Is Veit Bach From Pressburg or Is Veit Bach From Ungern, Hungary or Bohemia?


Veit Bach is not from Pressburg ... we have always said so! Veit Bach comes from Ungern. And also not from Ungarn, which is "Hungary" in German; with an "a" instead of an "e". 7,000 biographers - almost all - reflect the word "Ungern" in the "Ursprung of the Musical-Bachish Family" (... right, not all!): In the "Ursprung", so the shortcut of this time document from 1735 (... in a copy of the original by a daughter of Bach) it is written under the "No. 1" that Veit Bach had to escape from Ungern. Strictly speaking, no one may - for whatever reasons - make this "Ungern" into "Ungarn" (Hungary). You can comment on "Ungern", evaluate, interpret and much more ... but simply make "Ungarn" out of "Ungern" ... that makes the research for the following genealogists in the matter of Bach incredibly much more difficult.  ✓


In the process, Mr. Novelist Korabinsky "takes the cake": He finds a citizen by the name of Pach (?!). In Pressburg. And Pach was a baker. That is enough for Johann Matthias. And bends the Bach history by claiming that this is exactly the Veit Bach (... in Pressburg) who "had to escape" because of religion and thus emigrated to Wechmar. To "Veit Bach", "Ungern", "Ungernland" and "Pressburg", the today's Bratislava, we have intensively researched many, many years, have corresponded, have traveled to Bohemia and have optimized the website pages on "Bach on Bach" for search engines, so that someone finds us quite perhaps sometime with sensational facts. And we were found! We were found! And we were found regarding so important facts about Veit Bach, Ungern, Ungernland, Ungerland, Hungary! And contacted us. And found Ungerndorf, short and locally usual, "Ungern"! Plus finally: Precisely, the 130-soul spot is called "Ungerndorf", but already in the first mail that we received in the summer of 2021 about this sensation, the sender points out to us that in old council protocols "Ungerndorf", as it was called then and still today, was called "Ungern". ✓


And with this, an approximately 300-year search by many highly competent professionals and amateurs in the matter of "Bach genealogy" has finally, finally, come to an end!  ✓


Now we include this unbelievable discovery: in the Bach genealogy, on our Bach websites, on the Internet. And we report about the "supplier of the good news", about the kind person about this, about the history of the search and certainly about much more in addition. However, we do not want to let one single day pass by, in order to be found even better in the future when "googling" for the Bach genealogy. Because there are still many more Bachs of this musician family to find. Therefore, already today, around 12 hours after receiving the news, this third provisional Veit Bach page on "Bach on Bach" is created. So that more and more Bach fans and those who don't know him so well yet, people who want to help us and all conceivably differently motivated people will also find us - on the subject of Bach. ✓


There will be more about this later in 2021. Look forward to it with us.  ✓


It is and remains "infinitely exciting"!

Yours Peter Bach, Jr. with his Bach genealogy specialist Renate ✓



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