Otto Bach ... That Is Composer Otto Bach, Maria Bach, Heinrich Bach and Eleonore Bach / Vienna ... We Genealogists Are Looking for You All Over the World


Otto Bach (Vienna), Maria Bach (Vienna), Eleonore / Lenore Bach and Heinrich Bach (Vienna). And not just any Otto Bach, not any Maria Bach, not any Eleonore / Lenore (by the way, Otto Bach called his daughter "Lorli" in dedications and in everyday life) and ... you suspect it ... nor is it just any Heinrich Bach who we are looking for in Vienna together with a new friend.


Attention, advertising starts here. What once worked excellently could also work a second time. What do I mean? Well, when we completely reworked the Bach genealogy between 2010 and 2020 and adopted today's 95 percent findings of earlier Bach genealogists - more precisely, she took over, my wife Renate  - we discovered very quickly what certainly plunged our predecessors into deep depressions when it came to Bach history (Advertising ends here). It was the fact that at the "end of today" (... in contrast to the beginning of the Bach genealogy in 1504) the completion of the research failed due to the current data privacy. 



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