Your Trip to Bach, Your Tour With Bach: Music Journey + Guided Trips + Travel By Bike + Many Bach Weeks Worldwide

Johann Sebastian Bach with a greeting from Leipzig to you. And he, above, can also gladly show you – in Bach costume – the Bach places in his hometown of Leipzig: With him, it won't just be a cool destination ... with him it will be a part of Bach's life journey and for you a memory forever. Unfortunately, Mr. Schuchart – due to age – no longer guides and a successor has taken over this "job" in the meantime. Via the link above you can learn more. Or you let Anna Magdalena Bach show you Bach's places of activity.     ––

We are pleased that the portal "Ferienhaus Deutschland" (Vacation Home Germany) has found our Bach Mission on the internet and promotes it with a small contribution, which, however, does not make your vacation rental more expensive. Of course, I looked around on this website before the cooperation and was impressed how exciting, high-quality and enormously extensive the offer – in our case also in matters of the Thomas Cantor from Eisenach in Thuringia – is put up. In the "Magazine Section" our favorite composer is portrayed in a really well-done editorial article, in which the portal of course explicitly refers to its great offers in Thuringia. With a click below you get – if you then please return afterwards again – to the many locations for a vacation house trip to Thuringia. The title of the article worth reading? "In the Footsteps of Bach Through Thuringia". We have received the copyright for the inclusion of the logo above in our image collage and for the photos for this article. Thank you also for that. Now continue here ... to my general reading about a trip, your vacation, a journey with friends or an excursion to the life journey of the Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer.   –– 

What Does "Travel With Bach" Mean?


Travel to Bach is unambiguous: These are the trips, excursions, a bike trip or trips to the Bach cities or Bach locations or to the offers of musical events in the matter of Johann Sebastian Bach, such as the Bachwochen (Bach Weeks) here and the Bachwochen there. 


Advertising Start. However, what does "Traveling With Bach" mean? Is it traveling together with the author and the genealogist of this website? No, not for Bach fans from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. It is an offer from Renate and Peter Bach, Jr. to visitors from the really far corners of this earth: to Bach fans from the USA, Japan or China and a few more countries. As a "Full-Service Bach Luxury Package". Especially for mini-groups like families or a tiny circle of friends. Is it possible to join such a group? Unfortunately no, because this exclusive offer is then no longer exclusive for Bach fans from all over the world. Besides, it only makes sense for those Bach enthusiasts who feel "lost" in our country or even cultural area. Linguistically, culinary, health-related, travel-related and much more. And for those who at the same time find it super cool to spend a few days with the author of this website. Lodging is exclusive or unique, guides on site lead (... and not we do that "job") and a stretched limo transports you from Bach location to Bach location. Or individual luxury vehicles or a small exclusive coach. The really – for German speaking Bach fans – much too high travel price we want to use one day for another Bach museum. If you are now nevertheless and still highly interested, then please inform yourself first on the suitable side in the Publishing House "Bach 4 You", the publishing house in our common Bach Mission first about the travel costs. Thank you for your understanding regarding this exclusive, expensive offer. Discover Bach Country better and especially more affordable with the offers listed further down on this page. Or book a vacation home or a vacation apartment. Everything in the reading below are offers from specialists and the prices are ... reasonable. 


We also interpret travel "with Bach" a little differently here on this page of the website: If you decide to get to know Bach much more closely and enjoy it, and you don't exactly live "on site", that is in Thuringia, but have a certain amount of time to travel, then simply make a holistic experience out of your trip: Enjoy the journey towards Bach's life on your outward journey and return journey with lots and lots of entertainment. In fact, my Bach Biography for Children is available for this purpose, although it is also eminently suitable for adults. If you want to listen to Bach's life journey with lots and lots of entertainment. Why not start your trip to Bach also with Bach. Here and now you can listen to it. In eight hours of colorful entertainment with 66 "musical interruptions", but each lasting no longer than three to four minutes. Bach's music interrupts the life journey of the Thomas Cantor exactly 66 times. And now ... why don't you press the  " > " right away? 


You would love to book a ride on that historic bus? There are several possibilities. Learn more about them below the now following Bach cities videos and the Bach locations videos. For more information, please click here.

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Many Options Follow Below the Many Bach City Videos and Bach Places Videos


Because our first of all options is actually only cool for very, very, very few families and companies on this planet, read more for the remaining 99.99 percent of all Bach fans and Bach lovers.


