Pipe Organ Calendars and More Pipe Organ Calendars: Three Specialists and One Cool Goal


Organ calendar: Here on this page you can find them. Soon many organ calendars. But you will also get to know a completely different organ calendar here. One that you can't hang on the wall. Actually: There are such organ calendars and ... also really other organ calendars. Would you have known? No? We were really amazed, too, when googling. There you can find it, at the very top, on page 1. In fact, on this page - "" - there really isn't a single organ calendar with 12 monthly pages. There are dates with organ concerts. A similarly exciting feature is also offered by a specialized Facebook page - only regionally, but still really cool.


And then ... there is also "Die Orgelseite" by Martin Doering. There are no organ calendars directly there, because Martin Doering "sends you" right back here, but otherwise ... his organ portal is simple ... breathtaking.

You didn't want to read about pipe organ calendars? However, you wanted to purchase a pipe organ calendar. That is possible with a click, on the button.


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The Current Pipe Organ Calendar 2022 + 2023

The 2022 pipe organ calendar, what a gift for musicians: The pipe organ calendar in this year is - at the same time - the music calendar No. 01, too. And that is true in the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You". That pipe organ calendar above is the actual one, but you may order those of the last years as well. Maybe even as "value priced calendars". Or with the actual calendar.

The latest pipe organ wall calendar from the previous year: Yes you can still purchase it, with the actual time.

The special gift for musicians, the pipe organ calendar of one of the previous years. We call those "Vol. 1 to Vol. ... whatever", not confuse you, when you decide for one, which is not actual.

The music gifts pipe organ calendar Vol. 2. Also, this one was published in one of the previous years, and you may order it still today: like it was back then, so with the calendar of that particular year (... for instance for pipe organ calendar collectors) or - then it is "hot off the press - with the actual calendar. 

You get each pipe organ calendar from the previous years in 2 variants: first still left copies value priced with the date of the previous year. Or with the actual calendar, this year or next year, than it is a "hot off the press" calendar.

The Yearly Pipe Organ Calendar: 3 Specialists in Berlin and Flein* 

On the left side it is Peter Bach, Jr.'s sister, Petra-Ines Kaune and on the right it's the CEO and the owner of the little publishing house in Southern Germany. * = Flein is a wine village located close to Heilbronn, close to Stuttgart, in Southern Germany.


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Organ calendar "the second": This is also the international internet portal "". Without a selection of well over 4,700 organs from 78 countries, the joint project would hardly be possible over the next 25 years. Martin Doering is the specialist in this field. The expert worldwide.

Right, no pipe organ calendar, none of the calendars above. Third in the gang in the "matter of organ calendars is the author of the "Johann Sebastian Bach project "Bach on Bach", Peter Bach Jr., with his various Bach platforms in the subject of the famous composer from Eisenach in Thuringia. That is why there is a ... Bach calendar and a music calendar and a composers calendar ... instead of a pipe organ calendar. However, don't worry: That's by far not it with pictures regarding the theme of organ pipe organ calendars.

How Is that Possible? Pipe Organ Calendar After Pipe Organ Calendar ... and That is True for 25 Years?


First of all, it is hardly possible if you are not really very familiar with the subject. And not even if you haven't photographed hundreds of organs all over the world yourself: from the right angle, sharp to the point and with a lot of creativity. Martin Doering not only knows a lot about organs, he is also the perfect partner in a creative trio of music lovers to publish his treasures worldwide in the future. However, this is only economically possible if three specialists work together.


First of all, organ calendars - and especially 26 organ calendars - require many ... really a lot of photos of organs for a very difficult selection. Although each organ is always unique, there are - at least apparently and for the layman - some similar ones, at least for the observer whose passion is not organs. Who just has the joy of them, of great photos of great organs. Only from a really very large selection can you put together an organ calendar every year that doesn't offer too many similar motifs. Martin Doering has the knowledge and he has also photographed the photos for such exciting organ calendars himself. And he's had enough: 4,760 organs from 76 countries. Purely theoretically this would result in organ calendars about organ calendars for a period of 396 years: every year, of course, a new and different one than ever before. And at the very end, the year 2412 was finally written. 

