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Please read on this page, which five types of Bach videos I have compiled for you. And which Bach videos you do not find on my website at all. Whether you want to include them, these videos – on your website – and what else there is so much about the Bach videos to tell: You can talk about this on this site. Just watch videos that you can leave over the navigation.


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There are exactly five types of Bach videos on "Bach on Bach" and "Bach ueber Bach", spread on all 1,000 pages. However, on exactly this page there are all of those Bach videos close and compact together. The first category are videos about the Bach cities and Bach places. All of them with narrated text and information. The second category are videos with several exciting themes, which I produced, together with my wife, for you. The third category are four Bach music videos. We combined one of Bach's music titles with one Bach city or Bach place for you. The fourth category is a huge one: here, on this page you will find ten examples of this kind out of 1,089 videos. Plus, in a fifth and last section we provide those Bach videos, which we found on the internet, were impressed and wanted to share them with you.


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Bach Videos Who Invented Them?


We thought we invented them. Bach videos. However, what did we have to figure out? Such a thing was already existing. Okay, from now on, and only on my pages: there are even five categories of Bach videos. They are different, the five categories. We are very proud of our first and most interesting category with these tiny "electronically business cards", how we call these ultra-short shows about the Bach cities and Bach places. I was traveling much, to Thuringia, Saxony and Northern Germany. I checked many, many weeks on the weather report in three years and several times I got up in the middle of the night to head to the "Land of the Bache", to take photos and make videos. For these little mini shows with best weather conditions between spring and fall.


All these videos about the locations in Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony come with narrated text. The music is from Bach plus, that goes without saying, from nowadays composers as well. Just classical music - who would like that? The whole thing is enriched with historical documents and just a little media technical gadgets.



Which Bach Videos You Won't Find Here


What kind of Bach videos you won't find here are brilliant works with music played by the most diverse musicians and orchestras in the world, which you are able to find elsewhere on the internet. Very fast our own "compositions" of videos would drown in the large number of videos, which are existing already and which are stored on numerous video platforms and mostly disappear after a while. If you look for such videos, YouTube is the perfect address. Here on "Bach on Bach" there are strictly my "homemade" videos. But as always, there is one exception to every rule. The funny and exciting little videos, related to the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach or his music, which we like and which we found for you on the net, those are what you find here too.


No compromises, when it comes to Bach videos: just to make sure the little portraits of the Bach cities and Bach places come out really beautiful, I made up to three trips to several locations. One day the weather became worse, on a next trip the "Women's Gate" in Muehlhausen was in back light or I didn't even know about one highlight in one Bach city or another at that early stage of the project.



The Same Bach Video on Multiple Pages


That is true. The videos, which you find on this page, are on multiple pages of the "Bach on Bach" website too. And why is that so? Because they match at different places to the theme of that particular page. Plus, it might not be obvious there, that in a different chapter there are more exciting videos to discover. May be you can't even imagine, having fun exploring Bach stamps, but you liked the videos presenting Bach cities and Bach places, with music and narrated text. And because oft that, you might be interested in the little trip of Johann Sebastian Bach around the world on a video too. And after that, you realize you do like these "little, international, colorful stickies". I would be very pleased about such.



Bach Videos, Just Bach Videos


Together with my wife, I have "handcrafted" more than 1,100 Bach videos for you. So you are able to learn more about Johann Sebastian Bach, his music and his life the relaxed way: just watch and listen. In the first category, which is about the Bach videos of cities and places Bach lived during his life, you will discover nine videos. Four additional videos in this category present Bach cities and Bach places, which are related to the Bach Family of Musicians. They are only indirectly related to Johann Sebastian Bach.


There are exactly 1,089 Bach videos without one single narrated word. With a very complicated procedure I searched for you for the most known and most popular works of Johann Sebastian Bach on Google and YouTube, based on checking the hits which they received with the titles, I chose. I would have never ever suggested the thirty-three most beautiful works. Who, after all, wants to decide for such a ranking? Out of those thirty-three works you get an extraction of at most three and a half minutes. If the music piece is shorter, it's actually not my fault. For the only reason, your eyes shouldn't get bored while you listen, there is my combination of fun for you and you won't find something like that nowhere on the web. At least I believe so. That is: my very special Bach music videos. For your eyes, I provide photo collections. You know that from the internet, from YouTube. But they come with no music of Bach. Maybe with very few exceptions. My photo themes all come with Bach's music. All 1,089 videos.