The Bach Video Library ... Read More Much Later on and Much Further Down


If you are planning a sightseeing tour in Johann Sebastian Bach, this is probably the most efficient way to decide in which order you want to visit the composer. Or which Bach locations the most worthwhile place for time and money. Each Bach video is only 3 to 5 minutes short, so you get the perfect overview of your possible destinations. There are nine goals, which are a worthwhile goal in the context of Johann Sebastian Bach and another two Bach locations at the beginning and end of the video offer: The first small portrait is about Wechmar, because there the history of music history began, the final one Bach-Video is about Erfurt, because Erfurt is the Bach place, where so many fellow-musicians of the family lived, as nowhere else: over 60 entries to this family of musicians can be found in the church books. And if you are looking forward to one of the events – or even several – of the Bachwochen, then also the ultra-short videos are suitable for the best. Much further down – behind the videos, among the travel recommendations and also among the many pictures, you will find the notes on the Bachwochen, the Bach Weeks, which take place not only in the Bach cities and Bach places.

The Bach Village Wechmar: Here, the Bach family became the musician family Bach. What happens to the Bachwochen in the Stamm-Ort of the Bache, the best here. Have fun watching the video above.

The Bach city Eisenach: Here, the Bach family becomes the musician family Bach. In Eisenach, the Thuringian stream weeks are celebrated each year. But first, look at the video. Did you know that the Thuringia brooks are still the largest musician family on the planet today?




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The Bach city of Ohrdruf: Here, the Bach family becomes the musician family Bach. With this link, you can find out what's going on in the Bach city of Ohrdurf. The video above gives you a first impression of Bach's location.


The Bach city of Lüneburg: here the Bach family becomes the musician family Bach. Clearly, you also welcome Lüneburg with the "Lüneburger Bachwoche" (Lüneburg Bach Week). Bach in Lüneburg: Learn more about this pretty Bach town via video.


The Bach city of Arnstadt: Here, the Bach family becomes the musician family Bach. Also in Arnstadt the Bachwochen are called "Thuringian Bachwochen". But: Such theme weeks are also outside the country of the Bache. Only 3 to 5 minutes have passed. So short are the videos.




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The Bach city Mühlhausen: Here, the Bach family becomes the musician family Bach. Here you are directly on the offer to the Thuringian Bachwochen. Take a short trip to Mühlhausen, first by video.


The Bach location of Dornheim: Here, the Bach family becomes the musician family Bach. Although Dornheim is the smallest of all Bach towns, one still celebrates the Thuringian Bachwochen and clearly: Bach's wedding. In fact, it was not easy to compile a total of 3 to 5 minutes into a video.


The Bach city of Weimar: Here the Bach family becomes the Bach family of musicians. Click here to go to the page with the reference "Bachwochen"! Before an excursion to the Goethe and Schiller and Liszt and Bach cities, the ultra-short video will inform you.


The Bach  town of Köthen: here, the Bach family becomes the musician family Bach. In Köthen the Bachwochen are called Köthener "Bachfesttage" and here you come by the shortest route. Here you can find out more about why Bach and his wife could imagine a whole life in Köthen.


The Bach city of Leipzig: Here the Bach family becomes the musician family Bach. In Leipzig, of course, you do not just celebrate Bachwochen that is to say Bach weeks, here the Bachfeste, Bachnacht (Bach Night). Of course! How to imagine such a city in 4 minutes? Just have a look at it.


Die Bach city of Erfurt: And it's clear ... they celebrate Bach weeks in Erfurt, too. Click here and you get there. In almost no Bach biography, Erfurt is presented as a Bach city. We will do it anyway, and you meet Bach scientist and Bach author Helga Brück in a cute tiny video, presenting her hometown. 



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Your Trip to Johann Sebastian Bach ... How to Plan Your Trip to Perfection


From here it becomes touristy – in contrast to the much later chapter on the Bachwochen. Johann Sebastian Bach, how do you like him most? Bach by bike, the theme Bach as a study trip or is Bach as a music trip your dream? Of course, "Bach over Bach" also helps. You will get websites on the topic, tips that are almost insider tips, but also a ranking, a sequence of Bach towns and villages, as well as my recommendation, where you will find "most creek for money" or "most of the brook in the day". If they only want to "invest" one day for Bach's life journey.


