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It's too cute, what a bunch oif kids decide to create plus did a great job after a great decision: Three church mice have fun with the works of young Johann Sebastian. It's just an honor for me to present it here to all of my website visitors. Just have fun.



After Nancy Bach-Hertzog and her piano students performed a medley from various holiday pieces in the White House in Washington, D.C., I asked Nancy whether she and her students would do such a thing with works of Johann Sebastian Bach for me and this website. She agreed and after many weeks of practicing, videotaping and editing a work of art came out, that now is a model for this whole section of my website. Can it get better than this: kids play Bach, educated by a family member of the Bach Family of Musicians from Thuringia, for a Bach website, designed by a guy with the name of Bach ( ... I ) and finally it's edited by a professional videographer, Jeff Bach Carpenter, who is a descendant of ancestor Veit Bach in Wechmar as well.


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I am very proud, to present an artist from New York City here. I met Crista Kende yesterday via Skype. With her I will cooperate and have fun spreading Bach's work all over the world in the oncoming months. What a coincidence!


Music, Websites, Paintings, Artwork

Here is the space for you: for many artists around the theme of Bach. The age restrictions are from 3 years up to one hundred years. And if you apply I don't care if you are beyond the 100 years old. Here I want to present cool performances related to Johann Sebastian Bach. It doesn't count whether it's just a perfect performance or whether it's something like an experiment related to Bach. Whether your class is creating a cool homepage together with your teacher or whether you do a painting, which is a homage to the court composerif it's nice, I display it here.


However: it has to be in the approach of Johann Sebastian Bach. and hewas a perfectionist. And that is? It must have been created with heart and soul. It has to reflect effort. It has to be an idea coming true. The presentation of the "Easter Oratorio" is not enough, when the video is blurred, fuzzy, just undedicated. Just the piece alone doesn't differ from hundreds pieces of that name on the CDs all over the world. A Bach website or a video would.


That is the same for pictures: just a snapshot - that wouldn't do. Everybody has a smartphone today to take good photos. Check on the background. make 100 photos. Send the best, that is what gets you on this page, right on the Bach stage of this Bach website.



3 Categories3 Artistic Disciplines


Crista is a professional artistand "Bach On Bach" is the perfect stage for professionals as well, to present themselves to the world.


There are three categories: age 3+, 10+ and 20+. In addition there are three sub categories: website and music as well as paintings, drawings, artwork and photography.


"Bach On Bach" uploads the best on the internet. And the most exciting achievement each year deserves a prize. The Youtube ranking decides and the legal process is excluded.


And now: what are you waiting for?



Click here: it's the direct way to Crista's soundcloud "The Crista Channel". It's definitely worth a visit.


Click here and you get directly to the website of Crista Kende with her dreamlike music of Johann Sebastian Bach.



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