News On Facebook About Johann Sebastian Bach and of Course About "Bach on Bach"!


My discovery of that almost smallest Bach biography surely wouldn't have been news about Johann Sebastian Bach to tell you here. However it's a nice illustration on this page explaining what we do, when we found news related to Johann Sebastian Bach to tell you.



News Regarding Johann Sebastian Bach


News, information, discoveries, findings, knowledge, sensations. All around the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach. However, there is even more: less spectacular stuff! Like when this Johann Sebastian Bach website came into being in October 2013. Meanwhile a long time ago.


News regarding Bach. News regarding Bach artists. News from the Bach cities and Bach places. News from Bach scientists. Is there a brand new Bach book on the German market? Well, or better, is there a new Bach book in English on the world market? A Bach exhibition, a Bach festival, a Bach contest, may be: did a new Bach museum open or a new Bach place of any kind? To the point: News all around Bach. News regarding Johann Sebastian Bach – that is what you should not miss on this specialized Bach website. No doubt about it.


The start of the English sister website "Bach On Bach" would probably only have been news and excitement for the English speaking "Bach über Bach" enthusiasts. As news on Johann Sebastian Bach it wouldn't have been interesting enough.



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News about Johann Sebastian Bach – News about the Bach Family of Musicians


First of all: here you get directly to the actual news regarding Johann Sebastian Bach, both the information and the discoveries. If you don't want to learn more about the "making of" of this website. It's consequent: always you are offered a small "manual" first, how you get there, where you actually want to get to and what you are interested in. But for those, who have fun with what I experienced creating this website as well ... is invited to read more and learn more. Please feel invited to let me entertain you!


That there are three reference books regarding the Bach Genealogy, would be a real important information and news for researchers in the matter of Johann Sebastian Bach. We heard about the Bach genealogy book in the middle not earlier than 14 months after our research started. A warm thank you to the archive in the Bach city of Arnstadt, Thuringia.



News on J.S. Bach Are Often not the Same as News on J.S. Bach


Are you still here? Great. Let's go on. With the news, with what's worth to be reported, with information around Johann Sebastian Bach. You do need to know about the work of an editor, to spread these news. Actually it is journalism. It is about finding, handling, shortening, editing and weighing of every single information and news. Like making a newspaper you first have to search for news which are worth to be told. You then have to confirm the information and finally you have to bundle them. If I manage this in the future, than you may be come back to my page again. And best case would be if you report friends, acquaintances, colleagues, club buddies and employees of my website.


That picture was news and a sensation for us some three years ago, when Bach author Helga Brueck discovered a whole tribe of the family of musicians and was able to add it into the Bach Genealogy. Of course all eight musicians have the last name of Bach and you see: even a long time after Johann Sebastian Bach the title "greatest family of musicians on Earth" is true.



Something New Regarding Johann Sebastian Bach ... How It Didn't Work!


This paragraph is really and absolutely "behind the scenes". Please disregard it, when you are not in the perfect mood.


I tried it. For half a year – sort of: How do I spread news, not only regarding Johann Sebastian Bach but as well regarding the progress of my whole website? That is news and developments around this website "Bach On Bach" or the German sister page "Bach über Bach" ( the " ü " ?). 25 years ago probably pamphlets would have been my tool of choice. But, although I am kidding, there would have been no internet around. Okay, what was the option at the end of the year 2012? When you finally learned about all the options, it is easy. A blog, Facebook, Twitter, a separate info website or a page on my actual "Bach on Bach" website? Next consideration was the question regarding the cycle. Sporadic or periodically? Once a week? Once every two weeks? Or once a month? From which point do I get "...on your nerves"? And when are there actually enough real news? By the way I would like to mention: I am no real editor, no journalist – but I love to write. And I love to write much. Already in my first year at school I received my first A. Not because it was good, but because it was eight pages long!


Are you still there? One more chance for you, to hop to the real news, sensations and discoveries regarding Johann Sebastian Bach. Make a left turn here on "Bach on Bach" to Facebook.


No doubt, the sinking of the Empress of Ireland would have been news related to the family of Johann Sebastian Bach in 1914 on this website. Because with the Empress a cousin of Johann Sebastian Bach drowned. Plus his whole Bach genealogy was lost, as they didn't copy such treasures at that time for safety reasons. This cousin was family father Johann August Reinhold Bach, you see him on the picture above, the standing gentleman in the second row.



Bach News Once a Week? Or Bach News Irregular Every Now and Then?


Please read on your own, how that once worked out. With the news, discoveries and reports – from the sensational to the irrelevant. On my website. Not as a blog. Not as a tweed. Not on Facebook. I have conserved it – so to speak. Saved it – really absolutely against "my nature", so I am now able to smile in 20 years from now.


Please click here or later to the page "How everything started with "Bach on Bach". The word you well read most is "sorry". Second most important word is "apology". Result: it just didn't work. At least I didn't realize such by guessing, but I tried it. The plan once was: I wanted to post once a week. Without a possibility for you to leave a comment, as I really haven't had the time back then to communicate. At that time back then I didn't like to learn how to operate a blog technically, even if it was easy. Relatively easy. Facebook and Twitter: an option, but I didn't want to invest time in that as well. To be continued ...


Why didn't you know about this news in the matter of Bach before? Firstly probably because there was no internet in 1914. And secondly, because this catastrophe happened on the eve of World War I.



"Bach on Bach"  News and Bach News Once a Week


You are still here? I am pleased. Because I am not really serious sometimes. But here... I am. Again: I am pleased that you are still here. The first post on my website "What's new this week? was exciting. Virgin soil. News about my project and news about Bach on my website. Communication with an invisible community. Actually this community wasn't really completely invisible, may be it even never was a community. In the beginning the community was, if a community starts with one individual, my next door neighbor Carola. And may be every now and then a nice younger couple with two children next door to Carola. Of course if this family is neighbor of Carola and Carola is my neighbor, this likable family is my neighbor as well. May be it was the smallest Bach community all over the world ever.