Group travel, city breaks in Bach, a combination of "Luther and Bach", Biblical journeys, a catalog tour – you can find out more. There are the Bachwochen in many Bachstädten and finally there is even the "Musical Leipzig in the Advent and New Year" – but always only in December. With a smile.



The Ranking – Does Your Trip Follow Bach's Journey of Life? Eisenach, the Bach City of all Bach Cities


At the beginning very clearly: Yes! The life journey of Johann Sebastian Bach begins in Eisenach. Not in the Bachhaus – because he was not born – but a few meters to the city center. Eisenach is the creek town of all Bachstadt towns. In Eisenach you will get the most around Johann Sebastian Bach for your money and for your time. First of all, the consideration begins with the fact that you can not experience Eisenach and the number 2 – Leipzig in our ranking in one day. Check off yes, experience ... definitv no. From Eisenach to Leipzig you drive 1 hour and 15 minutes and if you add the path to the car park and car park, you are two hours from one creek experience to the next. Too far to enjoy both locations.


The life journey of Johann Sebastian Bach begins in Eisenach in Thuringia and our journey to Bach begins there as well. Why is Eisenach Bachstadt number 1 in our list of recommendations? Well, first you will find in Eisenach the already mentioned Bachhaus, the house in which Johann Sebastian Bach lived for 10 years, before the mother and shortly thereafter the father died. This Bachhaus is definitely worth a visit. A few steps higher is the highly modern new Bach Museum with a cool range of entertainment around the exceptional composer. There is also an exciting shop and there – for example – my coloring book about Johann Sebastian Bach, a family work of the Bache, which live today.


Just to the right of Bachhaus and Bachmuseum is the Bach Monument, After the modern second brook monument in Leipzig – Which is most certainly known. Basically, it is only half the arrangement, because before the Bach Monument got its present place, it stood before the Georgenkirche in the city center and there was a script in the stone of the church with the arrangement. So there are already three reasons why this Bachstadt - Not only on Bach's Lebensreise – But also with me on a clear place number 1 stands. The Bachhaus hosts a concert twice a day. In no case should you miss this – And you can be impressed in the multimedia room. Two clear other reasons.


Continue towards Stadtmitte, the center of Bachstadt. There stands the Georgenkirche and in it stands another monument in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach: a gloomy monument and - among us photographers - a difficult to photograph. But before we enter the holy cities, let us take a look over the portal of the church. There is "A firm castle is our God", one of the titles of Bach's works and, together with the Bach Monument, a coherent ensemble. In the Georgenkirche is also the baptismal stone, in which Johann Sebastian Bach was baptized on the 23rd March – according to the Julian calendar. The font was then 182 years old, Bach 2 days young. So you already have 6 highlights to explore regarding Johann Sebastian Bach in Eisenach. And this also goes for people who are not quite as fit on foot: without much time and without much trouble. On your way from the Bachhaus to the Georgenkirche, you pass by the way the presumed birthplace. Then take the path across the Luthergasse, and there the house with the number X has been. By the way, according to Google Maps, 6 minutes on foot when they are fit. Otherwise, it was 8 or ... 10. On the market square, opposite the church, is the town castle, where Johann Ambrosius Bach, the father of Johann Sebastian Bach, played with the prince in the town chapel. Above the Georgenkirche, up the Pfarrberg, in just a few minutes, you will find the school in which once not only Johann Sebastian Bach – and certainly also his siblings – went, but also Martin Luther once round two centuries earlier. It is the Bach attraction number 7. In the Bachstadt Eisenach. Sure ... there is a memorial plaque, and you can see it here.


Now comes the somewhat strange area to the ranking: It is the "value-added factor". For if you are already there, the Wartburg and Lutherhaus are worth a visit. And what an offer that is: just cool. The Burschenschafts-Denkmal, high above Eisenach, is to round off the "additional benefits". Only Leipzig and Weimar offers more additional benefits and get 2 points. However, we can still add an additional benefit to the Bachstadt Eisenach, which Leipzig does not deserve - Weimar however already: It is the proximity to the nearest further Bach institution, the proximity to the nearest Bachort, or the nearest Bachstadt. And here Eisenach has an incredibly wide "nose" ahead. Then. If you find the power sightseeing beautiful and a little stress for you is no problem. Eisenach is only 40 minutes drive from Ohrdruf, the location number 2 on Bach's Lebensreise. He went there with his older brother to his eldest brother, when Johann Sebastian was 10 years old and both parents died. There are only two Bach monuments to be seen there, one on the Ludwig van Beethoven Bach with a famous quotation honors and one for the entire Ohrdrufer line, just including the most famous musician of the Bach. There is no more to discover there – in "Travel to Bach".


