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Which Is the Coolest Biography, the Tiniest and the Shortest Biography about J.S. Bach?


First of all: Today there are some 120 Bach FAQ – questions and answers – and in 25 years there probably will be around 500 of them. In the years in between ... I am writing and writing and I am researching and researching.


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Active and Passive Bach FAQ


Who offers such a thing? Active and passive FAQ? Probably ... nobody. As the author of this homepage, I invented you for you and you. So to speak.


Active FAQs are FAQs on how to find them everywhere. One reads the question 1, then the question 2, then the question 3 and this goes on until one arrives at the question whose answer one is currently interested in. I offer 100 questions that you or you could be interested in and offer the answer. Over the years, however, each response will always be more detailed and longer. Today, the lack of time is still not perfect. This type of your questions and answers I call active FAQ, so better active Bach-FAQ.


Passive FAQ, better passive Bach FAQ "are questions that are probably very rarely asked, as compared to FAQs 1 - 100. But 7.5 billion people could already meet several brook prospects. Below the ad there's more to read ... 


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Google 4.0 ... What Please Are Keywords?



Depending on how old one is, googled today differently and there are even people who are quite without the Internet grown up. Käpten Kirk said "computer ..." and then the computer gave a good answer. To smile. Today, the Alexa. And the latest generation googlet more and more in whole sentences. What becomes of a sentence for the keyword, then decide the search machines. And I too. I think about questions or search them on the Internet. To Bach. And so, with the coming years, a collection of all conceivable questions about the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach will be created. And I then deliver the answers. And because that does not go to "a seat" and also eerily time-consuming, therefore I need up to the FAQ 500 determined the coming 2 decades. But 150 questions would be too many to read through to ask an interesting question. To 100 it goes, it sid the main Bach FAQ. From 101 it is only and exclusively that any interested BAch-interested, who has a certain question, is found by me on the Internet. And then get his answer. That is why the contents sometimes duplicate, because the one human being asks ... the other man just differently.


Why Are Bach FAQ spread Over 2, Lateron Even Over 3 or 4 Websites?



My wife and I enjoy the theme Bach. And I am the author of these homepages. I like writing, but I'm not a computer geek, not a nerd. So I can not program and I "bastle" these websites so in a very specific system, a so-called modular. And the pages are limited. So if a homepage so full, then I have yet another. And so the Bach-FAQ 101 starts on my broader Bach page "Johann-Sebastian Bach-for-Children". And later on to "Bach-in-Wechmar".



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The 100 most important Bach FAQ.

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