do with them? You may copy and download them. And not just that, you may do with them, whatever you like to do. You may embed these pictures in your website, Bach enthusiasts may use the Bach photos for there advertisement activities, cultural facilities may publish these photos and images for their public relation. You may use these pictures in your books and in your newspaper. One restriction: please add a hint to this website. You don't have to mention my name, but I would very much like you to mention the website, which is Copyright: "". Instead of the common honorarium or fee for publishing my photos.


One of the Bach images respectively Bach photos, what you may download and use with no problems. And more: create your own website with them, another Bach website, make one of these photos an illustration on your book cover or use it in a newspaper article. An appreciated  "Copyright:" makes this possible, even without talking to me at all.



Bach Fotos and Bach Pictures: That Is What You Are Supposed Not to Do


I can only provide my specific skill and art for free to you: coming with all pictures and all photos on the theme of Bach. However, to publish photos and pictures, you have to consider more rights, not only those of the photographer. For instance there are photos of churches, more specifically of the interior of churches. This is where you have to ask for an additional permit, if you like to publish those. Just the permission of me will not do, to get all rights to publish those images. It's the same thing with the interior of the Bach House in Eisenach: if you want to publish these pics, you need their permission. Or the photos of the grave of Johann Sebastian Bach in the St. Thomas Church or these pictures, which I have taken in the Ulm Muenster: everywhere you have to ask again in person in addition to my permission. Than there is the right of personality. Pictures that show people. An example: my wife, our friends from the United States and I in front of the Bach House in Wechmar. If you want to publish these photos, you have to ask me – but why would you like to publish those photos?


Pictures and illustrations, that have a hint on top of the image or below ( ... the hints are in a  smaller size font), indicating that it wasn't me who created the picture or illustration are definitely restricted to use from this website. Read the licence background, if it is a Wikipedia illustration and if you want to use it on a non commercial website. Or you might as well buy some of the illustrations from


Are you permitted to download this photo and publish it? No, not just like that. You may download it. But after that please take your phone, call the administration in Ulm, ask thereand probably, if your publication is nice and for a small donationit will surely work. However just publishing it without permission? Please don't.



My Bach Images in Your Book, My Bach Photos on Your Website


It is the same thing with photos of existing books. Why should I not be permitted to publish photos of Bach books on this website? Publisher and author of these books are actually pleased. But if you download one of the photos of books I have published, write about them and your comment is negative, then you are in trouble – and they are right. Generally valid is that, in particular when you publish photos that I have taken, whether it's the outside or the inside, you can only get my part of the creative work for free. Ask the publisher of the book, which you want to show as an illustration. One more example: maybe one of the illustrations, from an engraving, from an etching, from a wood engraving or a painting is younger than 71 years, more precisely the artist, who created it is not dead for more than 71 years. Is one of those images on my website it would already be borderline. But if you make a download and publish it, than you need a big portion of luck, because that is against the law. Plus it's a little fancy to download pictures or photos from this website and describe them as yours. But why would you do such a thing, if you get them "for free"?


My photos of Bach books: to publish these photos is very borderline. Strictly speaking you need the permission of the publisher. However if you are a help for the publisher to sell them, why should anybody be unhappy? This photo among all photos of Bach books is definitively free of copyrightsit's really old enough.



Taking Nice Pictures Is My Profession


Photos is what I do longer than I even remember. The first photos came into being with me in the picture having a reflex camera with a lace around my neck. I can not remember that time and of course I haven't taken the first photos, but my father. It's that much I remember back into the past. But I was part of company back then. In South Tyrol, Italy, Alpes, Dolomites and so. In a time when Germany were not yet world champion in travelling. When South Tyrol was just about to climb the path from an insider tip to an exciting destination and when my dad actually waited three hours for the perfect sunset behind a mountain massif. This is the time, when the passion started, the pleasure for nice pictures, the fun for perfect photos. Lateron I learned to take brilliant photos again and in an education. In  a special photo academy in Stuttgart, Germany, with the start nature photographer Lazi, famous for his works and well-known in the community. I took the next photos during my military duty. I learned, how you make "nice" photos of tanks, helicopters and soldiers and generals. Fact is: it worked. And as a "man of the media" I had a lot of fun coming with this job.


At this age, I have surely not yet taken photos. However, what daddy made, that is what I wanted to do later too.


In this age it started with the first photos. I know that from records. However, what I have in my hands is ice cream, no camera that is certainly what you have figured out on your own, without an underline coming with this photo.



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Not all photos on this website are from my camera. Of course you find many of them with your genealogical research. So some are relatives some are not. On this Bach website.


