Bach Cities and Bach Places: Andisleben, Thuringia, Germany

1    Why Is Andisleben a Bach Place?

Actually nothing, really nothing would have Andisleben connected to the "Bach cities and Bach places" if I wouldn't have "invented" this category D in 2014. This category D was just established, to send a little greeting over the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America. There are some descendants of Veit Bach living today. Veit Bach, the great-great-grandfather of Johann Sebastian Bach. One whole branch of those US-Bachs are all descendants of this very ancestors: firstly Veit Bach plus the Bachs who were living in Andisleben once. If you like to find out why the village of "Lederhose" which is Leather trousers is no Bach place. Click yourself smart here. Sorry it's in German only, but what if you use Google Translator?!


That means definitely: if you are a Bach enthusiast, or a Bach starter, a student, a teacher or just a Bach music lover. Stop reading here. Skip the following text and information. This chapter is exciting for just a few people on earth only. For those however, Andisleben is the "Bach city of all Bach cities". Plus that is for the Bach genealogists, who have discovered this website: Welcome Andisleben in the circle of Bach cities. Or better of Bach places, as with 576 residents it's not possible to call Andisleben a Bach city. Even on this website, where so many things are just a little different compared to more serious websites around the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach.



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2  Music by Bach + Pics from Andisleben

No narration, just music and pics: Andisleben, a cute little Bach place in Thuringia.



3  The Bach Place of Andisleben on 6 Pics

Bach cities, Bach places ... great pictures. Andisleben on additional pics? Just click here.



4  Info About the Bach Place of Andisleben

You better don't speed through Andisleben. And you just don't do that not to get a ticket. No, you better do so, because you left this little place faster than you have entered it. 576 residents. But that changes every once in a while, and Wikipedia does not keep up with the precise number every year. The community center is the next to the church on a place with a butcher truck, if this truck is present. And here's a little warning for photographers on the hunt for nice pictures: the streets that I drove, were dead ends in 63.54 % without the option of turning your car. So if you meet a small group of kids, which I did, you meet them more than once. One time when you drive forward, one time when you are back. And that is true for every lane while you look for possibilities to portray that community. However: there are some motives, which are rewarding. In the village at the so called "Andislebener Kreuz", which is the "Andisleben Intersection". To the residents of Andisleben: I felt very welcome in your likable community, and all to whom I talked were absolutely nice to me. It is just, I am a joker and I found it so funny, how I was looking for all those places, after I made the little show, the text was narrated (... I just got the information from the internet and didn't want to wait until I was there. That is to say, I made the text for the show even before I visited Andisleben, that is how I am.). And I learned that the butcher is a small truck and the grocery store is sort of hidden. Your community is probably where my roots lead to as well. So please don't be bothered, Andislebeners. A real big surprise will follow in two years or so. Promise.



5    A Video: the Bach Place of Andisleben

Here you will experience narrated information, music, film and pictures. In a mix. Related to the theme "Bach cities and Bach places", sort of "Meet Johann Sebastian Bach in Thuringia". Do you know everything about Andisleben after watching the video? No. But then you know, how to start your planning of a tour through "The Land of the Bache". Enjoy compactly and with a minimum of "wasted" time. The video about the Bach place of Andisleben is waiting for you.



6    Where Exactly Is this Bach Place Located?

33 maps, 33 Bach cities or places. Andisleben is a category D Bach place.



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Bach Cities and Bach Places: Gehren, Thuringia, Germany

1  Why Is Gehren One of the Bach Places?

Two Bach places are absolutely Bach places in a category D. That means you learn more about two locations which are not, absolutely not related to Johann Sebastian Bach in person.

Gehren is the place, where Johann Sebastian Bach's first wife lived before she moved to Arnstadt and later married. Her father, Johann Michael Bach, was a relative of Johann Sebastian Bach and locally well-known as a composer too. And as there is a memorial for him in Gehren and Gehren is mentioned in every biography about the icon of music (JSB), it is another and the final exception to the rule to list Gehren - when it comes to Bach cities and Bach places.



2  Music by Bach + Pics From Gehren

No narration, just music and pics: Gehren, a likable Bach place, which is mentioned in every biography about Johann Sebastian Bach.



3  The Bach Place of Gehren on 6 Pictures

Bach cities, Bach places ... great pictures. Would you like to see more of Gehren on additional pics? Just click here.



4  Info About the Bach Place of Gehren

Gehren is a tiny town in Ilm County and almost 4,000 residents are living there. In the 12th century a water castle was located here and Gehren is mentioned in public records for the first time in the year 1299. A palace ruin is dominating the town center and the church is worth a visit. Just a little more, but not too much more, is what you can find on the internet, if you like, and that is on two websites. First it's this page plus, there is, like always, the offer of Wikipedia.



5    Where Exactly Is this Bach Place Located?

33 maps, 33 Bach cities or places. I made Gehren a category D Bach place. And I would love, if you agree.



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