I just love - you may have found that out on your own - exciting numbers. That is 33 or 222 or 150 or 66. So it's no accident, I decided for the thirty-three most popular and best known Bach music pieces. I could have decided for thirty, for thirty-five too. But I found thirty-three cool. And to really overdo it, there had to be thirty-three photo themes too. Originally I wanted to offer you fifty photo themes. Plus thirty pieces of music. That would have been 1,500 Bach music videos. Again, such a number: 1,500 videos precisely. But the decision for photo themes was limited by burlesque. To take photos of each Bach destination is a trip of one or two days, it costs money and some of these locations are so tiny, you won't even get six photos there. Some of my projected themes on the other hand were really being dragged in by the hair. Plus, what I didn't consider: twenty-five photos "trees in fall" look like you see the same tree again and again - even if there are different ones. So, thirty-three photo themes are enough. That is thirty-three photo themes multiplied by thirty-three musical works which results in the uncool number of 1,089 Bach music videos ...  it's a pity, but it's just the way cookies crumble.


If you like one of the Bach videos here, you might like others too. On this page you will find all of my tiny "mini shows", plus thirteen samples of Bach music videos. Next are some funny themes, which I put together to mini videos related to the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach, such as "Johann Sebastian's trip around the world on stamps". Finally you are offered, what we found exciting about the master or his music on the web.



Did I Take All the Photos Myself?


What do I mean? Well, are there photos on my website and in my videos, that I didn't take? So, actually somebody else deserves these merits? Sure, there are some photos which I didn't take myself. Especially I am thankful for the photos which I received from the director of the Bach House and the Bach Museum in Eisenach, Dr. Joerg Hansen. You will find those pictures in both several videos and spread over the whole website.


Then there are historic, old motives. Engravings, paintings, drawings, prints, erasures. I found them everywhere. They are at least 70 years old, most of them are even much older. I would have even more to show, but this website must remain exciting and more – is often not better.


Then there is Wikipedia with its Common Creative License and we thank countless photographers, authors, creative folks and administrators, that we could embed dozens of great motives and present them to a broader public. Thank you. Plus, finally we bought some photos as well. That is especially true for the photo themes in the Bach music videos for special sections. Some of them I would have never been able to accomplish that myself. For instance the Venetian masks, the kittens for the kids which come along here, the puppies and the photos of nature. However, for you, I personally took the "nice weather photos" in the Bach cities and Bach places myself, that is to say some ninety-nine percent of them. But, you will see just a small selection of those in the Bach videos. Many more photos are what you will discover on Flickr via the designed section here on my website.



Do You Want to Embed these Bach Videos?


Yes, yes, yes – you are very welcome. I love the idea. Because if many folks watch these videos, may one or an other finds his or her way to my website. And the copyright? You get it. For all Bach videos and for the Bach music videos as well. Just: please install a hyperlink to my website in your underline. That is what I would like to ask you please, as we would so much love to spread the knowledge about Johann Sebastian Bach more efficiently. For that favor: thank you very much.



1   Bach Videos About Bach Locations


Finally, here they are, thirteen Bach videos about thirteen Bach locations. Why you don't get thirty-three, is what you learn at a different place. However, why you may discover more than nine, is for the following reason: Wechmar is so considerable for the Bach Genealogy, that it is a must, to present it here. Gotha as well plays a role in the early Bach Genealogy, and Andisleben is the exception to the rule: that is exciting for the American Bachs of the family of musicians. And Erfurt? Erfurt is the Bach City, of all Bach cities. Why is that so? Click here, find it out. And now you are good to go.


Number 1 of the Bach videos. It's almost not possible to present a place shorter and more entertaining at the same time: Wechmar, Thuringia.


Number 2 of the Bach videos. Dreamlike photos, video sequences and you listen to music of Johann Sebastian Bach, but contemporary music as well. There is narrated text coming with every Bach Video: these thirteen shows are the ultra short, compact Bach videos about the Bach cities and Bach places: this one is about Erfurt, capital of the Federal State of Thuringia.


Number 3 in the collection of Bach videos: Gotha. This city is breathtaking and really nobody knows, it's a Bach city. Wechmar is next door community. My strong request: don't miss that presentation. By the way, Gotha is located in Thuringia.



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Number 4 of the miniature Bach videos. The Bach city of Eisenach, Thuringia. Where Johann Sebastian Bach wasn't born in the Bachhaus, which is the Bach House in English. But, he was living there until the age of ten years old. Plus, he was born some houses closer to the city center.


