Bach Cities and Bach Places: Dornheim, Thuringia, Germany

1    Why Is Dornheim a Bach Place?

Nope, this tiny little village is none of the Bach cities. However, it's one of the Bach places. Plus it's a very special one. The place around the little church, in which Johann Sebastian once married his Maria Barbara, is lovable reconstructed and dressed up. Plus, Dornheim is a real Bach Place, even if it disappears a little aside of such dominant names like Eisenach, Leipzig and Weimar.


Thanks mostly to one person the church hasn't been torn down – yes you may trust your eyes – Bach enthusiast have to say thank you to this person who still today cares about this priceless heritage. He cared about all major and minor things. It is Siegfried Neumann, who managed to collect, together with his wife, unbelievable much money, asked for unbelievable much help and didn't hesitate to ask the world to help. He finally managed to preserve this world cultural heritage for Bach enthusiasts all over the world. Plus, he didn't do it just once. As shortly after he collected enough money and encouraged many neighbors to help to preserve the church as a whole, the church tower stressed. But again he managed to collect the money which seemed to be hopeless. They could finish the project successfully.


Dornheim is coming with one advantage as a Bach place, which almost no other location in the footsteps of Bach offers. You can experience it with practically no additional travel time. What do I mean? Is a trip to Dornheim rewarding, if you plan nothing else? No. That would be an overstatement. But Arnstadt is worth more than one trip. And coming with a visit to Arnstadt, Dornheim is directly located on the doorsteps of this beautiful town. So you get two Bach cities, better one Bach city and one Bach place, for the travel price of one. Isn't that a bargain?


By the way, if you want to adjust Dornheim in Bach's life, Bach married while he was working and living at Mühlhausen. There he would have had two cathedrals. In Arnstadt his current working place was an option, still the New Church and not the Bach Church. But Johann Sebastian Bach was special in that too: he liked the little likable Bach place of Dornheim better.



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2  Music by Bach + Pics From Dornheim

No narration, just music and pics: Dornheim, a cute Bach place, so very close to Arnstadt in Thuringia.



3  The Bach Place of Dornheim on 6 Pics

Bach cities, Bach places ... great pictures. Dornheim on additional pics? Just click here.



4   Info About the Bach Place of Dornheim

You can not collect much information about Dornheim, but just a little. Finally, it is the only Bach place, that has prominently "Bach" in its crest. However, you only understand what I mean in the German-speaking region. Ask your music teacher about this. On this website you will find more background about this curiosity soon. With 570 residents, you may call this village really tiny. The history dates back until the stone-age and between that era and today first Johann Sebastian Bach married his Maria Barbara and later many, many helped to conserve this priceless jewel in the Bach History. Here, you will find some more information and some more serious information, if you are in the mood now. A real treat is the website of the little wedding church in Dornheim. However, sorry folks, both sites are in German only.



5    A Video: The Bach Place of Dornheim

Film, pics, music and narration: Dornheim presented in a likable cute video. Dornheim is clearly a category A Bach place. Who said this? I did it. Although Bach just married here, not more, it is Johann Sebastian Bach, who married here. I consider that important ... that is why Dornheim is a Bach place category A.



6    Where Is this Bach Place Located?

33 maps, 33 Bach cities or places. Dornheim is a category A Bach place.



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