The Cute Johann Sebastian Bach Coloring Book for the Very Littlest Bach Fans: a Real Cool Bach Gift!

Yes, indeed, it's bilingual: the shortest Bach short biography on earth. At the same time, it is a coloring book for the youngest future Bach fans. For such a project it needed even four Bachs, to offer it here: there is, of course, the master himself. That goes without saying. Next, there is Briana Bach-Hertzog, a cousin of Johann Sebastian Bach she drew all those great paintings. My wife's name is Bach as well, and she publishes this little work ... and last but not least I had this idea, I am the fourth Bach in that project. By the way: this Bach short biography, that is less than 500 words.


You can check on all pages, which are possible to download as the "Coloring Book pdf" too. The gigantic and colorful "C" is copyright protection. Thanks for your understanding. 


The format, by the way,  is German DIN A 4 = which is 210 mm x 297 mm which is 8,27 inches x 11,69 inches.



Page 2 and 3 in the Bach coloring book: Veit Bach, the great-great-grandfather of Johann Sebastian Bach was the first in the family who made music.



Here is a real broad drawing for you. So you get a perfect feeling. Johann Sebastian Bach stands right in front of the Frauenkirche, which is "Our Lady's Church" in Dresden. In Dresden, a really memorable music contest happened back then.



Page 4 and 5 of the Bach coloring book: the world famous Wartburg Castle is located on a mountain close to the city of Eisenach, where Johann Sebastian Bach was born.




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Page 6 and 7 of the coloring book: Johann Ambrosius Bach and Maria Elisabetha returned to the Bach House with newborn Johann Sebastian. That was on March 21st, 1685 after Johann Sebastian was born in a nearby house.



Page 8 and 9 of the JSB coloring book: after his mom and dad had died, when Johann Sebastian was nine years old, he moved in with his brother to the city of Ohrdruf. There he pilfered a booklet with compositions to copy from.



Page 10 and 11 of the coloring book: his brother took this copied booklet away from Johann Sebastian and never ever returned it.



Page 12 and 13 of the Bach coloring book: After finishing school in Ohrdruf, Johann Sebastian and best friend forever George Erdmann hiked to Lueneburg in Northern Germany.



Page 14 and 15 of the coloring book: Johann Sebastian learned in the Michaelis School in Lueneburg.



Page 16 and 17 of the Bach coloring book: after returning to Thuringia Johann Sebastian got his first real job in Arnstadt, where he became an organist. There he let a young lady perform in his church. A no-no back then.





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Page 18 and 19 of the coloring book: in his vacation, Johann Sebastian hiked to Luebeck in Northern Germany to listen to a very famous musician.



Page 20 and 21 of the coloring book: his next job, after Johann Sebastian had left Arnstadt, was to become an organist in the city of Muehlhausen.



Page 22 and 23 of the Bach coloring book: during the year when Johann Sebastian worked in the city of Muehlhausen, he married his wife, Maria Barbara in the little church of Dornheim.



Page 24 and 25 of the coloring book: after leaving Muehlhausen Johann Sebastian became a court musician with the Duke of Weimar.



Page 26 and 27 of the Bach coloring book: in Dresden, a dreamlike city, Johann Sebastian participated in a very special music competition.



Page 28 and 29 of the coloring book: Johann Sebastian practiced and practiced to win the competition, which he did.



Page 30 and 31 of the Bach coloring book: in Weimar Johann Sebastian was very angry with his employer, the duke. So he complained. The duke sent him to prison for four weeks.



Page 32 and 33 of the coloring book: released from prison, Johann Sebastian moved to Koethen. The sovereign there had an exquisite band, so working was a pleasure for Johann Sebastian.



Page 34 and 35 of the Bach coloring book: after Johann Sebastian's wife Maria Barbara died, he married again. His second wife's name was Anna Magdalena. Johann Sebastian became the father of 20 children.



Page 36 and 37 of the coloring book: the last station in Johann Sebastian's career was Leipzig, here he became the cantor. Not just any cantor, but Thomas Cantor.



Page 38 and 39 of the Bach coloring book: Johann Sebastian became so celebrated, that one of the most famous kings ever asked him to come to Berlin and Potsdam to perform music. This king was King Frederick II. Here you see the most famous decoration of this king.



Page 40 and 41 of the coloring book: Johann Sebastian's son was working for King Frederick II, so all three met in Berlin and Potsdam. Johann Sebastian's son and the king listened to the composer, who played on all of the king's instruments.



Page 42 and 43 of the coloring book: many, many years after Johann Sebastian Bach died in 1750, a gifted musician called Felix donated the money for the first Bach memorial. 


On the next page, which is the last page of our Bach coloring book, you will discover the Bach House on the left, the modern Bach Museum in the middle and one more Bach monument on the right.



Page 44 and 45 of the coloring book.

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