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Bach-Gesamtwerk, Bach Complete Edition, Bach-Gesamtausgabe: Are There Really Three Terms for the Same Music Work by J.S. Bach?

This offer is only available at "Bach 4 You", the shop of Renate Bach in the Johann Sebastian Bach mission. Just the music sheet by Bach as a PDF file, that would be cool. But you can even choose between 9 different gifts. One option is a Bach biography for children, which costs € 22.90 as a tablet version alone. Another offer is the audiobook edition. With 19 or with 66 musical interruptions. A further option is the 1st biography of 1750 as an audio collage with music. The next possibility is a great audio collage "Die schönsten Zitate über Johann Sebastian Bach". This medley is accompanied by Bach's musical works and a short biography. All audio products are narrated by professionals. Here you can go to the shop or via this following link directly to the Bach-Musik-Gesamtwerk and the 9 really cool gifts. There you can also listen to the audiobooks

The Complete Edition ... not the Gesamtausgabe.


The purchase price for that collection is unbelievable ... plus it comes with two gifts: one is the pdf of all 16,800 music sheets, photographed in a perfect quality by Peter Bach, Jr. within 3 days. Plus you decide between some 10 additional options as a second gift. Please hop to the perfect section of the shop if you are interested. 


1,000+ Music Gifts? 10,000+ Music Gifts?

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99 Music Calendars: 99 Music Gifts

It is a Bach calendar, however: More precisely, it is a Bach cities and Bach places Bach calendar: three sizes, European style and US style, 2024 + 2025. To the shop.



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