Alternatively, we can reach Wechmar in just 34 minutes, according to Google Maps. Wechmar did not play any part in Bach's life journey, but in the genealogy of the musicians' family the more so. And there is a lot to see. First there is the Viti church, which is probably named by the ancestor of the family of musicians, Veit. But the most important is the Bach-Stammhaus, which is there, but it is best to inquire whether it is open when you show up. Or if you even open up for yourself there – and even more exciting: the Veit-Bach-Mill, the Bach-site, where once Veit Bach and son Hans grinded their grain and Veit played during this rattling of the mill to his Cythringen , Quite by the way: Even the neighboring city – Wechmar is however a small place – is a Bachstadt: Gotha, a cool city. In terms of Bach, Wechmar is definitely worth seeing and exploring. To sum up: "Traveling to Bach": Eisenach is clearly the number one choice for solitaire.


However, with the additional options, it is even clearer the number 1 – in terms of "goals on the topic of Johann Sebastian Bach" And on Bach's life journey.



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The Bach Trip to Arnstadt: The Bach City Number 2 for You, the Number 1 for US and Number 4 on Bach's Life Journey


Why is Arnstadt the number 1 of the Bach cities for us and on Johann Sebastian Bach's Lebensreise the Bach Location number 4? Well - both of us, my wife and me - just like Arnstadt and especially the city center around the town hall best. If Eisenach is just as great, attractive and cool as Arnstadt except for a "Muggesäggele" (... Swabian: a tiny one). On Johann Sebastian Bach's voyage, Arnstadt is number 4 because he was born in Eisenach, moved to Ohrdruf, then studied in Lüneburg and finally got his first real job in Arnstadt. We leave Weimar here – this was not really meant for the first time – the second time counts then all the more.


Arnstadt - you have read it above – is the city that Johann Sebastian Bach offered his first job as an organist on his life journey. There stands the New Church – that's what it used to be - and today it is called Bachkirche. It is a highlight of the Bach sights in Arnstadt. And then there is the Bach Monument, vis-a-vis from the Town Hall. It is a special creek monument. In one of the narrow streets, you can finally find the Bachhaus: in the Kohlgasse. It is best to call us here, not for the fact that you are standing in front of a closed door, because the Louvre in Paris does not compare this little brook highlight. Finally, there is the castle museum, also within a few minutes walk, Google Maps says 4 minutes – a topp brook place, there you can find next to the dreamy doll exhibition Mon Plaisir the Bach exhibition. 3 highlights in Bach and now comes the decisive factor, why Arnstadt - on Bach's Lebensreise the number 4 – in my recommendations on place 2 comes ... and not Leipzig: Dornheim. Dornheim is a round 5 minutes drive away, from the outskirts of Dornheim to the outskirts of town Arnstadt it is probably even only 5 minutes. On Bach's journey to life, Dornheim was Bach's number 7. Again we close Weimar with the ridiculous half year and the unsuitable first employment relationship there. In Dornheim Johann Sebastian Bach married Maria Barbara Bach, a cousin of the second degree. Namely in his Mühlheimer time, at that time the Bach-Location number 6 on Bach's Lebensweg. This little jewel of Bach Church is definitely worth a visit. Wonderfully restored, cute outside, impressive from the inside. Do not miss Dornheim if you plan to go to Arnstadt. As a Bach trip or on several trips to Johann Sebastian Bach.



And Ohrdruf is also near: near then for the youngest of Bachs from Eisenach and his brother, near now for you by car. What can be seen in Ohrdruf at Bach-Highlights is in the section above, but for those who enjoy the power of "Bach's Lebensreise", these three brook highlights can be played in one day.



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Bach's Life Journey, Our Bach Trip ... Position 3 in the Ranking: Leipzig

On the third place is the Bachstadt of all Bachstadt and, on Bach's Lebensreise, the longest stay in one of the Bach cities. It is Leipzig in Saxony. Leipzig is a musical metropolis and we start with the actual conclusion, namely the additional point. Here you can also discover so much that you can not get away without more information about Leipzig if you are planning more exciting things apart from Bach's life. Here you can get some information.


