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Bach calendars. That is not just one Bach calendar. Many Bach calendars are offered by the Renate Bach Publishing House and its shop "Bach 4 You". A total of 33 Bach calendars are all coming in poster style, which is the European calendar style. Because more and more illustrations, which we purchased as "decorations" for the websites of our mission win the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach, just were good for "something much more", than just upgrade the website, on which you are currently reading plus offering a picture on canvas here and there. The historic motives - steel engravings, wood engravings, erasures and modern paintings as well - became, in a much later period of our mission, the perfect brainstorming for our idea, to offer many cool Bach calendars.


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One of all Bach calendars, better: One of the Bach monuments calendar. All pictures are taken by my husband. Of course, he made these photos only with the best weather. And that is to say from Eisenach, Thuringia to Rothenburg, Bavaria and from Wechmar to Paris, France.

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Bach Calendar "Bach Monuments": The Very First Bach Calendar of "Bach 4 You"


What do we mean? This headline still dates from the time, when the Bach Monuments Calendar was the only calendar, that "Bach 4 You" published. So the offer was a total of one Book - The Bach biography for children - one coloring book and one calendar. That was it. So the question was, back then, is the Renate BAch Publishing House a real publishing company. And we stated yes, it is of course. It just a really tiny one. However, it's a real powerhouse. Plus it's a calendar publishing house that doesn't have most of its calendars in stock but orders them piece by piece. Because: Calendars are perishable goods. Until January or February of every oncoming year you are pleased by them and here and there you order one or just pick it up somewhere. However, what's not sold until that time in the year, that is so-called macule and goes - whether it's a Bach calendar or not - to the trash can. It's a pity. On the other hand the target group of BAch fans and humans, who might be excited by such a Bach calendar is small, really very small. Actually, it is ... teeny. And for that reason, most of the Bach calendars will initially remain one of the kinds. You like one of our offers and you want to purchase exactly this one. Okay, after your order we let exactly one print, which is yours. It's then "absolutely fresh prepared". For you. Of course, an order of a big supermarket chain cost less per calendar when they want 100,000 copies. However, our BAch calendars are still affordable. Even in the size 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches for € 18,90. And when it comes to the large sizes 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches our publishing house can compete with the prices of similar ambitious calendars.


This first Bach calendar is our whole pride. 8.3 by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. It is our first Bach calendar, the first of many. Your choice: 2024 or 2025.


One calendar related to the subject of Bach and one calendar related to the subject of composers is what we absolutely wanted to offerto spread our Bach missionat an affordable low price. and that is to say in all three sizes 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and even 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. However, that is just not possible, without ordering at least a small edition up front. Actually, one Bach calendar was supposed to be lower in price compared to all others.


How does it work? With a really tiny publishing house? You calculate absolutely hefty. And you have the smallest amount printed from the very calendar, which you believe is the most popular for BAch fans. And exactly that results in an exciting unit price. So, this advantage is what the publishing house "Bach 4 You" hands down to you as our customer. So, that you are able to bring a little musical surprise when you visit friends, acquaintances, your parents or your grandparentsinstead of the obligatory wine or flowersthat is to say our Bach calendar: The one with the monuments. Or in addition to the flowers or the bottle of wine. As a size 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches it costs just € 18,90, the cool size 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches is € 25,90 and as an impressive 16.5 by 23.4 calendar the publishing house is offering it at just € 35,90. All prices are including tax, plus shipping and handling.


The 1st Bach Calendar at "Bach 4 You": Have Fun Exploring the Motives Below

The Bach calendar: What fits better in December than exactly this motive among the twelve Bach monuments. You decide between 2024 + 2025. To the shop.


Bach Calendars: Many Known and Unknown Bach Monuments in Europe


You probably recognize some of Bach monuments, however, some of them you might have never seen before. For instance the one in Ansbach, Bavaria or the one in Rothenburg on the Tauber, Bavaria, too. The Bach monument in Ansbach is absolutely rare on the internet, the one in Rothenburg didn't even exist via Google images. Until today. Now all Bach monuments will find their way to the public and all the Bach fans in the whole world. Many, many Bach monuments in the Bach calendar.