Fifth of the tiny Bach videos. In Ohrdruf, Thuringia as well, there are even two Bach memorials: a very high Bach monument density per resident in this small likeable city.


Number 6 in my Bach video collection. There is no doubt Lueneburg on the doorstep of Hamburg is the most northern of all Bach cities. It's located in the Federal State of Lower Saxony and is lying close to Hamburg, Germany's "gate to the world".


Another cute Bach video, actually it's number 7. After watching this video, you might want to plan a trip to this destination and explore, what you already discovered in this video. On your trip in the footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach. Arnstadt is my Bach city, for the rest of the world it might just be one of the Bach cities.


Number 8 of the Bach videos: Muehlhausen.


Number 9 of the Bach videos. Are you interested to learn, where Johann Sebastian Bach once married? Than here you'll find out in almost no time. A miniature show about Dornheim, which is located directly next to Arnstadt.


Number 10 of the Bach videos. It's confusing: Bach was in Weimar twice. And the name really looks like Wechmar.


Number 11 of the Bach videos. In Koethen Bach surely experienced one of the troughs of his life. However, it is exactly this Bach city among the five Bach cities, where the famous musician could imagine himself forever.


Number 12 of the Bach videos. In none of the Bach cities Johann Sebastian stayed such a long period like in Leipzig. He lived and worked here for 27 years. With the video you may speed through this dreamlike city, with music and with beautiful photos.


Stop, stop. This video is nothing for Bach fans and nothing for those among you, who want to learn more about Johann Sebastian Bach. This video is designed for the family researchers among you. Actually it's even more made for the Bachs of this family of musicians who live in the United States of America today. Because their roots can be traced now even deeper into the past: the number 13 of my Bach videos: Andisleben.



2   The Second Category of Bach Videos


In a second category self-made videos we collected everything, which didn't fit into the first category. This and that. A little visit is really rewarding. Even, for example, if you are really not a stamp collector – actually, especially if you are no such collector – here we present a trip around the world with the master on stamps.


No. 14. There are four categories of Bach videos: first those about the Bach cities and Bach places on top (... so I could have skipped mentioning that here actually), secondly "this and that" regarding Bach from me for you, thirdly, there is a number of 5 videos which are actually Bach Music Videos, but with one work of Bach only. Fourthly, there is the "real" Bach music videos from me for you, where the music plays the biggest part. Because you will get narrated information in the video section above, the video is number 13 and category 2: a short and exciting information about the super highlight "in the matter of Bach", the Bach House with the Bach Museum in Eisenach: watch the video and get hungry for more.


Number 15 of the Bach videos. The short, compact and easy to consume audio-visual biography regarding the life of Johann Sebastian Bach. If you are not in the mood to read, click and scroll ... maybe this alternative is perfect for you. With music from Bach, photos from Bach, information about Bach and produced by a Bach. By me. It's just nine minutes short.


Number 16 of the Bach videos. I won't get tired to tell you, what I told you before and and at a different place on my website: this video is not designed for stamp collectors. It's solely for Bach enthusiasts. For all those, who beyond being excited by his breathtaking music want to learn more about the composer's life first and finally are interested in the whole phenomenon: in this video a stamp collection is presented in a very uncommon way. Take yourself a few minutes, just click the play button.


Number 17 of the Bach videos. It's a video in a personal matter. So to speak. And it is really not at all related to Johann Sebastian Bach. It is exciting for all of you, who really love these little videos and who would be, in addition, interested, where my wife and I are living and feel home. That is Flein, close to Heilbronn, close to Stuttgart, in Germany - it depends, from where you live, whether it's in the neighborhood like Hößlinsülz, or – like Xi  – you live in Beijing, China.


Number 18 of my Bach videos. This video is just meant to watch for kids and for all, which have never before been interested in Bach's classical music. Because it is a cultural sacrilege. A fun. A joke. An experiment to shrink Bach's most popular and most famous music pieces and to present them in 333 seconds. That is a little more than five minutes. It's designed to make you hungry for more, that video is designed to attract to the page "Music and Work" on this website. Again: don't click here. Please you as a music lover, please don't click here. Please.


