Bach Cities and Bach Places: Gotha, Thuringia, Germany

1   Why Is Gotha One of the Bach Cities?

Gotha, what a city. Plus, Gotha is a real Bach city. Sure, it's none of the Bach cities, you have connected to Johann Sebastian Bach until now. However, the stress is on "until now", as he had been there. And that wasn't just for personal reasons. He had "acted" there, that is more precisely he has performed music. A receipt still exists as a proof.


Beyond that, Hans once was living here and correct: he was performing here too. "Hans, the Spielmann". This particular Hans, who is so important for the Bach genealogy. Plus, it is this Hans, who has caused so much headache and stomach ache for all the Bach genealogists in the world. But saying this, now almost everything is clear, and you just have to read these lines. On my "Bach on Bach" website. And because Johann Sebastian Bach himself performed music in Gotha plus there is this really important genealogical connection, Gotha is listed in category B - and not in category C. Who helped with that information, which is not easy to find somewhere else: City Hall did. Thanks a lot.



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2   Music by Bach + Pics From Gotha

No narration, just music and pics: Gotha, a Bach city. And that is to say not just a Bach city, but a Johann Sebastian Bach city.



3   The Bach City of Gotha on 6 Pictures

Bach cities, Bach places – great pictures. Gotha on additional pics? Just click here. Actually, it's really worth a click: for a professional and for ambitious photographers, all of Gotha is a dream. You could take hundreds of photos and there is a surprise behind each corner.



4   Info About the Bach City of Gotha

"Gotha ennobles", they say in Gotha. And it's true, you get the feeling, they are right. You realize this already when you click the city's website, that is why I mention it so explicitly here in the beginning. Just a click and you are there. And which person is responsible for this? it is the person who once was major in the little neighborhood community Günthersleben-Wechmar and who engaged so very much for the preservation of the world cultural heritage with the theme of Bach: the preservation of the Bach Stamm-House and the Veit Bach Mill. You are right, both buildings don't have the UNESCO title, but for us, the Bach fan community, that doesn't matter. They have this significance. We are talking about Major Knut Kreuch. Kreuch is a Bach author as well, but not "just" a Bach author. However, you are right, here it's about the city of Gotha.


You must have experienced Gotha. I was so impressed by the city of Gotha, that this town is the only Bach city, besides Erfurt, which my wife and I wanted to present with a little video and does not belong into the category A. Not Hamburg, not Berlin, not Potsdam. And because this town is important for the Bach Genealogy plus Johann Sebastian has acted here, that is why it, together with this great impression, climbed one category up, from C to B. I believe, these few words of my impression of Gotha tell more than one more mile of facts. Anyhow, here are some: fifth-largest city in Thuringia, 44,000 residents, a dreamlike architecture. Historic city hall, Friedenstein Palace, the Orangery. Now, what are you waiting for. Just click on the play button of the short Bach video, or at least on the play button of the even shorter Bach music video above.



5   A Short Video: the Bach City of Gotha

Film, pics, music and narration: Gotha presented in a likable tiny video. Gotha is a category B Bach city, not a category C Bach city. Why is that so? Because I said so. However, there is a scientific reason too.



6   Where Is this Bach City Located?

33 maps, 33 Bach cities or places. Gotha is a category B Bach city.



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