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Is a Golden Record with Music of Bach in Spaceship Voyager 1 + Voyager 2 on It's Way Through Outer Space?


To the point: yes!

One of the twins Voyager 1 and Voyager 2: The golden record, Bach, and a hello on the move in space.


If you did not mean the music of Johann Sebastian

Bach on the Golden Record on it's way to E.T. But

the story, when JSB 2012 almost got a gold record,

then learn more on this topic with one click here.


Space Ship Voyager or Space Probe Voyager? Facts About the "Interstellar Mindful Double Lotti"!


They are no real spaceships at all. Space probes sounds better. And space probes are especially correct. Spaceships that would be simply ... wrong. But because it's all here related to the hoped-for contact with aliens, that is, with extraterrestrials, for instance, E.T. and buddies, we simply leave spaceship once. In 1977, both space probes were shot into the universe at intervals of 16 days. From Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. And on a Titan-Centaur Rocket. Clear and logical: not both on the same trajectory. You actually want to know what the Double Lotti is? Click here.


This is it, the rocket that Bach, together with other musicians in Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, shot into the depth of the universe. So to speak. The golden record – the Golden Record – on its way to E.T. and Co.!



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Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, the Golden Record and an Extraordinary Success


Today the mission of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 is considered one of NASA's greatest successes because the life expectancy of both missiles has already been multiplied and they are still sending regular data from space to earth. At the same time, it is the man-made object that moved farthest from the earth. And it will stay that way. A golden record in it with Bach on it. and more.


Tadaa, the Golden Record. From copper with Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and many other musicians. Plus of course with a coating of gold.


Mission Voyager 1 + 2 – Music for Aliens: Just from Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven?


First, Voyager  1 + 2 were named ... Mariner 11 and Mariner 12. The considerations for building Voyager already began in the middle of the 1960s. Both probes had no particular focus on research. They wanted to explore Jupiter and Saturn just a little more, the basic values of these planets and the moons and the rings around them, magnetic fields, and in particular they were more interested in the two moons Io and Titan. The next destination for Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 on their journey then were Uranus as well as Neptune and later finally the outermost regions of our solar system. And beyond. First, they were considered an extension of the Mariner project.


The diameter of Voyager 1 and, of course, that of Voyager 2 is 1.80 meters (... that's why it is not a spaceship, too) and the space probes weighed some 800 kilograms each, and they do so today. With the expanded parabolic antenna the size doubles to a proud 3.60 meters.


Voyager Golden Record: A Kind Hello in 55 Languages From Our World to Theirs. What Else? Heavenly Music, of Course.


It is from copper, our golden record to the nice little Martians. So they called, when we still thought, Mars might be populated. However, in order to call the record a golden record, more precisely the Golden Record, it was covered with gold for protection against rust. On the front is a map and, of course, a manual, a kind of "Google Maps for E.T.", so E.T. is able to find us one day.


© Photo/Source/License: von English: by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

And what, if they hate Bach, Beethoven and Mozart? And what if they are searching for new food already a long time? They may not only be great pyramid constructors. Who of those extraterrestrial is probably getting the first gold record?


Whatever Language the Aliens Are Speaking: Almost Everything Is "Covered" – That Is Simply Cosmically Cool


Let us leave aside, whether it really makes interstellar sense to wish to be found by other intellectuals. It would certainly be useful if we were just sort of the same technical and scientific level. That means, if about the same time, some tens of billions of years, there has been developed one more such earth. There, too, the dinosaurs have died. Intelligence has evolved. And that in the last 1,000 years even dramatically. And they would finally be capable to look for us, that is to say for our Earth. But these aliens might be 20 years ahead of us after all. Let us imagine: these beings are attracted to Voyager 1 or Voyager 2.


From there, they are now heading for Earth through space – at this time you are flying let's call the planet K-Pax back and forth between the "Earth" there and a "terraformed moon" and is proud of having changed a cold, inhospitable stone desert into a lovely planet. On which you can relocate if you have to escape from the collapsing home planet, on which it was not even possible to keep the CO² emissions on the previous year's level *. Worldwide – I mean all over the planet.


* At this point, we ignore the fact that a year there may be a multiple of our earth year - but this is getting sort of absurd now.


So, "our" extraterrestrials catch one of our probes. And now? Now, we really cover the highest probabilities of demand out there with many, many languages of our earth people. It goes without saying that only native speakers – that is to say, people who speak in their own, not a learned language – welcome E.T. in space. And you completely couldn't care less, whether they rather speak English or Greek, Cantonese or Akkadian, Russian or Thai, Arabic or Burmese or simply some more languages.


© Photo/Source/License: von English: by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and LiveMusic Photographer (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

For all optimists: please let us remember! This can also could go down the drain (... in German: go into your pants). Namely, if he – the nice guy above – fishes for one of the Golden Records: Darth Vader, much worse than just an intergalactic oops!


The Golden Record in the Depths of the Universe: At Least One of 55 Languages ​​Should Extraterrestrials Know!


