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This 2024 + 2025 composers calendar is still the "mother of all our composers calendars", so to speak. It was first published in 2015. Until we found the title pages alone, and after we scanned them to perfection and finally organized that all, it was a really long way. 


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One composers calendar? At "Bach 4 You"? There is just one composers calendar? No, there are many composers calendars. In the publishing company "Bach 4 You" orif you like that betterin the Renate Bach Publishing House in Flein, which is a wine village close to Heilbronn in southern Germany, sort of between Heidelberg and Munich. Many different styles, different themes (... except it has to be composers), always three alternative sizes plus in addition to the different calendars with the same price, there are 6 composers calendars which are value priced. You see one of themof these value priced composers calendarsin the picture above: In his whole glory. That is 12 extremely high scanned historic newspaper front pages, printed to perfection on high-grade paper. The composers? It goes without saying: Bach, next is Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Liszt, Vivaldi, and Handel, plus some prominent composers more. The historic newspapers: That is the "Illustrierte Zeitung", which is the "Illustrated newspaper", "Ueber Land und Meer", which is "Over Land and Sea" in English, the "Lustrierte Familienzeitung", which is the illustrated Family Newspaper" and the "Illustrierte Welt", which translated is the "Illustrated World".


By the way, the calendar above is the first published calendar of the Renate Bach Publishing House. Except for the first Bach calendar, this was the very first, when it comes to all calendars in the matter of music. Many more calendars are ready from season 2017, which starts in August 2016. Starting in 2017 these calendars are available in the oncoming years to, that is to say, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and so on! Even if we replace one for an even better calendar, you may order the one, which we "took of the race". Ever. Until eternity. Promise. They will come with both historic components, but with cool, modern components as well.


The calendar with the composers on the newspaper title pages and our thoughts behind. Really fast you fall in love with these age-oldbetter historicmotives presenting the great personalities of the classical tone poets. Whether they come on old wood engravings or steel engravings, on erasures, card games, on stamps or more discoveries, with which we want to illustrate our section "Famous Composers" and "Famous Families of Musicians". In addition, ... on our composers calendars. You are researching and you are excited about them and you buy them and you are pleased having them in your hands. However: Finally, you want to share these treasures with more folks, present them, make them a decoration of a wall. And how is that better possible than one year long on a stylish composers calendar?!


The Real Great Ones of the Composers Guild: Enjoy Them in Cool Wall Calendars


However: Who belongs into that first league of the 12 best and greatest composers in the "classical music discipline"? With that answer, we step back a little or better, we make no statement at all. For us, there are some 25 masters, from whom we chose 12 for this calendar and different 12 for another calendar. What would a composers calendar be without Mozart?! In addition, we do not do that in a ranking, but with whole different criteria. and that is why exactly these 13 musicians might be missing, which you consider the most important of all. Several considerations played a role: For example, there wasn't a page one antique for all important and famous composers. Therefore, where there is no such a newspaper title page, we cannot display such a page.


There is no question about it: They are all great composers! Twelve of them "were allowed" into that calendar. However, here, on the Bach website, Johann Sebastian Bach gets the position No. 1, of course. Whether we call it a composers calendar ... or we don't call it a composers calendar. Your choice: 2024 + 2025.


Your Very Personal Composers Calendar: It's a Question of Your Personal Taste


Composers calendars, nothing but composers calendars. That is one section in the calendar corner of the "Bach 4 You" shop of the Renate Bach Publishing House. Aside of the one above, which you can order in the sizes 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches or finally 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches, and which the publishing house has ordered in a small edition, so it is ready to be sent, there are 32 more exciting composers calendars. There is one real specialty among them: One of these calendars is, what you can order in all three mentioned sizes with the composers of your choice. If you like the style of this particular artist. Learn more in the next paragraph.



Really? More than One Billion Options?


