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Children's calendars. Are there many of them? We check that out. However, what about children's calendars in European format style, which is poster format too? What about these calendars? Plus: What about children's calendars in those formats plus a relation to the subject of music? The Renate Bach Publishing House has done a little research for you. On the internet. And collected a few websites which we could check together, whether there are exciting offers related to the matter of children's calendars and children's music calendars. Maybe there is only one offer related to both children and music anywhere. Which actually is the offer of this little tiny book and calendar publishing company "Bach 4 You" on Germany, that is to say in Southern Germany.


Actually ... you wanted to get dircectly to the shop right away? That is  with a click on the button!

Here they are, who we address with our publishing house "Bach 4 You" when we "invented" the first cool children's calendar related to the theme of music: The great musicians of tomorrow are the small musicians of today.


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Music calendars for children: If you have one like this in the picture in your bedroom, it's not embarrassing and you may like to call yourself a classic fan to school buddies and best friends. Like this ... the great composers are okay!

Children's Calendars and Music: There Actually Is One Single Exception


"Bach 4 You" is not just a really tiny book and calendar publishing house, but a very young, too. As late as 2015 the Renate Bach Publishing House was founded published only two calendars in the middle of November 2015. That was one Bach calendar and one composers calendar. Staring 2016 there are 33 children's calendars in the matter of music are released on the company's website. Or, like the publishing company offers it: 33 music calendars for children. However, one single music calendar for children is, what you will find all over the internet. This calendar is the exception in our following "research for You". It's our value produced music calendar for children. The value-priced children's calendar in three sizes.


Children's calendars, topic music: The calendar in the picture above is the exception in our oncoming research. This calendar is what you do find. However, we are interested, which children's calendars we find beyond this particular one. This value priced music calendar for children is the exception. The 32 further children's calendars related to the subject of music is what you find exclusively on "Bach 4 You", that is to say in the shop. Plus on some more website of our so-called "Bach Mission".

Is it a first excitement for music? How could you take better advantage of such a period than to support the first approach of children with music very carefully?!



Children's Calendars and Children's Music Calendars: Your Research on Google


If you just google with the term "Children's Calendars", actually the first results don't make you really happyif youand only if you are looking like calendars, like they are offered in malls or at "Bach 4 You". The first result is "Printable Calendar Pages": You create it yourself. That is just great, however not in our little contest. Next positionof courseis Amazon. Here you find 100 children's calendars from Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh. We try and hit in children's calendar plus music ... and actually, there is not a single result. Okay a little down the results we find Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber calendars, however, we consider those calendars not children's calendars related to the subject of music. Next is "education world" but that's really something different compared to what we are looking for. Trying harder with their bar plus our "children's calendars" ... no results.


"" seems to be a first big hit: "Children's Books Calendars & Calendars" is promising. It's a little confusing when you get results in a broad combination of puzzles, books,. organizers an planners, however, the pictures show it's a good place for hope. So again we hit the keywords "children's calendars" and "music" in their bar. Hey, I am not ready and the result already tells, there are 178 products, so I go on and add the word "music". Hmmmm, disappointment. Zero results and all began so great. Next on Google. We choose Calendars by "ToysRus": Same procedure as before. "Children's calendars" bring up 14 results: some of them are like the calendars of "Bach 4 You". We add "music" ... a baby phone is not, what we hoped for. Google page two and we will check, whether it's worth more trials.


Hurray, hurray, there come Zazzle and Cafepress. I know they have the right stuff. As "Bach 4 You" loves both internet shops too and has a shop there. Let us try it: First Cafe Press. That is how I wanted to discover it. You discover pictures and there are tons to find out. Now we are excited if we are going deeper with the music thing. Yes, that is what we mean. Sue, it's a gigantic pool of creative folks. One disadvantage: all these calendarsours on Cafe press, toocome as 50:50 designs and don't have the European or poster format style. Do you want to learn more about the European format? Please click here.


Now we try Zazzle. The result is even better. What a pleasure to explore the different designs. We challenge Zazzle more and add "music". Okay, 8 results, of which 5 are the same designs are not that sparkling. Plus there's the 50:50 challenge, too.


We checked more result, however, it's not what we expected and when we exclude advent calendars and Printable calendars are getting more and more disappointing.


Oops, we almost forgot "Google Shopping" and eBay. We checked on both. And yes, there are children's calendars, however, there are no music calendars for children. However, keep in mind this might have changed, our result is what came out in summer 2016. We believe, there is not much change, however just try yourself by using the links in our text.


