The Ursprung 1735 by Johann Sebastian Bach – Part/Page 3


Remember? Johann Sebastian Bach himself put the 53 members of his family in the so called "Ursprung der musicalisch-Bachischen Familie" together. In the good old days kids used to play with such cards. Today it is a rarity.



Ursprung der musicalisch-Bachischen Familie in Readable German and English


No. 13. Johann Christoph Bach, first son of Heinrich Bach Sub No. 6 was born in Arnstadt. In hte year.... .  He died at Eisenach as a court and town organist in 1703. He was a profound composer. He fathered with his wife, Frau née Wiedemann, Mr. ... Wiedemann, town writer at Arnstadt oldest daughter, the Sub No. 27l, 28, 29 and 30 following 4. sons.


Nr. 14. Johann Michael Bach, Heinrich Bach's sub No. 6 different son who is born in Arnstadt too. An. ... He was town writer and organist in the office of the city of Gehren. He was like his older brother, a considerable organist. He left after his death a widow, who was the town writer Wiedemann of Arnstadt's second daughter, plus with her 4 unsupplied daughters, but no son.




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No. 15. Johannes Günther Bach, third son of Heinrich Bach Sub No. 6. He supported his father. He was a good musician plus, he was an skilled producer of different newly invented musical instruments. He died without a male successor. An. 16.. .


No. 16. Johann Jacob Bach, oldest son of Johann Christian Bach Sub. No. 7 born in Erfurt 1668. He died unmarried as a Haußmann assistant at the blessed Johann Ambrosius Bach at Eisenach 1692.


No. 17. Johann Christoph Bach, Johann Christian Bach Sub. No. 7's second son. He was born in Erfurt 1673. He died in Gehren as a cantor in the year 1727. His children follow Sub No. 31, 32, and 33.


No. 18. Joh. Bernhard Bach, oldest son of Johann Egydio Bach Sub No. 8 is born in Erfurt in 1676. He is still living today (which is 1735) as a chamber musician and organist in Eisenach. Succeeded Joh. Christ. Bach Sub No. 13. Whose only son follows Sub. No. 34.



No. 19. Joh. Christoph Bach, the different son of Joh. Egydio Bach's sub No. 8 is born in Erfurt in 1685. He is still serving as a director of the musicians of the town council in Erfurt. His sons follow Sub No. 35,36 and 37.


No. 20. Joh. Nicolaus Bach, ancestor of Sub No. 9. thought Joh. Nic. Bach's, became a surgeon. And he is living now 10. miles behind the city of Koenigsberg in Prussia, in the office ... but has the whole house full of children.


No. 21. Joh. Valentin Bach, a son of Georg Christoph Bach's Sub No. 10. His siblings have the following names:


No. 22. Joh. Christoph Bach, oldest son of Joh. Ambrosius Bach's Sub No. 11. He was born in ... in the year 167.. He died at Ohrdruf as an organist and teacher 17..


This is Königsberg, Picture 1 ...


...this is Königsberg, Picture 2...



... and finally this is Königsberg, Picture No. 3.




No. 23. Joh. Jacob Bach, second son of Joh. Ambrosius Bach's Sub No. 11. He was born in Eisenach in the year 1682. He learned the art of being a town piper from his blessed father's follower, Mr. Heinrich Halle. After a few years, in 1704 he went to serve for the Royal Swedish War Service, as a Hausboiste. He had the fatality to reach the turkish  bender with his royalty Carlo the 12th after a unlucky Pustavaik battle. He served for his king for 8 or 9 years and he retired one year bevor the king returend as a Royal Chamber and Court Musician in Stockholm. There he died in the year 17.., and he left no biological descendants.


No. 24. Joh. Sebastian Bach, Joh. Ambrosius Bach's youngest son, is born in Eisenach in the year 1685, on the 21st of March. He (1) became a court Composer at Weimar for duke Johann Ernst, in the year 1703 (2) he became organist in the new church of Arnstadt 1704. (3) organist at St. Blasius Church in Muehlhausen in the year 1707 (4) Chamber and Court organist in Weimar, in the year 1708 at this court in the year 1714 concert master at the same time. (6) band leader and director of the chamber musicians at the High Sovereign Court of Anhalt Koethen. In the year 1717 (7) he was called to Leipzig as a Choir Music Director at the Thomas School, which is where he still lives according to God's will and where he is band leader of Weißenfels and Köthen at the same time. His family will follow.




Stockholm, Sweden Pic No. 1.



Stockholm, Sweden, Pic No. 2.




No. 25. Joh. Ernst Bach, first son of Joh. Christoph Bach. Sub No. 12., born 5th August in the year 1683. He is organist in Arnstadt at the Oberkirche. His children follow...


No. 26 Joh. Christoph Bach, second son of Joh. Christoph Bach, lives in Plankenhayn and is making his money with stuff of a materialist. Although he is married, but has no biological descendants. He is born in 1689, on September 12th.


No. 27. Joh. Nicolaus Bach, back then senior of all still living Bachs, is oldest son of Joh. Christoph Bach Sub. No. 13. He is organist both at the University Church and the Town Church at Jena.


The city of Jena, Thuringia.





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No. 28. Joh. Christoph Bach, second son of Joh. Christoph Bach's Sub No. 13. He likes the music too. But he has never taken a musical position, but had most fun making travels.


