The Little Bach Book by David Gordon: my Favorite Advice for Real Bach Lovers

The Little Bach Book. What an unusual and cool Johann Sebastian Bach book, also for German Bach fans. It really is absolutely no biography!


The Little Bach Book – what a wonderful, easy and entertaining read. Be sure to read more on this page.


The Little Bach Book. This book is very special and it really needs some help to really discover it. The American author David Gordon wrote me – after discovering "Bach on Bach" - and drew my attention to this wonderful, small, special work. And he asked me to assist him in presenting this treasure. Of course, as I first thought, I wanted to do it, "among Bach lovers," so to speak, but I had reservations about doing that shortly after I pledged, and for a very trivial reason: I suspected that "The Little Bach Book "is a biography and because I have written one myself and my wife offers several Bach biographies in her publishing house, it would then have been" competition ", so to speak So I contacted David Gordon and described him my concerns Due to lack of time, I would not have read this cute, little work in a few years myself ... because yes, the Johann Sebastian Bach project still absorbs my free time completely.


David Gordon: Well-known daily newspapers are thrilled. And I am too, after reading his Little Bach Book.



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How good that I contacted David Gordon! He explained to me real quick why the "Little Bach Book" is not a biography. And I can confirm that now. Because according to his description, I was so interested that I just read through the complete booklet during the rest of my free time. And what can I say? It is an endlessly exciting read.


One of many, many exciting illustrations. Only some Bach fans already know each one of them. Many – because they describe the time when Johann Sebastian Bach lived – certainly do not know you yet. Take a look at the second illustration on one of the pages below.


"The Little Bach Book" deals with everything that was Bach's "everyday life." How did Johann Sebastian Bach and his family first with his siblings and parents, later with his own children and first with Maria Barbara? , then later with Anna Magdalena lived? What did you eat at that time? How did you spend the evenings without electric light and with extremely expensive candles? How far was the medicine then? All exciting, interesting "unimportant" in the time when Johann Sebastian and his family lived. And all are meticulously and scientifically accurately researched. From an American in historical German reading! All attention! Especially this reading fun is suitable for a Bach biography, or if you have already read a biography of the super-composer. Or if you would like to buy a biography about the musician from Thuringia soon.




I can make you a very special proposal as a very creative person and Bach fan. Enjoy "Bach as a comprehensive fun". Two publications fit together really well, and that's why David Gordon gets so much space on my website. My own little Bach biography for children (... and adults; ... in German, soon in English) is Johann Sebastian Bach "easy going". She has what it takes to bring Bach closer to entertaining. It is certainly the "lightest fare" as a Bach biography on the books market ... among 7,000 Bach biographies. She is a real biography, but perhaps the most entertaining. You and David Gordon's "Little Bach Book" can actually be enjoyed in parallel. And another suggestion: order both – as a combination or to each book individually – for a few euros the download "The 33 most popular Bach music works" in the shop of Renate Bach, "Bach 4 You" and leave them quietly play during their reading. Really quiet. Then this trilogy is a unique "round" Bach experience. Especially for German Bach fans. Because for them, the embedded German words for the English themes, which David Gordon has "added", have many, many warm moments to smile. This book is my very intense, committed recommendation. 


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That's what the Little Bach Book is about: how was it then ... how did you travel, what did you do in the evenings, how long did you work, what if a family member got sick?


The Washington Post describes tenor David Gordon as a model of charm and style, and one as an outstanding interpreter who has gone through an international career as a singer, author, educator, and speaker. He has performed hundreds of concerts throughout North America, Europe, and even Japan. The Chicago Tribune even describes him as "one of the best Bach tenors" and a St. Louis newspaper in 2016 named him one of the greatest "interpreters of the gospel of our time". For three decades Gordon is one of the organizers of the famous Carmel Bach Festival. You can listen to him on 15 CDs, which he recorded with the labels Decca, London, RCA, Telarc and other important ones.


David Gordon lives with his wife in historic Jacksonville, Oregon, where his works were written, many of which point back to the 19th century.


David Gordon's website is and you can hear more about David Gordon himself when you meet him on Facebook. His Facebook page? The Little Bach Book ... of course. The Little Bach Book is published by the publisher Luckvillepress and you can also see some more sample pages here. There is also an even more precise description. Of course you get David Gordon's "The Little Bach Book" also on Amazon and it costs a fair € 17. By the way, it has the ISBN number 9780692878415. The compact additional information you can also get via this link. And here too.


Here it is permitted to show up again: The "Little Bach Book" because it really is something very special!



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