The pipe organ calendar, January 2022. By "Bach 4 You". Some years ago the young Renate Bach Publishing House released its very first pipe organ calendar. Since that time this calendar is always one of the value priced calendars of the publishing house and it is one of the 33 music calendars, too. 33 more composers calendars and 33 more Bach calendars complete the offer.

Pipe Organ Calendars for Pipe Organ Lovers: We Needed a Cool Concept

Calendar ... and not only organ calendars ... are known to be "very perishable goods". If February begins at the end of the calendar season, all organ calendars are ...  correct, and the other calendars with kittens and landscapes and capitals and whatever themes as well ... simply only waste paper. Waste. Waste paper ... but only after the spiral has been removed.

The pipe organ calendar, February 2022.


On the other hand, organ calendars are really not intended for a particularly large audience. Organ calendars don't appeal to the mainstream at all. And the fact that hardly a bookseller puts an organ calendar in his shop and removes a horse calendar for this purpose, inspires only very few customers in bookstores to think whether an organ calendar might be a cool decoration for their own home or in size A4 already a very cheap and high-quality gift. If there is no organ calendar ... who would come up with such an idea?!
The consideration of the calendar publishing house, which takes this risk of the music calendars then unsaleable in spring and naturally then also the unsaleable organ calendars, led to the consideration, calendars, which addresses in the niche market of the music lovers the still smaller quite specifically interested group of the organ lovers, to let print only on request. Two categories resulted in the consideration and the concept to offer 99 music calendars and now also organ calendars:
Nine music calendars offer the calendar publisher "Bach 4 You" today in the cheap of two categories and it is, compared with a demanding topic, actually cheap. Of course, you can never compare the price with the offers that kitten calendars cost in the supermarket, but ... that doesn't have to be. The publisher's affordable calendars: these are two music calendars - one of which is the first organ calendar - 6 composer calendars and one Bach calendar. However, the complete publishing program will not change from year to year (... with the exception that an organ calendar is added every year), this is the philosophy of the two creative minds in the joint "Bach Mission", who would like to at least partly counter-finance their plan to make Johann Sebastian Bach even better known in the world.
With the first offer of organ calendar number 1, the first discussions for a common distribution resulted and finally the closer contact to Martin Doering, the operator of the Internet portal "" developed. Immediately they got enthusiastic about a future project, which plans to put together a completely new, next organ calendar every year and then publish 
And so from 2018 on there will still be the very first organ calendar for the calendar year 2016 / 17 in the offer of the publishing house "Bach 4 You" ... but of course with the current calendar. And in addition there is also a second organ calendar with another 12 locations and 12 organs. And in 2019 a third organ calendar will follow. And 2020, too. And so on and so forth. But the first organ calendar ... is also available. And all the others from the years 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, too.

The pipe organ calendar, March 2021. A cool music gift.

Pipe Organ calendars and More Pipe Organ calendars. Two Cool Specialties: Just Handcraft Your Own Organ Calendar!


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The pipe organ calendar, April 2022.

Orgelkalender hin, Orgelkalender her: Sie sind doch ganz sicher ein Orgel-Fan?!


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This is not the pipe organ calendar 2021, but one of the pipe organ calendars of the previous years, because the current one is what you meanwhile know down to the details. Plus now, you know what happens if three music fans found a common theme: Martin Doering is the pipe organ specialist, Renate Bach operates the matching publishing house and Peter Bach, Jr. as a calendar author decided which one fits and combines 12 each year: namely one pipe organ calendar after the previous pipe organ calendar. Here you get to the shop for almost the a final time.


Remember? European style calendars have a timetable but no grid. US calendars, that is to say 50:50 calendars, do have a large grid in the lower half of the calendar … learn more.



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