What is also interesting is what we treat them with, if a 300-year-old skunk-like, grunting, 15 feet tall creature – on the road in space in search of raw materials – decipher our message. At least, it is not as dull as to decipher hieroglyphs in an ancient pyramid: because if you have accomplished that quickly then there is only a lot of papyrus left in the same language as the original challenge. Nope, we're doing that much more exciting than the ancient Egyptians. Because, if they find our message in space – that is to say on the Golden Record – the (perhaps) small alien has to decipher all 55 different languages. But at least he can start with one font, with which he can finally continue working. The Chinese, Arabic and Canary characters can then be decoded with even greater fun and even greater tension. If one had a big interstellar fun with their first deciphered messages.


© Photo/Source/License: von Tracy [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Voyager captured. Golden record found. 55 Greetings deciphered and down with a delegation to our Earth. We did invite and still invite them. And when they all come finally, we are probably really overstrained: E.T.? This is in the picture isn't E.T. at all. Because E.T. was really amiable, looked markedly cute, but we will certainly meet E.T. never – ever – again. He still suffers from his experience with us humans.


Music and Greetings. Not Just Bach, Mozart and Beethoven Just Do – Music Alone Is Not Universal Enough!


So, if Yoda and Co. manage to break through to the individual greetings than he will certainly be impressed by our extraordinary cordiality. The fact that we can also be very different from "being nice", we slaughter this year in 20 wars and kill each other in about 45 violent clashes – we leave the smaller conflicts, around 350 aside – is what we do not report about initially Nobody would look for a divorce attorney right at the wedding during the celebration. Perhaps everything inter galactically is all right, too.


© Photo/Source/License: By Pollack man34 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

"His grammar doing differently is much!" We would not have had to pay so much attention to our greetings: Yoda, he is simply just a cool-headed guy.



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And What Kind of Sayings Did We Sent Out? With Voyager 1 + Voyager 2 – as We, All Can Perform More Than Just Music


In Sumerian, we state on the Golden Record: "May all be healthy". This is intergalactically great and you can, I believe, understand that statement everywhere and in all solar systems very well. Plus the statement "... we come in friendship", is nice, if you deciphered it. And "peace and luck to you all" is also a wonderful gesture.


"Hello how are you?" sounds like a pure American welcome. But it does not come from there: it is very polite, but it is the result when a Jedi has decoded the Cantonese on the Golden Record. Fun is the Russian text: "I welcome you". This is what I will say next time when I visit our friends. "We would like to meet you ..." is what you can read after you decoded Arabic quickly, although we do not know whether we count as food.


"Good day everyone." ... this is a warm hello, isn't it? Almost as if we were friends already. However, not quite trustworthy is Wikipedia, with the witty saying of the ... no, I do not say, who said this ... "Good night, ladies and gentlemen, farewell and goodbye, the next time."


In Punjabi, we are looking forward to welcoming the aliens, even though we visit them. And in Latin, we make the really cool statement: "We bring peace to the stars". We. We of all creatures. We do not even manage to get along with the neighbors peacefully. "Kind regards to all" is, on the other hand, a super-duper cool execution of the German world community. Shrewdly formulated, we do not care how many greens gnomes they are. billions, trillions, sextillions or just 500 – "all" is simply "all". Very, really very diplomatic. However, a little bit more down this page it's even getting more exciting. Plus much more amusing.


© Photo/Source/License: By hyku [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Do we really want to get to know them? Don't we prefer to develop a few thousand more years? But one thing is what we already guess: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Co. will excite and fascinate him.



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The Golden Record in Voyager 1 + 2 – We Do Not just Want to Welcome Strange Intelligence, We Want to Inspire Them!


More seriously the Vietnamese are, from there the friendly greetings, therefore, are highlighted honest. The Turks have decided to welcome just Turkish-speaking marsians and even one of them must have an IQ of at least 103 to understand their message. "Congratulations" send the Italians, and in Zulu, we wish distant intelligence a long life, although perhaps that is exactly what they might not want. Because living for 1,200 years might become boring one day.


Somewhere in Africa "Sotho" is spoken and there they have already decided that you look up to our counterpart in the universe or from above on them: they go "... salute you, you great." In Mandarin-Chinese, we are polite and diplomatic, because "... we hope everyone is doing well, and we think of all of you". And we even ask Chewbacca to come and visit us". However – so much courtesy just has to be – "... only if you have time.


In "Amoy" we are already friends and we are dying to know if they already have eaten". Plus they ask, just to say hello for a drink, but only if they have time (... slight changes of the text, author's comment). The Hungarians send greetings just to "Frogs", which can speak Hungarian and so do the 1.4 percent who speak Telugu. We deceive our congeners in the universe in English, in which we try to convince them, only the children were looking forward to their visit. No word of salutation from the adults: "Hello from the children of planet Earth".


And with all these many cordial greetings, creatures that are perhaps 10,000 years ahead of us with their intelligence, technology, and communication can have a really great impression of us. No, and still not really serious: precisely, for this reason, the greetings are upgraded with music and garnished with further intelligent.


© Photo/Source/License: von William Tung [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Well ... now the question whether they already had dinner makes sense. But we can no longer get back the probes. And not even the Golden Record in Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.


A small warning for all kids: an essay, a home assignment or a speech is what I might not accomplish on this page. Not everyone should go around without inhibitions. Not if you get notes for everything. But: now you are definitely up to date with the Golden Record – or the Golden Record – in Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 on their way to space.


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