Number 19 of the Bach videos. A warning again. For the Bach music lovers among you: don't watch that video at all. What you would see in this video, is what gave my wife and me goosebumps. And that was in 2012. The story coming with this Bach video: In 2012 we have been to Paris for two days. Goal: behind the Church of Montmartre we wanted to have a picture painted related to Johann Sebastian Bach, for my book. And we wanted to take photos on the cemetery Pére Lachaise. We lost our way in the Paris métro. And we came to the wrong platform. Plus, we heard the Ave Maria, which was created by Johann Sebastian Bach together with a second guy. We were fascinated and we considered it a good omen. I just forgot that I had my video camera at hand. So I asked the artist, whether he could play this work again, I told him we wanted to make a video of him. And he did it. For us. And while I was taking my video I realized: this is the perfect way to explain, what in this piece of music is from Bach, and which part is from composer Gounod. That is the background. Not the quality and the perfection of his performance.


Number 20 of the Bach Videos. You know it: on this website it is not only about Johann Sebastian Bach and his family of musicians. It's as well about family research, genealogy. And because Christian Hoske, our friend, has played such an important role in our very beginning of this project, he is now deserving here and from us a very special place of honor. And if you think of ever wanting to research as well, who your ancestors have been and where they were living, than just "invest" some five minutes and watch this Bach video right away.


Number 21 of the Bach videos. Actually, it is the Bach video of all Bach videos. Why is that so? In brief: all kids are performing music pieces composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. Teacher of these kids in the video is Nancy Bach-Hertzog and she is a member of the Bach family of Musicians. Her nephew, Jeff Bach-Carpenter has taken the video and edited it. He is related to Johann Sebastian Bach too. And finally I am presenting the video to you, and my name is Bach as well. Thank you Nancy, that you exclusively did all that for me, that is to study with the kids and thank you Jeff, too.


Final number 22 of the Bach Videos in this category. Do you remember the video with the kids above? Robert did us the honor and played at that very event the Toccata in D-major from Johann Sebastian Bach. In these days I met Martin Döring with his superb organ website, unique in the world. So I thought about a combination of the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach and his relationship to the organ on a special page of my website. What kind of Bach video came out? Click on the play button. Please.



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3   Four Very Special Bach Music Videos


There are four videos, that doesn't match into the category above. Why not? Because there are "only" beautiful motives of a Bach city or a Bach place, which are presented together with a musical work of Bach. No narrated text is coming with them, so there is no information about this community or town. But it would have been a pity, if I wouldn't have put such a little musical portrait together.


However, as these photo collections are not possible to combine with more music pieces, they don't belong into the next category, in which you decide, what you want to listen to and what you want to see. That is the selection between thirty-three photo themes and thirty-three music works.


Number 1 of the Bach music videos with one photo theme only which we selected for you: This show is about Gräfenroda.


Number 2 of the Bach music videos with one photo theme only which we selected for you: This show is about Weissenfels.


Number 3 of the Bach music videos with one photo theme only which we selected for you: This show is about Gehren.


Number 4 of the Bach music videos with one photo theme only which we selected for you: This show is about Berlin.



4   1,089 More Bach Music Videos


However, you won't find these 1,089 Bach music videos here . Plus, not one after an other. Here, I chose ten examples for you. Just to get a feeling, so to speak. If you think you might have fun with combining photos and music pieces, just click here. After that you will have everything to start that mix. Twenty-three themes more than I will present here on this page. PLus, twenty-three more works of music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Plus, for the reason you shouldn't be frustrated, here's a manual ahead. First chose a title of the works of Bach, just decide even if you don't know, which one is which one. After that, that is really no earlier than after that, you decide on a photo theme. So, you first decide on the music and after you clicked of that title you are on the page with the photo theme offer. Now you may chose a favorite theme by clicking the < or > buttons in the picture. If you manage this, it will work with the Bach Music Videos. Now ten examples will follow.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach Music Video 1. For all those who only want Bach and nothing but Bach. Here you will see the most beautiful photos of Dresden and listen to "Kommst du nun, Jesu vom Himmel", Nr. 650 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 2. For all those who just love nice photos and who are excited by historic cities. This offer is, may be, most exciting for visitors from abroad: the most beautiful pictures from Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Bach's "Menuett", No. A114 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 3. For visitors on this website who might be as excited by travelling as they are excited by Johann Sebastian Bach and his music. A combination of photos of Würzburg and my choice for you with the "Magnificat in D-major", No. 243 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 4. What matches better to the Coffee Cantata of Johann Sebastian Bach than exciting coffee picture motives? A really great combination. The "Coffee Cantata" by the way is No. 211 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 5. For our "dwarfs": with 33 variations finally, they know by heart which puppy follows the puppy before. A combination of young dogs and "Air, Suite No. 3 in D major" No. 1068 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 6. Again it's primarily for kids. And, yes we know that our love goes both to kittens and to puppies. That is why here is the offer for all fans of kittens, that is for mini cats so to speak. And for your ear we present the "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring​", it's No. 147 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 7. A dream theme are Venitian Masks to watch plus, "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme" to listen to. It's No. 645 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 8. For nature enthusiasts there are several offers. Here it's an example of the combination of flowers two watch and the "French Suite No. 6" to listen to. The suite is No. 816 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 9. This is one of my personal favorite combinations: dreamlike motives, taken in the national parks in the USA in a combination with the Concert No. 2 from the "Brandenburg Concerts", No. 1047 in the BWV.