No. 29. Joh. Friedrich Bach, was third son of Joh. Christoph Bach's Sub No. 13. He died in the year 172. as an organist follower J. S. Bach's in the Blasii Church in Muehlhausen, and he had no biological descendants.


No. 30. Joh. Michael Bach, 4th son of Johann Christoph Bach's Sub No. 12. He learned the organ builder's art, but has travelled to the Northern Countries after that and never has come back, so that there is no further news from him existent.


No. 31. Joh. Samuel Bach, oldest son of Sub No. 17. mentioned J. C. Bach's, he died in Sondershausen as a musician of an early death.



The Bach city of Mühlhausen.






The city of Sonderhausen.




Nr. 32. Joh. Christian Bach, second son of J. C. Bach's Sub No. 17. was a musician too, and died as well early, in Sondershausen.


No. 33. Joh. Günther Bach, 3rd son of J.C. Bach's Sub No. 17 is a good tenor and works currently as a school colleague at the busienessman's community at Erfurt.


No. 34. Joh. Ernst Bach, the only son of Sub No. 18. Joh. Bernhard Bach, is born in the year 1722. He will also study music.


No. 35. Joh. Friedrich Bach, oldest son of as Sub. No. 19 mentioned J.C. Bach, is a school master in Andisleben.


No. 36. Joh. Egydius Bach, a different son of J.C. Bach, is a school master in Großmonra.



No. 37. Wilhelm Hieronymus Bach, J. C. Bach's Sub No. 19. 3rd son.


No. 38. Joh. Lorenz Bach, Joh. Valent. Bach's Sub 21 oldest Sohn, is organist in the city of Lahme, Franconia.


No. 39. John Elias Bach, J. Valent. 2nd son, p.t. cantor in the city of Schweinfurt.


No. 40 Tobias Friedrich Bach, Joh. Christoph Bach's Sub No. 22 oldest son, is cantor in the city of Udestädt, not far from Erfurt. He is born in 1695.


No. 41. Joh. Bernhard Bach, the mentioned J.C. Bach's Sub 22 second son, follow his blessed father as an organist and school colleague in Ohrdruf. He is born in 1691.


No. 42. Joh. Christoph Bach, 3rd son of J. C. Bach's Sub 22, he is cantor and school colleague in Ohrdruf, he is born in the year 1.... ( ... left blank).


The Bach city of Ohrdruf, Thuringia.




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No. 43. Joh. Heinrich Bach, 4th son of J.C. Bach's Sub No. 22 works for the Count of Hohenlohe as a musician and cantor in the city of Öhringen, he is born 17..


No. 44. Joh. Andreas Bach, 5th son of J. C. Bach's Sub 22. He is working in the Baronial Military Service as a Hauteboist. He is born 17..


No. 45. Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Joh. Seb Bach's Sub 24 oldest son, is p.t. organist at the Sophien Kirche at Dresden. He is born 1710, on November 22nd.


No. 46. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, 2nd son of Joh. Seb. Bach's Sub No. 24. He is living in Frankfurt on the Oder p.t. as a student and learns to play the clavier. He is born on March 14th 1714.


No. 47. Joh. Gottfried Bernhard Bach, 3rd son Joh. Seb. Bach's Sub No. 24. He is organist in Muehlhausen at the Marienchurch or Oberchurch. He is born on May 11th 1715.



The metropolis of Dresden, a Bach city, 1.



Dresden, 2.



Dresden, again.



Frankfurt/Oder, not Frankfurt in Hesse. And by the way "Oder" is the name of a river, not of a Federal State.



Frankfurt/Oder again.



The city of Potsdam, one of the Bach cities, because Bach once was here to perform music.



Berlin absolutely is one of the important Bach cities in category 3, because here Bach performed for King Frederick II of Prussia, one of the most considerable musical highlights in Bach's life.


Bach played in this city: Hamburg. But honestly: would you pay one year income, just to get a job. That was common back then. Bach refused but that is what makes Hamburg a Bach City, third category.




No. 48. Gottfried Heinrich Bach, 4th son of Joh. Seb. Bach Sub No. 24. He is born on February 26tth. In hte year 1724. He has the tendency to make music too, in particular to the clavier.


No. 49. Joh. Christoph Friedrich Bach, 5th son of Joh. Seb. Bach, Sub. No. 24 is born on June 21st in the year 1732.


No. 50. Johann Christian Bach, 6th son Joh. Seb. Bach's Sub No. 24, born in the year 1735, on Sept. 5th.


No. 51. Joh. Christoph Bach, Joh. Nicolai Bach's Sub No. 27 oldest son.


No. 52. ... Bach, Joh. Nic. Bach's Sub No. 27 second son.


No. 53. Joh. Heinrich Bach, Joh. Christoph Bach's Sub No. 28. only son. He is a good clavier player. In the year 173.


Milan, Italy. What a city, what a cathedral. To get a job here, the only Bach in the tribe converted to Catholicism, something the family never was happy with. By the way: Mailand isn't one of the Bach Cities. Not even category 9.



One of the four famous Bach sons was celebrated in London. Did you know that right at that time he was considered more famous than his father Johann Sebastian Bach? London however, is none of the Bach cities.



I knew you would love to see one more Johann Sebastian Bach play card and as you made it so brave through the chapter "Ursprung of the musicalisch Bachische Familie" which you now know what's it about, here is one more card for you. Plus I knew that after so many greyish and brownish images you would be pleased to see more bright colors, I chose the card with the flashiest colors for this place.



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