The Bach calendar in November: The stain window ensemble in the town church St. Jacob in Rothenburg on the Tauber. Bach plays one lead, Luther the other. 2024 or 2025.


The Bach calendar in October: This is an exquisite different Bach monument, how refreshing. So it's possibly modern, too. Bach in Ansbach ... a wordplay. 2024 + 2025.


What would be a Bach calendar without the oldest Bach monument? The one that Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy donated. It's located in Leipzig. Just 20 steps away from the New Bach Monument. This is of course than located in Leipzig, too.


The final example related to the first Bach calendar of all. Very, very few folks know that memorial in Ohrdruf. It's a tribute to Bach with a statement of Beethoven: "Nicht Bach, Meer sollte er heißen!". That's getting rough now. In English, it's "Not, Bach, his name should be Sea!" Bach in English is a creek, so Beethoven meant, he is not a creek but the opposite, which is the sea. You could discover all 12 monthly pages. You just know it: with a click of your mouse here. It's your decision: 2024 or 2025.


Bach Calendars and More Bach Calendars

Historic paintings, engravings, and erasures, combined with modern portraits of young international artists. That is in this design a collection of exactly 24 portraits of known painters and absolutely unknown experts in one calendar. However the attraction is coming with the mix of the colors: The historic works are black and white, the young works are exquisite colorful. However, the common pictures of Bach, those which you know: We didn't want them here and so, Ihle, Rentsch, and Haussmann are missing.

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It was the beginning of winter in the year 2015 and the time before Christmas had already begun everywhere at the end of November. Actually, the first Bach calendar should have been printed much earlier than the end of November including shipping to our publishing house. However: Everything needs more time first, and second it needs more time than you think. So, the first Bach calendar finally was ready to be shipped in the first days of December.


But of course, this was just the beginning, the first Bach calendar of many still to come. We did not only plan to publish two or three Bach calendars but 20 or 30. That is how we planned it back then. There should really be one design for every Bach enthusiast. The variety was planned from historic motives until real modern interpretations and we wanted to present all kinds of exciting collections. The Renate Bach Publishing House "BAch 4 You" wanted to provide every single Bach fan and everyone, who wanted to delight a Bach enthusiast, a broad selection. That is to say with a broad supply ...


Bach calendars and more Bach calendars.


Bach Calendars: Your Agony of Choice

The next Bach calendar, one with Bach on postage stamps: Why don't you discover all twelve cool monthly pages. With a click here. What do you prefer? 2024 or 2025? EU style or US style?


Twelve Bach cities and Bach locations and twelve portraits of artists from the last century and the century before. The locations are impressing photos taken with the best weather only. The portraits are painted by different artists, which were known back then, however, they are just not famous. Two options: 2024 + 2025. Two more options: EU style or US style?


Is it a little disrespectful? No, no, not at all and Johann Sebastian Bach would have been excited, as he was open to new things and different things always. This calendar with twelve works of young artists from all over the world is so cheeky, like Bach to his sovereign in Weimar. What happened then, is what you can read here. Please discover all the other monthly pages here. 2024 + 2025.


One more Bach calendar is one of our favorite calendars. Twelve Bach cities and Bach locations combined with twelve historic portraits of the master are a cool ensemble each. Two choices: 2024 + 2025.


A delicacy for Bach fans: In Bavaria, Germany they call it "Schmankerl". Twelve historic sites of Bach cities and Bach places like they looked back then. Here, for instance, you see the house, which was torn down as late as late as a relatively short time ago. In Weimar. Bach was living here. Today there is a lonely wall left, with a "sad" hint, that Bach once lived and worked here. Decide for 2024 or 2025.


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These few calendars are only a small fraction of all Bach calendars. Click on the shop button to explore all 33 Bach calendars and even 66 more calendars related to music. For all ages and from cool to conservative. At "Bach 4 You" you just get Bach calendars and more Bach calendars, however music calendars and music calendars, too. 33 Bach calendars. Three sizes. 2024 + 2025. US style + European style. To the shop.



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