It sounds ridiculous. Really ridiculous. and unbelievable. However, a mathematician has calculated that result. From one style there are more than 1.25 billion options for you to chose from. An artist in the Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team painted exactly 36 composers for us. In the same style. In great quality.


So, now you can accomplish your very personal composers calendar: Just decide for your 12 darlings. By the way: You get such a calendar for free if you can proof – verifiably – that the calculation is wrong. And the result of possibilities or combine 12 from 36 composers is a different count. The legal recourse is excluded and the winner is the one, whose mail arrives at the office of the publishing company first: Whether it's with the mailman or by mail.


One more composers calendar of "Bach 4 You". Order it in two options. It's the regular price if you like our configuration. If you chose your preferred masters it's a small fee of € 10 more. Remember? 2024 + 2025.


Or you like these Gentlemen Composers on postage stamps so very much. Although there are hundreds of composers displayed on stamps, but you will find twelve monthly calendar pages only. More than one billion options, is what you even find at "Bach 4 You" only once. 2024 + 2025.


Just a reminder … learn more.


33 Composers Calendars Are Ready!


We - with our Bach mission - have much fun with creativity and that is the reason more and more calendars added, which the publishing house was thinking about to publish in recent years. For that endeavor many artists jumped in with their own style, we found great composers on cool postage stamps and it almost was teeming with many ideas, which we only could publish, if we managed a way not to have them printed a whole edition of each, just to offer them. So, we tinkered for you. Now they are ready, all 33 composers calendars. Now you might be excited about one design. You order one calendar of that design. Or two. Or three. After that a "printing company of our trust"  prints exactly one calendar: Your calendar. Or two. Or three. It is an original then, the very first one even a one of a kind. And if you decide on a calendar of 12 from 36like in the work mentioned aboveit will probably remain a one of a kind for eternity. So please come back, if it's now February, or springtime or late summer. By the way: With that printing procedure we won't take any calendar away from the selection.


You are cordially invited to visit the shop. The shop "Bach 4 You" with his offer of "Classical Composers Calendars". You get to the shop with a click here.


Four monthly calendar pages are what you can discover here conveniently: The title page is what you already know. To discover all twelve monthly calendar pages of all composers calendars, we invite you heartily to visit the shop "Bach 4 You". With a click here (2024 + 2025).


All composers calendars come in 2024 and 2025.


Here you get to the shop. From there you click yourself to the composers calendars. There, this calendar is right the first one, and you can experience all twelve monthly calendar pages. Enjoy! Your choice: 2024 + 2025. EU style or US style. Three sizes.


All Composers Calendars in a Summary: You Will Find All Monthly Pages in the Shop!


These first three composer calendars above are the affordable composer calendars from "Bach 4 You". And this applies to all three sizes. 2024 + 2025.


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So ...? Did You Like the Composers Calendars? Would You Like to See Them All?


You can order two versions of this calendar: One is the exact selection of composers we have chosen for you. And your very own personal team. In the shop you can discover these gentlemen, just in the composer calendars. Or you can select your 12 favourites with a click here.


Composers calendars: Actually there are 33 options in this category available. That is a total of 396 exciting monthly pages, which you can explore.


Gladly here the link for you to the store, because by now you have seen enough of the 99 music calendars and now you may be curious about the monthly sheets for each music calendar and composers calendar.

Franz Schubert in a composers calendar.

No, it's no Giuseppe Verdi calendar.


No Handel calendar ... but a composers calendar.


Sorry ... it is no Johann Strauss calendar.


Now you know so many composers calendars and music calendars ... Aren't you in the mood to discover the monthly pages?


No Carl Maria von Weber calendar, but a composers calendar.


Composers stamps in a composers stamps calendar.


33 composers calendars, 33 music calendars, and 33 Bach calendars: On this page you will get all the 99 calendar title pages. However, the monthly pages is ... what you get in the shop.


One of the black and white composers calendars.


33 composers calendars. This one was inspired by the Mt. Rushmore monument in the United States of America.


Music Gifts and More Music Gifts

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