To Johann Sebastian Bach. Firstly, the most famous Bach monument is to be discovered. On the Thomaskirchhof. Imposing it stands, small one comes before such a composer before. And it is high. The first of the Bach monuments is about 20 steps further: it is founded by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. You go from the new monument to the main monument of the Thomaskirche, but do not turn to the right – the main portal – straight ahead. In winter, the Bach Monument is by no means to be overlooked. And I mean, not in the summer either. Do not go to the Thomaskirche to search ... then you are wrong. It's really close to the ball. The third highlight is without question the tomb of Johann Sebastian Bach in the Thomaskirche – we give 3 points for everything together – and finally the farthest from the altar, a glass window showing Bach is worth seeing. Between the Thomaskirche and the Bacharchiv, which we would like to discuss as the next point, there is the Thomasshop, which we warmly recommend for exploring: not only because you can also buy my biography and my coloring book.


In the Bach Archive ... Text will follow soon ...



And the Fourth Place Goes to ... Köthen + Weimar + Mühlhausen. First the Pluses Regarding the Bach City of Köthen


In Köthen the castle, where Bach once played with an excellent band of the prince, invites you to visit. The Bach Memorial is definitely worth a visit. Then – not far away – the Baroque quarter in the town center of Köthen with the Bachplatz. Clearly, there is the historic monument in white marble. And there is an idea of ​​how Bach lived in Köthen, because it is a trilogy about Bach: on the Bachplatz, behind the Bach monument is the second house where the composer's family lived. Unfortunately, the first Bachhaus is no longer available.


In Mühlhausen there is also a not insignificant surplus value, because from there in about 50 minutes Leipzig reaches well. And just because in Köthen there is not so much to explore Bach, a combination is perhaps a really good suggestion.



Place 4 Goes to Weimar, Too


Even if we have a very strong stomachache, we would like to recommend – my wife and I – Weimar. Bach is clearly too short in Weimar and you have to look for your monument. It is completely hidden away. Opposite is a parking lot, lined with a wall. And on this wall he hangs: The note that Wilhelm Friedrich Bach and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach were born in this house, which is no longer there and to which the Wall belonged. And who have lived around 9 years of their lives. That was Bach's in Weimar. Only the added value that Weimar of course offers culture to the "departure" and that one from Weimar in 50 minutes in Eisenach is, in 36 minutes in Wechmar and in 33 minutes in Arnstadt ... these are the two exciting basic values. In Weimar there is still, still, every further house, museum, festival building or memorial site missing from the greatest musician on earth. When will it be different? Hopefully?



It's a Little Farther Away: Mühlhausen, Müehlhausen Made it to Place 4, Too


However, not father away than Koethen or Leipzig from the epicenter of the Bach Family, that is to say Erfurt and ... the Bachs.


In terms of Bach, Mühlhausen offers everything, first and foremost, the coolly successful Bach Monument, one of the very young in honor of the composer. Right in front of the Divi Blasii church. And that ... it was then also in terms of composer from Thuringia. A small added value results from the average distance from round 50 kilometers to Eisenach and therefore that the two cathedrals in Mühlhausen are of course infinitely worth seeing. And Thomas Münzer is also an exciting additional topic, which is worth the visit there.



Last But Not Least – Ohrdruf, Place 5


Ohrdruf is a little difficult to lure with Bach into the beautiful city. Right, there are two monuments to be discovered, but of course this is only meager when you are on the road. Especially since both are already out of the role. One is located right at the foot of the tower of the former Michaeliskirche. It lacks – a hint to find Bach better – since the war the church ship. And the monument is on the back. The second monument is a stele reserved for Johann Sebastian Bach a quarter, for the Ohrdruf Bachs the remaining part. In Ohrdruf itself you can not then stroll a little and there is an additional point still by the proximity of the other Bach-Locations, right in the front Arnstadt with the Bach location of Dornheim outside the door. Ohrdruf is a little difficult to lure with Bach into the beautiful city. Right, there are two monuments to be discovered, but of course this is only meager when you are on the road. Especially since both are already out of the role. One is located right at the foot of the tower of the former Michaeliskirche. It lacks – a hint to find Bach better – since the war the church ship. And the monument is on the back. The second monument is a stele reserved for Johann Sebastian Bach a quarter, for the Ohrdrufer Bachs the remaining part. In Ohrdruf itself you can not then stroll a little and there is an additional point still by the proximity of the other Bach-Locations, right in the front Arnstadt with the Bachort Dornheim outside the door.



