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Right at the beginning: Actually, the chapter should be named: "What I have to say about Johann Sebastian Bach". And that is to Johann Sebastian Bach news. That's what you can find on my Johann Sebastian Bach Facebook Page. And precisely? It's what my wife thinks is worth publishing. Together with me. But, she's the boss on FB. You can read how that developed at another location, if you have a lot of time. Ü21



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How, after all, can you live today without Facebook? The question is almost: can you actually survive without Facebook? Can you call it life what you do without Facebook? Please click here, or if you have problems to hit the little "here," click on the blue and white Facebook symbol above.



Is There Much Info on Our Bach Facebook Page? Plus Are There Music Videos?


And those, who are not using Facebook, don't get any news? Regarding Bach? No news at all? I... would be bothered. I would even boycott myself. Yes, that is how I am. And I ask you: don't be like I am. Have a Facebook account installed, or if you can do it on your own, install a Facebook account. Actually, it's a Bach Facebook Account. Even more precisely it's a "Bach On Bach Facebook Account." And why is that so? Because you are not obligated to do all the stuff, what common Facebook users do with their account. You don't have to be a "common Facebook User." I would be honored if you install an account, just to be updated by the worldwide news, which we find out for you.


You might have a Facebook account installed for just that one reason only, just to get the latest regarding Johann Sebastian Bach fast and reliable. That is when you don't have to know all the options, features and buttons coming on Facebook. You are not able to accidentally invite for significant events, and you are not occupied four hours a day, to tell everybody everywhere that you are currently working on Facebook.


So, if you are not able to install Facebook accurately, what if you ask your son or daughter or grandchild or somebody of your friends or a neighbor to do that for you. Most important detail is, to switch off all options, which might get you into trouble. It should be just Bach on Facebook: just the News regarding the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach. But these will be from all over the world.



Bach Plus Facebook ... I Really Tried It


How can I spread news and exciting stuff about Johann Sebastian Bach without making it a life-task? Should that be via a nowadays "blog," a newsletter or a special page on my Bach Website? Or would Facebook be best of all options? I just didn't know it. On the other hand, I knew: Facebook isn't "my way" to communicate. I love person to person communication the old way, modern technology. That is actually answering emails. I like to cultivate friendships. Penpalschips and, well, real friendships. I didn't want to go via Facebook.


So a first decision was made. No Facebook. Instead: a particular page on my website. How often? Once a week. How how did it work out? Perfect, in week one and two. And after that? Not at all anymore. The regular cycle hasn't proven its value. In general, this part of my Bach offer hasn't proven itÄs value. But anyway I want to provide you with news, messages and exciting stuff around the theme of Bach from all over the world.


My wife Renate is more interested in surfing the net then I am. And so she tried Facebook. Privately first. And she was excited. She didn't do it excessively. Just for fun. Unregularely. Easy. Relaxed.


So we gave Facebook a chance. A second chance so to speak. Now Renate is responsible for your Facebook news, and she loves it. So actually it's Facebook yes, but "Facebook Light." Some two or three posts a month. Not to get on your nerves.



Can Johann Sebastian Bach and Facebook Coexist in Our Project?


Yes, they can. Facebook and Bach match and can coexist on this website. If my wife is part of the game. Plus the news shouldn't be published on a base of regularity. Because that is what it was before: several weeks I would have had nothing to report; it would have been boring for you. And when there was something to report – I had other essential things to do.


That changed meanwhile. Via Facebook, you get Bach news on an unregular basis. You get news when news happened. Better less than too much. Better seldom than to often. With short text and pictures and hints.


What is less frequently than in the chapter "news in this week" in the oncoming future? You will miss these many, many excuses, which had been present in the beginning weeks of this website. That won't be the case with Facebook anymore. Plus not with the management of this section of my wife.



J.S. Bach, My Wife, Facebook and I


We share the job. Plus we edit and post both. That means you will read my posts on Facebook in the future, too. Not every week, in particular at the beginning of this adventure. But later more again. However, this Facebook offer is not supposed to drown you in the news. Not four a day – but even once a month only.


So we would be glad if you commit us to your "like it." Because it's not enough to design an excellent website with a lot of effort. Somehow the world should know about.




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