One of 33 music works, one of 33 photo themes: the Bach music video 10. We want to finish this ten examples out of 1,089 Bach Music Videos with a "Bach pure" piece: you will watch see Bach monuments all over the world and listen to one of the most popular works of Johann Sebastian Bach, the xxxx, No. 565 in the BWV.



5  Bach Videos From All Over the World


In the following section there are small works of art of other creative Bach enthusiasts put together, which we found on the internet. However, we only invite small video clips, which are really worth sharing. In one respect or an other. Bach videos that provide fun. Bach videos with a "wow effect". Just short videos, which might excite you. However, you are right: with these videos it's not about, how to perform the works of the greatest composer on earth the most professional and that is the most perfect way. The opposite is the case: there are truck loads of these unique and high quality videos on the web.


We want to invite you to smile. With really easy going Bach stuff so to speak. And, finally, serious stuff, is what you you find on this webiste too.


Classical music meets sports. Just a great idea. The Toccata jumped to perfection. You just have to get the idea. Actually a breathtaking performance in the matter of Bach. Two artists. A nightmare for parents in the children's room. Stay until minute two begins, then it's getting really exciting. If you like, what I told you about the video, prepare for the first time to experience the Toccata "jumped to perfection": just click here or on the Bach video icon.


A little wooden ball plays Bach. An exciting idea. And we don't want to spoil the idea here early. Very special in addition: if it is really constructed, than all hats off. What a project, what a work, what an effort. But, if it's a hoax, than the makers have our respect as well, because than it's a work of art of a very special kind. Important: stay until minute two began: then it's really getting exciting. If you are excited by my introduction click here or on the Bach video button.


What have Lady Gaga and Johann Sebastian Bach in common? May be part of a work which can be related to both? I believe Bach and Lady Gaga are two different worlds in the field of music. My feeling is and that is important for all young folks: you may like both and that is true for any kind of contemporary musician and style: rock, pop, country, whatever. You might love both. For all those who don't even know Lady Gaga: it's the lady whose name is philosophy. If you have the time first Listen to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Listen to the most important part two times or even three times. After that listen to our Bach video for you.


"Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kayne West vs. Johann Sebastian Bach-RUN THIS". Yes, we both agree, this version of Bach's art is not good for everybody. Some of you might just shake their heads, some might find it poor, some might even hate it. But for the younger generation and for those who are really open minded to combine back then style and what's stylish today, this is really something special. Loving both kinds of music, I can tell you: this piece of art gave me goose bumps, when I heard it the first time. Click here to listen to it or on the Bach video icon.


Really not good for everybody. Again we are looking for folks who love both the Muppets and Johann Sebastian Bach. If you feel, you are the one, than try to have fun with this Bach video, which we found for you. Just click here or – you know it meanwhile on the Bach video picture button.

Does anything fit together better than smileys and Johann Sebastian Bach? Seriously, actually that doesn't work at all. However, we found this little video plus one of Bach's master pieces in a combination so cute, that we didn't want to hold it back from you. Please don't watch it, if your are not excited by everything that is related to Bach in the broadest sense. As for such "Bach on Bach" is the platform. Here along to the video



Would You Please Help Us?


We would be very pleased if you spread the life work of one of the real great personalities of this world together with us. And if we could manage to excite you with one video or another, would you please like us on Facebook or Google+, please and share and "transport" the message and the videos? For such thank you so much.



We Lost Ton Koopman!


A few month ago, we found a brilliant video on the internet. It was Ton Koopman doing a perfect performance with his both feet on the pedals of an organ, playing a whole piece of music. We tried very hard to find that video again, but neither with the perfect keywords on Google, nor on Youtube we are able to relocate this dreamlike video. Can anybody out there help? Thank you.



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