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Did the Bach Family Originally Come From Hungary?


So, the Bach family came from Hungary? No, they did not. According to Johann Sebastian Bach. That is what he told about what his grandfather was told by his grandfather.


However ... that doesn't mean, that the Bachs possibly did come from Hungary. But ... there is a probability of just one percent, that the Bachs really immigrated from Hungary. That is to say, that generation for generation of this particular family was living in Hungary before. There's a probability of ten percent, that Veit actually is born in Hungary, but Veit's father probably emigrated from Thuringia to Hungary. Renate and I checked on the biggest probability and for us the best bet is the option that Veit's father left the country for religious reasons and came back with a family many years later for the same reason. If you read about Pressburg anywhere, forget it.




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