The Little Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach - Johann Sebastian Bach "Easy Going"!


What a cute book. What a beautiful style. What a light, easy sympathetic reading. My warmest recommendation. Unfortunately, this book is no longer new - but to get it anyway, you'll get it. The small chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach is viewed critically by connoisseurs of Bach Matter and by Bach scientists. For it seems that this chronicle is a biography and that's how it reads. But she is not. Anna Magdalena Bach was the second wife of Johann Sebastian Bach and tells her life with the cantor.


It's a shame, that you can not buy it as an English pre-owned book anymore. We have checked here and there, and I guess there are just German pre-used copies around. If you speak German or you learn German and consider this read a first challenge and goal, here is where you can purchase a copy. To the shop.


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