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Well over 50 quotes about the work of Bachshort Bach quotescan be heard. This is when the author of this website has a lot to do with professional newsreaders and, of course, with newsreaders. And he did. But, because you're here, I'd like to introduce you to my two Bach Quotes calendars. Because: If you do not read the Bach quotes now, because after that the audio version is not so exciting, then miss the advertisingtherefor these Bach Quotes calendars. Oh, by the way, if you look at these Bach Quotes calendars, then please do not read the quotations. For then the effect would be the same.


This is the first Bach quotes calendar. If you will. It could also be the second one. However, these are not the order numbers. To the shop.


One of the most beautiful Bach quotes, but ... please do not read. Why the golden font seems to be a little blur here, is a riddle for us. On the calendar however, it's sharp.

And where does this monument stand? June in one of the three Bach quotes calendar.

And is there a Bach quote from a laudator, who is also immortalized on the Bach monument?

The Bach quotes calendar number 2, in a completely different design. Three monthly pages follow as examples. To the shop.


The March page in one of the Bach tributes calendars.

The October page in one of the Bach tributes calendars.

The December page in one of the Bach tributes calendars.



A Second Bach Quotes and Tributes Calendar!

Mister Bach, another contemporary artist and other Bach quotes: Three examples follow. To the shop.


The second Bach tributes calendar: January.

The second Bach tributes calendar: April.

The second Bach tributes calendar: May. All three come in three sizes and 2024 + 2025. To the shop.


And Now: Bach Quotes and Bach Tributes as a Listening Experience


First here now it's time to do an audio test and a check whether you feel comfortable to pay some money to hear the fun plus understand it. Keep in mind: Even for Germans we suggest listening to it more than two or three time, just because it's great to listen to those tributes, the heavenly music and the little miniature biography about in 8 minutes. the ttal however is a little over one hour. The perfect entertainment during your next traffic jam.



Your Audio Check:




A 4 minutes long listening check on the topic "Bach Quote on Bach Quote", which makes quite a pleasure. And you get a cool impression. For about 8 minutesor just brieflyis the small Bach mini-biography, which is available between Bach's quotations. And yes ... it is exactly the setting, which you can experience elsewhere as a small show. One notices: It goes also completely without pictures. And between the motifs there is music. From whom? What a question. Of Bach, of course.



Behind the Scenes of the Audio Collage Regarding the Bach Quotes and Tributes


My husband, Peter Bach jr., Author of this homepage and other Bach websites, the small biography for children over Bach and above all the coloring book to the composer (... which was already sold in the first edition) makes movies, so something similar. And there are always the right speakers for him, who usually read aloud or set themes. And that's what he did. So to speak. He was able to inspire two absolute full pros for this little pleasure "in the cultural order" and what has happened, you could already listen toabovealready.


At first the Bach quotations in the Stakkato one after another were "aufgeereht". A quote on the other. But not only that the fun with it would have ended in a slender 30 minutes: one had also hardly the muse to listen to the individual Bach Quotes properly. In this case, listen to and then think about it a little bit, smile or just enjoy it. Now, with much more master's music, the distance between the one Bach quote and the next Bach quote is "Highend".



Our Bach Quotes + Tributes Special Offer


You have made it until here and now, and that just has to be rewarded. If you supplement your audio quotes file with the voucher code "Bach Quotes", then the whole entertaining fun, which is best consumed in the car or in the traffic jam, costs only whole instead of € 9.99 € 6.66. That would then be 33% or € 3.33 less. The price is inclusive of VAT and as a download course free shippingwhat else !? With the following shop button it's not only in the shop, but also in the right "corner. To the shop.


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