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Here you will find all Bach choirs, Bach orchestras and Bach societies in the world. As we list the original name of the Bach choir, the Bach orchestra and the Bach society, here is a little German for you. A choir in German is a "Chor" and a "Verein" is a society. You already know "Orchester", which is an orchestra. Remains the name of the location, and there is almost no translation necessary. The exception is "Köln" for Cologne and "München" for Munich, but that is what you would have discovered on your own. I guess?


And – as a reminder – the list doesn't stop at borders. After Aachen in Germany, next is Aberdeen, United Kingdom. The first letter of the location is, what counts – not the first letter in the line or the first letter in the name of the choir, orchestra or society.


1  Aachener Bachverein, Aachen, Germany

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Visit this Bach society on their website.



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2  Aachener Kammerchor, Aachen, Germany

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Visit this Bach choir on their website.



3  Bach-Chor Ortenau, Achern, Germany

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Visit this Bach choir on their website.



Aberdeen Bach Choir, United Kingdom

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Visit this Bach choir on their website.



5  Altöttinger Bachchor, Altötting, Germany

Visit this youngest established Bach choir in the world on their 2014 introduced website.



6  Bach-Choir & Orchestra of

the Netherlands, Amsterdam

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Visit this Bach choir and this Bach orchestra on their website.



7  Bachchor Arnstadt, Germany

Visit this Bach choir on their website.



Did We Forget Your Bach Choir? Or Your Bach Society? Or Your Bach Orchestra?


Sure, there is always a little movement. Plus a little "shrinkage" sometimes. Once in a while there is a new Bach choir in Germany ... or a Bach orchestra in the USA just "disappeared" after many years of performance. Or, even simpler: One Bach choir just "slipped through our fingers" and that is your Bach choir of all Bach choirs. Why don't you send us a short mail, and we will fix that instantly. So, your Bach choir will be added finally. Or your Bach orchestra or ... your Bach society. Even now – in advance – a cordial thank you for that. You get to the contact form here.



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