Lüneburg on Place 6

Unfortunately in Lüneburg there is absolutely nothing to see in the matter of Johann Sebastian Bach. Only a memorial plaque on the Michaeliskirche tells of Bach's two years in the city in his youth. Two years, which is twice as long as he was in Mühlhausen, 700 times longer than he spent in Dornheim and four times as long as his first stay in Weimar.



The Place of Honor Goes to ... Wechmar!


Wechmar at Gotha is simply a must-see for Bach's excursionists and travelers, who are interested not only in Bach's life, but also in the history of the entire musician dynasty, the largest "musician's family of all time". In Wechmar the Bach became the special river. Before Wechmar the Bachs were just a family like any other. But in Wechmar it was precisely this Veit Bach, who played to the beat of the mill, and thus was the first demonstrable musical stream of the family. Only five locations can be seen and experienced, which have to do with the musician family: there is first of course the Bach-Stammhaus, exciting to explore. Then a 3 minutes walk away the Veit-Bach-Mühle: Almost demolished, still just so saved and today worth seeing. Then there is the St. Veit church, which probably inspired Veit to be named after her. Finally, a schoolhouse is next to the church, where Bach taught music, and he gave the "Golden Lion", where Bache once lived.


But Wechmar offers a further advantage: It is now only a 5-minute ride from the Bach city of Gotha, which is also connected with the musician family but also with Bach's life journey. Gotha is officially not reminiscent of the musician family of the Bache, but Gotha is doubtless a Bach city and even a Johann Sebastian Bach city, for he at least and demonstrably celebrated a concert in this dream city. And dream city is the keyword: Gotha is worth seeing. Have a look at the video and just take a break. You are a stranger to Johann Sebastian Bach.


In addition, Wechmar is also very close to Ohrdruf, near Arnstadt and therefore also near Dornheim. The together makes Wechmar a super goal in the matter of Bach. Distribute your time to 5 Bach towns and villages or four or three. Depending on how much energy you have, how early they want to get up and how hoppy-hopp they like to hiss through the Bach destinations.



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Culture Trips, Music Trips, "Bach By Bike"


I would like to introduce you to Mr. Schuchart, of course. You do not know Mr. Schuchart? Maybe yes. They may have spent a minute with him at the top of this page. He is Johann Sebastian Bach, and he speaks the greeting on this page. Just before the Thomaskirche, on the side behind the monumental Bach monument on the Thomas-Kirchhof. Mr. Schuchart offers a Bach tour on his own website– in Bach's guide. Guided tours and guided city tours can be booked. This is an experience. Anyway, I am thrilled by Herr Schuchart. And here you come directly to Johann Sebastian Bach aka Franz Schuchart.


"Bach by Bike": This is really something special and also happens in today's style of sustainable travel. In the nature. With leisure. With a lot of exciting information and far from the hustle and bustle, as often the popular city eateries so have. Two young musicians have developed them: the unique tour for cultural and nature lovers. Already the homepage is visitable. Small groups are only there and you expect exclusive concerts, great tours and there is music at the many original places. This is the best way to imagine Bach, even if it was around 300 years ago that the musician lived and worked at the destinations of this guided tour. Luggage service, packed lunches, all-round support, bike-friendly hotels ... oh, actually this should only be an appetizer here: Visit the homepage of "Bach by Bike" The tour takes place in May and if this is not so, Then you can learn it on the website.


A music trip offers "Augustus Tour". The tour operator is based in Dresden and is specialized not only in "Johann Sebastian Bach". But as well. Even the homepage is great designed and makes you want more. With a maximum of 10 people, it is guaranteed that the experience will be truly individual. You can be on your way to your destination, which means you have a free choice when your Bach adventure will start. And – I'm not very easy on the keyboard – if you like the journey to Johann Sebastian Bach's work, then you are also particularly specialized in Wagner and Richard Strauss. These three topics are by no means the complete offer. Just visit the homepage.


"Alpetours" - even if the name of the company does not really seem to fit Bach - offers a cool Bach package already on its website. 7 days on the road in "Compositeur" from Eisenach. With half board and room and entrance fees and guided tours. That sounds all exciting and you get a real desire for Bach. In fact, the company is located in Starnberg, Bavaria and if you are concerned about whether you should hire an Eisenach or a Leipzig company ... I as author of my homepage is not from the land of the Bache. The homepage of the travel special organizer promises an exciting adventure and a well-accompanied journey.


