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What a Chaos! Bach Complete Edition, Bach Gesamtausgabe ... Is It the Same Thing?

No, correct - you remember that detail - there is nothing at all uncomplicated in the matter of Bach. Plus because the internet has it's own rules, you manage to find - if you are searching and surfing the net - the so-called Gesamtwerk, which is the Complete Edition in German, actually the 142 CDs of music, when you actually were looking for the Bach Gesamtausgabe, which in German is almost 100 % the same name, but by definition  it's the 16,800 music sheets with the works of Bach. Promise: In Germany, it's a real chaos as these two terms are so close. However, why should you actually be looking for the 16,800 music sheets of Bach's music? Hm, maybe because you actually were searching for Bach's music and used the wrong term. Or you are looking for these 16,000 music sheets, but don't just know the name and term for it. Is it complicated? Yes, ... it definitely is.

This is the current actual Gesamtwerk, in English the Complete Edition of the Brilliant Classic Lable, which confuses Germans even more, as it has the English name "J.S. Bach Complete Edition", but the search keyword "Bach Gesamtwerk" isn't mentioned on the box at all. After all, that doesn't help, too.


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Three editions of the past years alone are what you can buy from this label still today. New ... of course. The strange thing: The oldest version is offered here and there for real fantasy prices. And that is true, although nothing makes this edition more valuable or better compared to the two later published versions. On the contrary: Like many things improve with the time, the actual version of 2014 is an optimized version of the edition before. PLus this one was an optimized version of the one before. Meanwhile, the complete edition is a collection of far below 150 CDs, and no single music work is missing. The first answer to your question above is: When talking about the Bach Gesamtwerk a Bach lover and Bach connoisseur understand the collection of all Bach music works which you can listen to. You can collect these works yourself. And that is to say with much, much research, time, energy and money too. Or you buy it - and that is a real value price too - in one package. Please keep in mind: If you are looking for Bach's music, just to listen to it, then your goal is the Gesamtwerk, which is the complete edition.


The Bach Gesamtwerk, which is the Bach Music Complete Edition is the blue box. Plus the Bach-Gesamtausgabe, which I would translate with the term "complete edition", too - yes this is confusing - is in the right side, the red book. Here they meet. However: You ask yourself, what the red download button in the middle stands for?


The Old Bach Gesamtausgabe, the New Bach Gesamtausgabe ... And Finally The Revised New Bach Gesamtausgabe


Okay, just for you English speaking guys. We learned that Gesamtwerk and Gesamtausgabe are actually two same terms, but the Bach science decided to reserve one for the music of Bach, one for the music sheets of Bach. All three terms in this headline are valid for three editions of the music sheets.


Once Bach was lost "somehow" until Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy rediscovered him for a broad public and initiated with that find the so-called Bach renaissance. That was supposed not to happen again, so the Bach society of Leipzig was founded (... caution: the Bach Society, it's not the "New Bach Society"). Their goal was to organize Bach's works and to dissolve itself after that. Together with the publishing company Breitkopf & Haertel the nowadays so-called "Old Bach-Gesamtausgabe" came into being and the time in what that happened was over half a century. Of course, back then it was not called the "old", but 3 years later after they crafted 48 years, collected all, made corrections, printed it and bound it in 54 books. This brand new edition was the "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe" as soon as 3 years after it was accomplished. A next Bach board was "in the mood" to repeat that whole process. It goes without saying: In an optimized version. Because they found out so much in the meantime: They called it "New Bach Gesamtausgabe. 1954 the first book was published and "already" full 53 years later the final edition isn't ready ... but the title is. Not for experts, but strange for all others like us: The New Bach Gesamtausgabe - that is the official (German) name dates from 1954 to 2007 and the final last volume is published in 2016. Really strange ... but honestly: What do we know about that?! Until the latest volume of the New Bach Gesamtausgabe is published/was published, once again they are in the mood, to "through a new edition on the market": The Revised New Bach Gesamtausgabe. That is how you never run out of work ... not even in the oncoming 50 years.


Four Essential Differrences: Old Bach Gesamt-Ausgabe vs. New Bach Gesamtausgabe

The first difference is explained fast. Of course there is the Bach science and of course, they found out many a thing in 50 years, respectively 100 years. Plus there are facsimiles of the sources added in the New Bach Gesamtausgabe plus there is a "critical report" in each volume. That should be enough information here and those who want to learn about that down to the detail, please hop to Wikipedia, there is more, much more. Plus here - here's the link again - in a documentation of the Baerenreither Publishing House in Kassel, Germany.


The second difference: The "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe" is published by the Bach Society Leipzig and the "Publishing House Breitkopf & Haertel". The New Bach Gesamtausgabe, however, is published by the JohannSebastianBach Institute Göttingen and the Bach Archive Leipzig. It was printed in the Bärenreither Publishing House. Plus Bärenreither and Bach Archive care about the New Revised Bach Gesamtausgabe.


However thirdly - and that is really important for normal people like you and we, if you are not interested in the very last scientific one percent - and fourthly as well these three editions differ in two disciplines absolutely crucial: That is number one the purchase price, if you want to own it completely plus the copyright.

