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Is there One Bach House in Eisenach, One Bach House in Arnstadt and One Bach House in Weimar?


To the point: There's not just one Bach House.


The Bach House in Eisenach. The Bach House in Bad Hersfeld. The Bach House in Wechmar. For fans of Johann Sebastian Bach, there is actually just the one: the Bauhaus in Eisenach. Next to the Bach Museum and next to the Bach Monument.


Did you actually want to visit the Bachhaus in Eisenach,

our personal favorite among all Bach facilities? Then click here and now and above. Because you are also right there.


But if you are more interested in this "topic inside the topic", you will find really much information on this page right here. Because here it is about more Bachhäuser (German plural, which actually could be Bachhauses ... but that would be wrong), not only about this one well-known. On this page, there is much information about the locations where Bach once lived, about the buildings in which he resided, but which were not called "Bachhaus", about the Bachhouses where his relatives lived and about a Bachhaus where no Bach never ever was living.


It is not just any Bachhaus, it is the Bachhaus. In Eisenach. Here you can discover it. In a few minutes length. And after that, you visit the Bachhaus, where you can find out so much more and why a trip is so rewarding.



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It is not a Bachhaus, it is the Bachhaus. In Eisenach. In the video, I introduce the Bachhaus to you very compact. In just a few minutes. And after that, you can hop directly to the Bachhaus Eisenach, because there you can find out much more about why a trip there is really worth it.


The Bachhaus, photographed in an unusual perspective: the definitely most well-known Bachhaus (Bach House) on the planet, namely the Bachhaus in Eisenach. For Bach fans, the visit is almost a must. By the way: on the right of the Bachhaus today there is the top modern Bach Museum.


Sure, even a page related to the theme of "Bachhaus" cannot do without a picture of the composer: here he is on a historical photo. 


One Bachhaus (Bach House)? Or two or three or four?


Let yourself be surprised, what we can say about – well here it's written about – the topic of "Bachhaus". Sure, there is always information, but – as always on this website – you get aside of information to the point additional entertainment: photos, videos, and exciting stuff.


actually there – as already mentioned above – there is only one Bachhaus. It's the one in Eisenach and it's 100 times more exciting as a travel destination than the following: in Arnstadt, for instance. But Arnstadt is definitely worth a trip, too. The third Bachhaus is located in Köthen. And that is to say at the Bachplatz, which is the Bach square, directly behind his monument. There it is Bachhaus number 2, the Bachhaus No. 1 in Koethen no longer exists. This Bachhaus cannot be explored inside: because that would disturb the residents quite terribly.


An exception is the Bachhaus in Weimar. That is what some, but just a few Bach fans all over the world desperately. Read more below, on this page.


You made it to this point. Thank you for your visit. Before we will leave Eisenach, the Bach city of all Bach cities with the Bachhaus of all Bachhauses, we would like to introduce this beautiful city in Thuringia to you. Just really briefly.


Is There Actually Also a Bachhaus (Bach House) in Leipzig?


Here you can still see it, the Thomasschule, the St. Thomas School next to the Thomaskirche, the St. Thomas Church. In front of the building is the first Bach monument in the world. The Bach fan Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy paid for it. So, in Leipzig, there once was a real Bachhaus.


St. Thomas Church? Yes ... St. Thomas School? Yes ... Bachhaus? It was sort of a Bachhaus back then, yes: one more exciting perspective and it's historic and it's colored, too.


One more cool antique, which was on a trip as a postcard. On the one hand, there is no Bachhaus in Leipzig today, on the other hand, there is the Bose-Haus. And there you'll find the Bach Archive and a Bach Museum. Walk to the St. Thomas Square, position yourself in front of the Bach memorial, then the entrance is right behind you. To your left is the St. Thomas Shop. It's a little hidden and part of the St. Thomas Church.


So, yes, you get the St. Thomas School from the other side, too, now with the St. Thomas Church Yard in the front, on which there is not yet a Bach memorial.