Are these guys actually still children? Nope, they are rather teens, juveniles or young adults. So a children's calendar with cute little animals would probably not be the perfect one. For kids at this age cool, hip and stylish calendars related to the theme of music would be more exciting. Like the calendar below that text.


Cool? Cool! Check out the twelve monthly pages. That is possible with a click here.


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A Cool Combination?


It seems to be a really cool combination related to the following text: One picture of a child each different ages, and after that, a children's calendar is next, one of 33. That is how we will do it.


Subject children's calendars: A mini artist probably performing dreamlike music ...

... and a children's calendar related to the theme of music. Is both matching regarding age? Of course, that decision is on you. As a dad, a mom, an uncle or as a grandma. You think grandpa and aunt are missing here? Okay! You are absolutely right.

Who of these ladies and gentlemen will we soon recognize on TV? Is this the perfect age, to nail cool classical composers on the wall of your bedroom. Of course, we wouldn't consider this a children's calendar then. What do you think?

Sure, actually it's a music calendar for teens. But seriously: Who googles for a music calendar for teens? So, it's a fancy children's calendar or however a composers calendar, too.


Is he the next Jimi Hendrix? Or even next Mozart? We just don't know. What we do know is: He might like a children's calendar subject music very much. For instance a children's calendar below. However: Not the next one, he is just too grown up for this one. 


Of course: It's a matter of taste, too. However, if you like just one children's calendar out of 33 really much, then we are happy. Alternatively one of the 99 music calendars. It could well be, that you are looking for a children's calendar and later decide for a composers calendar.

Just let us assume, this little munchkin on the last photo, but one will not be the next Mozart but the next Schwarzenegger instead, then this little young artist might become the next Beethoven?

So, might next still little Mr. Wagner like this children's calendar as early as today? Or does he have to grow into this calendar actually much?


We Found No Children's Calendar Subject Music Like We Offer 33 in European Style. However: We Found


Starkalender is a German calendar portal and we were excited by the presentation of their calendars on their website. Hey, why don't you give it a trial and hit the "click here button". If you fall in love with one of those calendars - and that is now related to all themes, sizes, prices, and interests, you might like the idea to order one from the other side of the Atlantic. Again we make it easy for you and translate children's calendar to German, which is "Kinderkalender". Just click and you see, why we are that much excited ... these are children's calendars and this an offer which is really attractive.


The company "" calls itself a specialized shop for calendars and you can say: The design is cool, the pics related to the calendars are not too big and not too small. Plus everything is really well arranged and a first impression is: Parents will find the perfect calendar here, today or in the future. Here are many, many suitable calendars for children related to all other themes, but ... music.


You Made It: End of My Text Here. So, Now: More Children's Calendar Subject Music

Here you get 33 Children calendars in the matter of music or ...

... 33 music calendars for children. Both search terms lead to the target and in this case to the shop at "Bach 4 You".

Children's calendars: A balancing act. And that only because there are no youth calendars or teens calendars. That's why in this particular case with us children are children up to the high age of 21. Sure ... they are young adults. And for them, they are music calendars.

Our music calendars with little animals should actually be called "Little Animal Calendars". By the way, animals are available in various alternatives in "Bach 4 You" and in the children's calendars.  By the way, there is a purebred kitten band, a dog band, a panda band and an elephant band. And the inexpensive children's calendar on the theme "Little Animals Make Music" in a mix of all the little animals.


Music calendars for children, Bach gifts for children … learn more.

And if it's just spring now, or summer ... just remember the Google search term "music calendar". You'll find us again and your bookshop will know about us. And you can also find us on Amazon. Music calendars and more music calendars ... that is "our world". Besides the topic "Johann Sebastian Bach".

Tadaa, that actually were 33children's calendars in the matter of music. And the monthly pages? Where can you find those? You discover them in the shop: First choose your section children's calendars, next click on your favorite title and after that, you will find the monthly pages right down the page. Now ... would you like to switch to the shop now?

You get to the shop here again. Destination "Bach 4 you". Plus you get to the 1,188 monthly pages: 99 music calendars. All of them in European format style. That is to say 33 composer calendars, 33 Bach calendars, 33 music calendars plus ... well, 33 really cool children's calendars. You think the math is poor?


Music calendars. Three sizes. 2024 + 2025. US style + EU style. To the shop.



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