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Bach Quotes, Bach Tributes: Which Quotes Are Known Stated by Johann Sebastian Bach Himself?


Here at the very beginning my hint, if you would like to know, what famous people, namely politicians, other composers, one pope, and kings said about Bach, you won't find that here and now on this page, but on one more of my websites, which is "Bach on Bach". You get there with a click here. And we start with what Bach once said below picture 1 if you want to get to the point faster.


What actually are quotations? It depends. It depends on the perspective. When the 44th President of the USA, President Obama, calls Bach the most gifted composer (... he did not, but he loves the music of Johann Sebastian Bach), then it is in the direction to Bach – found by us – a tribute to Bach, a statement about Bach, an honor for Bach. So we consider it a Bach tribute ... by President Obama. If we view his statement, it's an Obama quote. But it's not a Bach quote. However, it's actually no Bach quotation.


Let's assume you are researching, that is you google perhaps you do not google just for Bach quotations or Bach quotes, but actually, you mean sayings, tributes, poems, and anecdotes of other persons about Bach, then we have a problem. Not a big one but a min problem. And because "Bach on Bach" wants to inform and to entertain about this and that related to Bach, this project makes this situation around the Bach quotes. A challenge. Actually.


So if Bach Said Something Cool, Then Is It a Quotation?


Yes, that's exactly the case. It's a Bach quote. However, you can also split these quotes into two groups. There are real Bach quotes: The "story with the correct key of the piano at the right moment ... ", that is what Bach actually once stated. That is a real Bach quote.


But there is more to be found and we collected for you, what you can find on the internet. Some sections are what you find in running texts, the other quotations appear in music pieces. Both last varieties are if you judge 100 percent correctly maybe no real Bach quotes. But that is getting too complicated here and right now.


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But Maybe, You Are Looking Exactly for Those Statements and Quotes, that  Johann Sebastian Bach Once Said?


Exactly that is what you are doing? But you would never google "Bach" + "statements". Correct? Correct!


Exactly, and so I meet you in the middle. I guess what you're going to google. And what you mean. Either statements, sayings, poems, anecdotes and statements that Bach once said or  alternatively statements that others said about Bach.


Thank you for your patience as a thank-you that you first get a really large collection of Bach quotes (... that is what other personalities once said about Bach). You get it with a click here. We just call those Bach quotes now, that is to say, what many prominent folks stated about Bach in some 300 years.


And what Bach once said? That is what you will soon find here: Bach quotes and more Bach quotes, too. However in this case von Bach, Bach sayings, Bach poems, Bach statements, Bach anecdotes. As illustrations, you get something special, namely many different portraits of the composer from Thuringia. But because these are calendars and they are published in the publishing house "Bach 4 You", the upcoming part of the text is promotion. So it's advertising. So it's a commercial. So be careful.


Picture 1: From Here on It Starts ... Sayings, Anecdotes, Aphorisms, and Stories about Mr Bach and Quotes from Him



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