No, there was never a Bachhaus in Leipzig, that carried the term of Bachhaus and even if one or another of you now tremors: the St. Thomas School was no Bachhaus. And if so anyway, then the Leipzigers have torn it down. So the bottom line is: if you are looking for a Bachhaus, or two or three Bachhouses, than you definitely won't be successful in Leipzig.



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There is no Bach House (Bachhaus) in Leipzig today. Just for consolation, you get a cool, short video about the Bach city of all Bach cities.


Is There a Bachhaus (Bach House) in Ohrdruf, Thuringia?


Apart from the fact that Johann Sebastian Bach lived there as a teenager from the age of 10 and that it would have been a Bachhaus that belonged in which his eldest brother resided, there is no such Bachhaus in Ohrdruf anymore. However, there is a Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Street, that leads directly to the tower of the Michaelis Church. And there is a memorial tablet with the reference to the Bachs in Ohrdruf. But a Bachhaus, that is, a Johann Sebastian Bachhaus, is no longer a pilgrimage destination in Ohrdruf.


However, there are even two Bachhauses, which have at least a little reference to the court composer. Namely the relation to the large Ohrdruf Bach family. And this Ohrdruf Bach family is, that goes without saying, a part of the world's most famous family of musicians, namely the family of JSB. That is to say the family of the descendants of Veit Bach from Wechmar.


Because there is no real Bachhaus in Ohrdruf (... so none, in which Johann Sebastian once lived and to which you could go today and visit), there is a tiny, short video again about this likable Bach city. Have fun.


Here is where they once were living: the Ohrdruf Bache and with them for a time Johann Sebastian as well. After first his mother, and later his uncle and next his father had died. Bachhaus 1 and Bachhaus 2 are not existing anymore and there, where in the Bachhaus 3 once Johann Christoph and his two little brothers lived for a while, the house what is said to be located there around the year 1700.


Again Back to Eisenach and After That to the Bachhaus No. 2. So, ... Is There Really a Second One?


Well, no one here reads, is stupid. But: it must, of course, in the listing, because even if it is highlighted above so exposed. In the list of Bach cities with a Bachhaus, Eisenach cannot be missing.


From the Bachhaus, next to the Bach Museum and the Bach Monument it's a real short way to the City Hall. And if you decide on the shortest way, you will discover the Lutherhaus ...


... the Lutherhaus is in the middle of the picture, the city center with the city palace is in the background ...


On the left is the city palace and on the right is the city hall. However, that didn't answer your question, whether there is a second Bachhaus in Eisenach. Please go on reading ...


Is the Bach-Birthplace in Eisenach a Bachhaus, Too?


Well ... actually ... not. For, first of all, they are absolutely sure that Bach was not born in the today's Bachhaus. Exactly this what they thought, for many, many decades. In the Bachhaus. So the yellow age-old house on the Frauenplan (... a strange name for a yard; like a street name) next to the top modern Bach Museum. Johann Sebastian Bach has certainly been born a few meters (... one meter is some 3 feet) further towards the marketplace. In the Rittergasse (Ritter Lane). They believe to know exactly where. What is, however, doubted – and indeed by the highest authorities of the Bach science – that this house no longer exists. Of course, there is a house in his place again. But today just nobody calls this house a "Bachhaus".


There Is a Bachhaus (Bach House) In the City of Halle. It's the Wilhelm-Friedemann-Bach-Haus


A cool pic of the Bachhaus in Halle on the Saale, which I am permitted to show you here. I love pictures taken with sunshine on the motive. Thanks so much for your permission, Thomas Ziegler. Now here's the official copyright hint: Picture Source/Bildquelle: Stadt Halle (Saale)/Thomas Ziegler


On a website just about Johann Sebastian Bach, this Bachhaus probably would not have been listed. However, on a website about the Bach family of musicians in general and in particular on a website and page about Bachhauses, it's definitely important, to tell you about this jewel, the Bachhaus in Halle on the Saale in Germany.