I would have presented this Bach stamp as a discovery in the Bach universe no doubt. And that is what we will do in the future: we will present every new Bach stamp from now on: in our news section around all upcoming stuff related to the Royal Polish Court Composer.



"Bach on Bach" Goes Viral: The Exciting Weeks 1 + 2 + 3


No question, there was something special, that happened all around our theme of "Bach ueber Bach" which became "Bach on Bach" too later, the English sister page. By the way: if a website is a 500 pages work with additional content on a daily base, than a translation is getting really challenging and time consuming. And with that opportunity: No, no, no... I don't speak English fluently. Plus it's not perfect. But I manage, to use some 2,000 words and a little grammar to create the English website of "Bach über Bach", which actually is even the international version, which is "Bach On Bach". The only alternative: to have it translated professionally and to spend thousands of Dollars ( ... here it's Euros) for such - or not at all to create an English version. The last option is firstly only a theoretical option, secondly a sad alternative. So ... I decided the following, really just a consideration at the edge of an edge chapter ( ... this is well beyond the scenes behind the scenes, I told you). For the German website there is no necessity to have a perfectly translated English version, they have their German site. For the British folks: please don't judge to hard on me. And for my American fellows, friends, family and buddies: you have to deal with so many folks, which do not speak your language perfect, you are so used to it and I adore that. You Americans, please forgive me ( ... not really). And finally: I now first finish both websites, then I will learn more English both grammar and spelling and finally everything's gonna be fine. Promise.


This would have been news. When I realized it. The new Bach video about the Bach city, or better about the Bach village or Bach place of Wechmar in Thuringia. Sure, it would have been no news regarding the master. But it would have been news related to the website "Bach on Bach". By the way: if you click on the picture, you discover a sample video related to over 20 Bach videos on this website.



Back to the Bach News – Back to the Bach Discoveries


It didn't work out. In one week there was only a diligent but routine piece of work to report about – and actually it wasn't worth to write about. Plus the next two, three, four weeks didn't happen something different. Of course news would have been that nothing new had happened. But ... that is going to become sort of goofy. Because there were weeks, in which so much stuff happened that I had no time at all to report about these news. And so there were in these exciting weeks: no news as well regarding "Bach über Bach" and "Bach on Bach". Plus there were writer's blocks. You believe, such happens only with real authors, not with writers like I am? Yes, it does ...  and that was so: when I was in the mood to write, so when I was really excited to write much, than I credited that to my website. I did that until I was out of breath so to speak. On that very day. Until I was not in the mood to write one word more. As well not about any Bach news, my news section on this Bach website. And so went the weeks. Every single week with a bad feeling. Finally every paragraph in that "news section" started with an apology and always more and new exciting excuses. It got even more funny when I decided to start the English version of "Bach ueber Bach" this summer of 2013 – the English translations even added to the amount to report and to write. I thought "enough is enough". I realized, to write and to present a weekly news collection related to Bach just wasn't my cup of tea.


Would the release of the Hindi version of "Bach On Bach" some time ago be worth to be published as Bach news for you? I don't think so as you surely don't speak Hindi at all. Would it have been news for those 1,3 billion people in India? No, as we have no page related to Bach on Facebook in Hindi.



Bach On Facebook ... Now After All?


Meanwhile my wife Renate started to have fun with Facebook. actually really because she communicated with our American friends and the American Bachs. Before that – Facebook didn't impress us much. I tried it – but Facebook isn't my cup of tea. And in particular it isn't my cup of tea when it comes to Bach. But have a look at that – for Renate it seemed to be the perfect medium, to post from now on – but without ceremony, in irregular intervals. No push, no obligation, short writings and easy going. And that is what we try from here on. Bach via Facebook. That is news regarding "Bach On Bach" Or news regarding "Bach On Bach". We introduce new Bach books. Plus new Bach stamps. And via Facebook and regarding Bach we are able to communicate from now on. Like we should do. You are community now. And because Renate is the internet geek among us anyway we will provide – besides news on "Bach ueber Bach" respectively "Bach On Bach" news regarding Johann Sebastian Bach, the Bach family and all you can imagine. Soon we publish new video releases, pictures, reports, articles, exciting stuff and first of all news!


That would have been, no doubt, the news of the month in February 2013. Or would you have been informed by another source? At Ohrdruf there is something new: a second monument. may be you wouldn't have been interested in that news, may be as a Johann Seabstian Bach fan you would. This monument in the photo is the first monument in Ohrdruf, to the very up-to-date one you get – with a click – here along.



We Will See, Whether Johann Seabstian Bach "Works" With Us On Facebook


So, we will "dig" for you and research. For news. In newspapers, in blogs, on internet portals, at Leipzig, at Eisenach and of course with many, many hearty, lovable, nice, exciting and  kind contacts, whom we met in less than two years. On a daily base they become more and one day you can bet on finding all news, reports and discoveries, all findings and all which is worth the information here: at "Bach On Bach" via Facebook.



Bach Facebook Pages Worldwide


Do you have fun on facebook and is it possible you are member in one Facebook group only. Or are you here just to check out, how many Facebook pages related to Johann Sebastian Bach are there world wide? Okay, I prepared that for you. And soon you will find the most complete collection of Bach Facebook pages all over the world. The order follows the first letter in the name of the city.


Facebook page of Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir.


Facebook page of Bach Festival Arnstadt.


Facebook page of Bachwochen Thun, Schweiz


To be continued in 2018.


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