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Jens Johler published his German version of his book "Bach and the Tuning of the World" in February 2019. In May 2021 he informed us, that his bestseller is now available in English as well. 

There is one crucial word in the English title more, that makes a huge difference. While the German book title is "just" THE TUNING OF THE WORLD, the English counterpart includes the two words "Bach and ...". The German book meanwhile is published in its 5th edition!



We met Eleonor Bindman in spring 2019. She lives in New York. It seems we started to collect great friendships with Bach authors. What a pleasure.


This is her book. If you want to learn more in two or three sentences, please click here. However, if you are really much interested, here is the way to Eleonor Bindman's website.



David Gordon, a creative all-rounder: author, singer, speaker, educator and more. He lives in the USA.


The Little Bach Book, what I cute premium read after you enjoyed a biography about the master. It brings you back in time at warp speed and you discover how much research in German sources was necessary to offer such an insight view into the period between 1685 and 1750. Bach's everyday life at it's best ... and ... not a biography. Promise!


This "Little Bach Book" is – yes, again – not a biography and I was so excited after reading that I'm glad that David Gordon personally told me that it's not another biography about the composer from Eisenach (... biography number 2002 or so), but many, many surprising and exciting details about the era in which the super-composer lived back then.


One of many exciting illustrations explaining how one lived during the time of Johann Sebastian Bach.


I'm so excited about this cute, little booklet that I want to bring it closer to my German visitors here on these book pages of my homepage with a very unique special section. It is so nice, cute and "easy going", that it is not listed only in the category "other Bach books", but gets "it's own very special category" in this section of my website. First, read a bit more about the project "The Little Bach Book". You can do that here in the "neighborhood", on which you are currently reading. Get there with just one click now. Even for German Bach fans, this English reading is clearly a "hidden champion" that you – maybe – would never have discovered without my hint.



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