2010 was the 300th birthday of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, the first of Bach's sons and the second child. That was the trigger to restore the apartment building in which WFB – that is how Bach lovers call the oldest son of Bach – once was living. It was partially restored already as early as 1987 and 1989 but now they started the job to perfection: to make it safer, to save energy, to make it accessible to the public. An architect from Halle, Johann-Christain Fromme was responsible and he did a great job. It's a three-story house and there are 7,000 square feet and since 2012 all three stories are open to the public. Now it's hosting an exhibition of 1,500 square feet and they plan to attract renters for both business and living and a restaurant. There many exciting events in the close and far future. As a first step the W.F. Bach Haus Halle, our Bachhaus in this great city, would be pleased with your visit on their website.


Is There a Bachhaus (Bach House) in Wechmar?


Well, of course, there is a Bachhaus in Wechmar. It is called Bach-Stammhaus (... origin house). But whether with or without the German "Stamm": Bachhaus is Bachhaus. Veit Bach was once a baker and baked bread. Together with his son Hans. Exactly where the Bach museum is today. And only three minutes' walk away from the Bach Mill, in which once Veit and then Veit and Hans and later Hans alone were grinding their grain. There it might have happened that Veit has played on his cytringen - that is how you call sort of a citern back then -  to the rhythm of the mill. The J.S. Bach necrology, for example, which was written by Bach's son, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, with two other authors. This necrology is an obituary and this necrology is thus the first biography about Johann Sebastian Bach.


The Bachhaus in Wechmar actually is the Bach-Stammhaus (... the Bach original building) and it's related to Veit Bach and Hans Bach, great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather of our Johann Sebastian Bach.


The Bach seal became history itself: until 2009 they were convinced, there were 7 pins in the crown. Today they know better: Five is correct. However, this place is history and that is why this seal is ... correct.



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The Bach House in Arnstadt


It is really exciting to explore if one moves from the Bach monument on the square in front of the town hall direction Johann Sebastian Bach's Grundschule, how close Johann Sebastian Bach once lived at the town hall and in how short time he also with his prince Could, without a taxi, local transport or even an own coach. Seriously, the choir students around Geyersbach did not need to spend much time in the organist's and chorister's Bach. To the Bachkirche, which at the time of course was not so, Bach needed only 3 minutes – and on foot. And the court of the prince was not far away.


The Bachhaus in Arnstadt.


Bachhaus 1 in Koethen and Bachhaus 2 in Koethen


Maybe you recognize the Bach memorial in the middle of the pic. So, left of this memorial there is the second Bachhaus. Don't worry, you get a close-up.


Here is the second Bachhaus (behind the dark car), where Bach loved life in Koethen until Maria Barbara died so surprisingly.


Bach in Koethen  that is Bach monument, Bach square, Bachhaus.


It is a trilogy, which can be found in the Bach Quarter of Koethen. The Bach square is located pretty close to the center of the city with its beautiful dreamlike historic town hall. This place is of course around for quite a while, but now it has been beautifully restored. There you will find the Bach monument. It is one of the older historical Bach monuments. And exactly behind Johann Sebastian Bach stands the second Bachhaus. Johann Sebastian Bach lived in Koethen with his family in two houses. In Koethen Bach could imagine himself his whole life long. But life first took a cruel turn for him there: when he returned from a journey with his prince, friend, and employer after two months, his wife had died and had already been buried.


They didn't take the easy way out in Koethen. Since the end of the 19th century, Koethen was looking for the two Bach houses. Between 2006 and 2008 even the European Union granted subsidies. The Federal State Saxony-Anhalt plus the city of Koethen as well as. From the palace register of the city of Köthen via original documents and even literature, they collected everything, which could bring up more information about this exciting question. A number of potential Bachhauses had been found, and now they were looking for the actual Bachhaus by an exclusion procedure. Bibliometry is the keyword: they wanted to re-evaluate so-called argumentation chains of historians. Today, and based on the study, it is assumed that these two Bach houses have been found. And that is with a probability of almost 100 %. What came out of it? Probably Bach lived with his family in the years 1717 to 1719 in today's Schalaunischen Straße 44. Exactly that long, until the then new building in Wallstrasse 25/26 was finished. Then the Bach family moved. Today there is a department store on the site of Bachhaus 1. Since 1969. When this first Bachhaus was demolished, however, is no longer known.



