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Bach FAQ 117


Bach-Gesamtwerk, Bach Complete Edition, Bach-Gesamtausgabe: Are There Really Three Terms for the Same Music Work by J.S. Bach?


Please be aware, this whole page is commercial = an ad = promotion. A real quick answer regarding those terms above in the headline already here. More Details will follow later. The Gesamtwerk is the Complete Edition. There are 142 CDs with Bach's music and you can listen to each of his compositions on them. However, the word "Gesamtausgabe" means almost the same in German as "Gesamtwerk". But Bach connoisseurs and Bach lovers consider the Bach-Gesamtausgabe which also could be translated as complete edition the entirely collected work of the composer on paper, that is to say, all the music sheets. There are some 52 volumes, 16.800 pages and you can buy it for 20,000 Euro in a new edition or as pdf almost free*, that is to say electronically in the historic version. On paper is how you don't get them at "Bach 4 You", the publishing house inside our common Bach mission.


* = namely as one of two gifts coming with the Bach Gesamtwerk (Bach Complete Edition), that is to say, Bach's music 

Although the term is defined artificially, experts differ in these two terms, Bach experts and Bach scientists don't mix the two expressions. However, it's confusing in German, if you google. Except, you get to "Bach On Bach" or another of the websites in my project.


The Complete Edition ... not the Gesamtausgabe.


The purchase price for that collection is unbelievable ... plus it comes with two gifts: one is the pdf of all 16,800 music sheets, photographed in a perfect quality by Peter Bach Jr. within 3 days. Plus you decide between some 10 additional options as a second gift. Please hop to the perfect section of the shop if you are interested. Very soon this link will work.



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