The Shortest Johann Sebastian Bach Biography in the World?

Bach city of Leipzig, St. Thomas Church. Bach close and the Bach monument in the background.



Ten Minutes of Reading Fun Is This the Shortest Bach Biography in the World?


No doubt, this is one of the shortest Bach biographies in the world. And why is it so? Because would it be even shorter, it would be no biography anymore. You know me meanwhile - I am just a funny maker! However, would that be this Bach portal after all, if you wouldn't actually find the shortest Bach short biography here on these pages? Just click here, this short biography is less than 500 words short ( ... but watch out, that is an ad = promotion). Here now is one of the shortest Johann Sebastian Bach short biographies in quick ten minutes.



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Everything Started at Eisenach


Bach city of Eisenach: The Bach House on the left, the new Bach Museum on the right.


Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach in 1685, and he died in Leipzig 1750. He is considered one of the most excellent musicians and composers of all times. He is also the icon of the most famous families of musicians all over the world. His father is Johann Ambrosius Bach, a musician as well. His mother is Elisabeth Bach, nee Laemmerhirt. Elisabeth Bach is a member of a family of musicians too. Johann Sebastian is the youngest of eight siblings. In the age of almost ten years, Johann Sebastian Bach became a full orphan and moved to his older brother to the city of Ohrdruf.




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From Ohrdruf to Lüneburg


Bach city of Ohrdruf: Bach monument number 1.


Bach city of Lüneburg: St. Michaelis Church in the background.


Form brother Johann Christoph at Ohrdruf Johann Sebastian Bach received his following music education. At the age of fourteen years, he hiked, together with his friend George Erdmann, to Lueneburg. There he finished his time in school at the age of seventeen years. He hiked back again to Thuringia, and he made music there for a very short time in Weimar. Six months later he became organist in Arnstadt.



From Arnstadt via Mühlhausen to Weimar (... to Weimar for a Second Era)


Bach city of Arnstadt: The New Church back then, today it is the Bach Church.


Bach city of Mühlhausen: the Divi Blasii Church.


Bach city of Weimar: The City Palace.


Johann Sebastian Bach left Arnstadt already in 1707 and moved to Mühlhausen. There he created the "City Council Change Cantata." In the year 1707, he also married Maria Barbara Bach, his second cousin at Dornheim. With Maria Barbara, he had seven children. Next stop on his career was Weimar. Actually his second time in Weimar, where he worked and acted nine years. In the last months of this time there he became a concertmaster.



His Time in Prison. Plus, how Bach Became a Music Director


Bach city of Köthen: the palace.


After his imprisonment of four weeks, Johann Sebastian Bach moved to the city of Köthen. There he became the band leader. Maria Barbara died in 1720. 1721 Bach married again. She was the soprano Anna Magdalena Wilcke. With her, Bach had additional thirteen children. Four sons became even more famous musicians than their father – at their time.



Johann Sebastian Bach Is Thomas Cantor


Bach city of Leipzig: the St. Thomas Church.


Finally, the most extended period in one position started for Johann Sebastian Bach: that was at Leipzig in the year 1723. There Bach became Thomas Cantor. 1728 he composed the St. Matthew Passion. 1747 he played for King Frederick the Great during this period. Plus he composed the Musical Sacrifice after that visit. Johann Sebastian Bach became Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer. For 27 years he lived and worked in Leipzig until he died in 1750.



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