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Why Is there a Bachhaus (Bach House) in Bad Hersfeld, Hesse?


This cool photo is taken by Christopher D. Goebel and he authorized me to publish it here. Why don't you visit Mr. Goebel on his Facebook page? With a click here you get there.


That is how you take great photos: namely with many sunshine and blue skies. Again thank you so much, Mr. Goebel.


So, why is there a Johann Sebastian Bach Haus in Bad Hersfeld? Has the master ever been there, made music, checked on a pipe organ or at least advised somebody which organ builder might be the best bet? This Bachhaus was inaugurated in 2004 and they say there is a really special acoustic. However that doesn't answer the question, why is there a Bachhaus, when Bach and his family never lived there.


It's that simple. Those of the city council, in a combination with the residents of that beautiful town plus the mayor of Bad Hersfeld just decided to honor the master composer. That is just reason enough to remind of that millennium musician. Like they did in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany with a Bach organ and in Ansbach, Bavaria as well, where there is a cool Bach monument. And Bach has never been there. Like in Paris, France, in Shanghai, China, Pittsburg, USA and many more locations all over the world.


Unbelievable! Bach Lived Nine Years in Weimar. Two Famous Sons Were Born Here: Why Is There No Bachhaus in Weimar?


That is the view, that Bach saw and it's the distance, too  when he looked out of his window or he walked to his job in some 66 seconds. The Red Castle is the Rote Schloss in Weimar. Check on the next pic, whether that is true after you discovered both the Bachhaus back then and the Red Palace.


Do you recognize the house in the middle, with a small porch roof and a vehicle (... however not the black one) in front? That is/was the Bachhaus. In the background, you see the Red Palace, Bach's workplace.


The Bachhaus again, where the two rows of houses meet: it is the last on the right row.


It's a tragedy and I can report to you first hand - they just don't want a Bachhaus in Weimar. I got that information during a visit with the mayor when we made a trip in the matter of a possible Bachhaus in Weimar. They just don't want it. That perfectly explains, why so many attempts to buy the parking lot or to use it or whatever were finally stuck in a dead end. There is even a society which established for no other reason, they have worldwide supporters but they never accomplished their goal. Meanwhile, the "Hotel Elephant", whose investors owned hotel and parking lot is sold the place, but that didn't so far - change the chances, Weimar just don't ever want to have a Bachhouse in the city. Well, this place really wouldn't be the only place in the community. It's a pity, Weimar is so full of history, tradition, great and impressive names and pride, three first-class musicians are not worth an appropriate location. Three musicians? Yes, JSB, WFB, and CPE. I guess I don't have to explain the shortcuts. Please find two pics of the Bach monument below and they speak for themselves.


The Bach monument. Found it? It's there. Promise!


Now it's easy, isn't it? Back to the pic above. Try hard.


You Didn't Expect One More Bachhaus? Did You?!


Erfurt is capital of the Federal State of Thuringia. That is what you might already have known. But I am pretty sure, that you don't know that Erfurt is Bach city of all Bach cities ... if ... only if ... if we talk about the Bach family of musicians. 60 church entries alone point to this family, not to just any family with the name of Bach. Nope, all Bachs in Erfurt mentioned above are related to Johann Sebastian. Now just take the time and honor Mrs. Brueck together with us by watching the short, cute, little video with her as our tour guide.


Of course, there is a Bachhaus in Erfurt, too. Actually, it's plural in the photos, as they are two. Two Bachhouses, Bachhäuser, Bachhauses (... third version is neither English nor German, but funny). Here is, where Johann Sebastian Bach's dad once lived, before he moved to Eisenach.


Please, let's honor Mrs. Brueck together. Without her help, expertise and her family tree on paper for us, this Bach mission would have never come into being. Thank you, Mrs. Brueck.



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