A crown jewel in my collection of age old photos from the history of the family around Johann Sebastian Bach. This one fascinated me, when I saw it for the very first time. And back then I thought I would have never ever the opportunity to hold a real original in my hands. I got it and may keep it "forever". From Cathy Myers in Minnesota, USA. In the photo you see the Bach Band. Johann August Reinhold Bach with his seven sons. This photo is taken in Rochester, USA. Thank you Cathy, this image means a lot to me.


The photo of an age old newspaper. It's the dramatic report about the sunken "Empress of Ireland". It's the ship, which Johann August Reinhold Bach took to Germany. He drowned, his daughter survived. These are the photos which are treasures beyond the pure data.



To Take Great Pictures, and that is a Life Long: Profession and Passion


And so I spent a life with taking nice photos. Of course, if it is a profession and you make a living out of it, than nice pictures not always are top priority. But to deliver perfect and nice pictures was always a part to get a next account after the current. And so you, in a whole photographer's life, you take photos, and photos and photos. These, which you are supposed to take - and those photos, which deliver just pleasure.


A photo, like it was common in the first half of the last century. It was in a time, folks started to smile on "official" photos, taken by a professional photographer. The little guy with the Navi costume is my Grandfather. By the way.



Photos, photos, photos: of all 33 Bach Locations on Almost All Continents


That is the goal. To take photos and more photos of all Bach cities and of all Bach places. Actually as well images and photos of all Bach memorials as well. Although one of those is located in Pittsburgh, USA and one is even more away, which is Shanghai, China. Photos of those two memorials is what I wish most. However - the pictures should be exciting, not just snapshots, no "I-have-been-there" photos, no photos which are not sharp, no photos with an accidental background. "Why doesn't he take the photos himself" is what you probably think. Here is my plan: my website does want to become more popular, really popular actually. Maybe, many man years from now there will be a Chinese Bach enthusiast who is living in Shanghai, plus will read these lines. And may be, only ma be this Chinese Bach enthusiast likes to take nice photos as well. That is when I hope he might take photos of the Bach memorial in Shanghai for me and send me these photos. From the memorial. For free. I would be really pleased. Now you probably think: "Why free?". Well – because to hire a professional photographer for a few photos – that is what I could do myself easily. The same is true – by the way – for the monument and pictures of the Bach memorial in Pittsburgh, USA.


33 Bach cities and Bach places, for instance Eisenach, Thuringia, ...


... there are three cities, in which Bach spent his youth, for instance Luebeck, Lower Saxony, ...


... three photos here, representative. Is the community in photo number 3 important in the life of Johann Sebastian Bach? Actually not, but I am a joker, I like the "3" and after all: Bach's 333rd birthday is just around the corner. By the way, the name of the village in the picture is Stoermthal, Saxony.



Images and More Images: From Engravings, Paintings and Etchings


Exquisite, such originals, that is holding images or engravings with an age of 120 years in your hands. To be impressed by the sharpness and quality. That is a prickling, which I am not able to transfer it to you here. That is what we feel, if every once in a while, we were able to find and to buy such a treasure. There are stains on those images, the edges are damaged and at first you don't find that great. But if you "dive" more and more in this world of "little antiques" around Bach, than you begin to love even those stains and the damages on your treasure.

This is not just any picture of many pictures. It is an historic, better age old antique wooden engraving, which we had to discover first, and then bought. Finally we scanned it with highest resolution, we added a "mirror" and now you can enjoy it. That is what I mean: having fun with beautiful images.



Bach Images, Bach Images, Bach Images:

a Perfect Scan Is "Half the Battle"


Actually it's true: some images you better scan, other results need to take a photo of the original. You won't know it in advance, but you do later. And that is why we basically scan each old photo and old image and we scan it: all images, that is etchings, steel and wooden engravings, the paintings, but as well the advertising stamps, a strange leaving of the last and even the 19th century.


A commercial stamp, that is what came with the article you bought in a time long, long ago. Read about whether we scan such treasures or whether we take photos from.


Again one of these age old images. You well know, first is to find it, then to buy it, finally to scan it. Then choose a frame, match the Bach into the frame and tadaa we have one more image of all images: "Hans, a Spielmann" in a golden frame.



Images and Photos Become Illustrations


Of course we use Images and photos to create beautiful collages from them, which later on illustrate themes you read. And casually and related to the first paragraphs. You may use these pictures as well. Just do it, of course we are pleased to find the link to "Bach on Bach" and for those who are still brave reading my lines, will probably be pleased now. I am done. Please enjoy photos, photos, photos, spread over more than 1,000 pages of this website project about Johann Sebastian Bach.


Exactly that is, what I mean: many images are put together to one, a collage. Add a mirror. Done! Here you see an image of the fellows of Johann Sebastian Bach. However, just one was born in the same year. That is Mr. Handel.



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