That is what it looks like today: one edition of the Old Bach Gesamtausgabe, the Old Bach Edition. However, you will find this edition in blue covers too, and in in green covers and - like you see it above - in a brown historic cover: These volumes are either authentic "old", historic or here and there is one almost destroyed ... or in a newer cover, so can use it.


Two Differences of Importance for You

So, we assume that for 95 % of all Bach lovers, Bach fans, students, musicians, teachers and professors the Old Bach Gesamtausgabe - which is the 16,800 music sheets - is perfect for both content and science. However, there are two exciting aspects left. First, you can collect and combine this Old Bach Gesamtausgabe on your own on the internet or you can get it as a supplement when you buy the music works on CDs for free. That won't work with the New Bach Gesmtausgabe. That is possible, because we, the Bachs from Flein, a village in Southern Germany, got permission to take photos of it, so we took photos of the whole edition.. Even more important than the permission by the library in Leipzig was the public domain of this works, which can be considered 100 % after a time of some 115 years. That is why the following was and is possible: 25 hours of taking photos, reworking the result for weeks, put together in a new order, offering it as a gift, ready.


It's absolutely different from the New Bach Gesamtausgabe. Finished in 2007 it is - and that is true for the next half-century - absolutely not public domain. What about the Revised New Bach Gesamtausgabe? It's not public domain earlier than 2100. However, it's brilliant, you can at least by me, these two New Bach Gesamtausgabens: Until 2015 you had the chance to buy it for the dram of € 16.000, from the release of the last volume the price is € 20,000. Directly in the publishing house, not in the "Bach 4 You" shop. Nice and even could you spread your expenses, if you want to own the Revised New Bach Gesamtausgabe. Because there are only three volumes existing today and that is each at a price tag of € 600. The next will follow in the oncoming decades.


The old Bach Gesamtausgabe in blue cover.


A fraction of the Old Bach Gesamtausgabe in green cover. Right next to it, the one in the blue cover.


Plus finally in a light brown cover: The New Bach Gesamtausgabe from the years 1954 until 2007.



The Bach Complete Edition on CDs (Bach Gesamtwerk) to Listen to with Pleasure


The Bach Gesamtwerk or Bach Complete Edition from the year 2007, however, it's still today available as new.



This Is How You Could Support Our Johann Sebastian Bach Research


There is no question: The collection and the quality of this collection is extraordinary. Here are some important details (text will follow).


However, let's get to the headline: Why do you support our Johann Sebastian Bach mission with the purchase. Actually, it's really simple: This project cots money, a lot of money. And every now and then we can not continue, because the budget for the actual quarter is spent. That is why we refinance, that is why the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You" actually is exciting. And you could support us with that. Quality is, what you can always expect. Plus - and that goes without saying - a very personal assistance. You don't make a telephone call to just any employee of the publishing company, you talk to me or to my husband.


Here again the whole offer of the Renate Bach Publishing House: The Bach Musik Gesamtwerk, which is the Bach Complete Music Edition on 142 CDs in the blue box above, plus we add to supplements, that is to say, two gifts.



That is actually not possible: The biography about Johann Sebastian Bach for kids coming with his music on 142 CDs for free? Yes, it is possible plus you have a choice: You have the choice to decide for the biography about Bach for children as an ebook, as an audiobook or the edition for your tablet. This biography about Bach for kids is just one gift option out of ten. Important hint: This option is not available yet.



Plus you get the content of this Old Bach Gesamtausgabe in addition. It is 16,800 music sheets as PDF files. You will find this combination with the second gift above only here: In the shop of the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You".

One highlight in the 40 years of taking photographs of my husband: His personal "Mt. Everest" on a rainy Tuesday in Leipzig. ) hours of photography, one picture all 5 seconds.


25 hours in a bent over position for 16,800 pages: The Old Bach Gesamtausgabe takes its toll. Now you meanwhile know the difference between the Old Bach Gesamtausgabe (Complete Edition) and the Bach Gesamtwerk (Complete Edition, too, but music now) and you have an idea about the volume.



It's a pleasure to discover it: The cover sheets of the particular works in the "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe".



The "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe": Three more examples of cover sheets coming with works of Johann Sebastian Bach.



So, that's the way all 95 % of the music sheets in the "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe" look like. Plus there are a few pages of text, a little bit of a summary plus - like you can figure out on the next pic, just some few pages with the original authentic handwriting of Johann Sebastian Bach.



Don't worry: The original authentic note sheets of Bach wouldn't be acceptably readable. However, it's really exciting to discover at least a few of them.



As it was such a pleasure, here is one more example: On the left of the pic is a music sheet with a successful composition. In the middle, you see the result, what it looked like when Bach had really much time and finally is a work on the right side, which he didn't like at all a short time later.



Bach Music Complete Edition + Old Bach Gesamtausgabe (16,800 music sheets as pdfs) + one more gift? More precisely? That is by far the best edition of the "Brilliant Classic" music label as a Bach Music Complete Edition, the most authentic Old Bach Gesamtausgabe and on top of that you will get a gift of your choice out of ten. If that is not the "Bach offer of the century"?! Why don't you take the time and check on the 10 gift options beyond the biography for kids. In the shop "Bach 4 You".

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