I had promised you the biblical journeys: Here they are and the journey has the title "With J.S: Bach through the Holy Week" and therefore it takes place also at Easter. It goes from Erfurt - the epicenter of the musician family Bach – and in the Easter time this trip promises to be particularly harmonious to fit Johann Sebastian. Spending: Overnight in the Augustinian monastery and on the journey one has the opportunity to participate in various services. This and the other program sounds really exciting and you should also go there once you plan your trip or even your trips in the plural to Bach-Country. Or is it too cheeky ... and I would have called it the "Land of the Bache"?


We – my wife and I – can not decide which offer is now the better of the two listed. And, of course, it should be mentioned that there are other offers on music trips and journeys to Johann Sebastian Bach - on the Internet and in real life - and so here are some web addresses where you can even look for the best impression: So there is still "TERRA LU", one is called: Gruppenreisen ... hand-made. A 6-day trip. "Compact Tours" offers an unbelievable 5 days in the country of Bach, under the title "Journey to Traces of Johann Sebastian Bach". And the "travel mission ecumenical and worldwide" also makes a suggestion, and we want to make it good with our recommendations. Take a look at all the options and then decide how you would like to get to know the Bach towns and villages. Namely: self-exploring, on the bike as a guided trip, in a group in several days or ... anyway. It's a lot of fun.



Bach Weeks and More Bach Weeks: Did You Know Such a Thing?


Here you see Bach represenatativ for all Bach weeks offers. That is why we don't reveal, where this Bach monument is loactaed. Do you know it?



Die Thüringer Bachwochen - The Thuringia Bach Weeks


All other organizers of Bach-Wochen take it please me not bad: As an author with the name Bach and on a homepage over Johann Sebastian Bach simply the Bach towns and Bach locations have a dominant role and are named here first. And in line with the travel offer in the Bach cities and the Bach places is the order here also no ranking. Bach can be experienced in some places and in some cities between the North Sea and the Alps.



Bachwoche Ansbach – Bach Week Ansbach, Bavaria


First of all there is the Bachwoche in Ansbach, Ansbach between Heilbronn and Nuremberg. Ansbach is by the way one of the few locations in Germany, which has a significant Bach monument, without actually one of the Bach city. With Ansbach, Johann Sebastian Bach had nothing at all to do with his life journey – so to speak. What a pity.



Bachwochen Würzburg Bach Weeks Würzburg, Northern Bavaria


Next town with long Bachwochen tradition is Würzburg. And rightly, we do not follow the alphabet, but simply the nose. Please visit the Würzburg Bachwochen website for the first time and you will soon get more.



Bachwoche Stuttgart Bach Week Stuttgart, State of Baden-Württemberg


In Stuttgart, you organize a Bachwoche. So not Bachwochen in the plural. A week is dedicated to the Thuringian composer. The International Bach Academy in Stuttgart organizes this Bachwoche: workshops, master classes and the promotion of new musical talent are on the agenda.



Bachwoche Konstanz Bach Week Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg


The southernmost stream weeks take place in Germany at Lake Constance. Constance is the venue.



Heidelberger Bachwoche Bach Week Heidelberg, Baden-Württtemberg


Very close to the author of this homepage – namely in Heidelberg – there are also festivities in Bach, where the Heidelberg Bachwoche is held.



Greifswalder Bachwoche Bach Week Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


And what does the local cultural institution, the district and the Vorpommersche Region do? It is the Greifswald Bach Week that honors the composer from Thuringia and spoils Bach friends. By the way, if you check for Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which Germans sometimes call sort of cool Meck Pomm = "Mc. Pomm" is located in the North East corner of Germany.



Hamburger Bachwochen - Hamburg Bach Weeks


Hamburg is not only a Johann Sebastian Bach town, but also a Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach city. The "Bachwochen am Michel" takes place there every year. Exciting, because it is the only Bachwochen in Germany, which are not aligned by a city or a Bach institution. You are certainly looking forward to your visit, first on the homepage, then of course also in the Bachwoche.



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Bachwochen Dill Bach Weeks Dill, State of Rheinland-Pfalz

Did you know that the Bachwochen Dill e.V. And in Dillenburg. Why not take a look at the Website. And later on to one of the concerts of the choir. is the address and the ... one can even remember well. Just go over there.



Are More Bach Weeks in Germany Missing here?


There is still much, much space for all institutions or cities or communities that already organize Bachwochen or those who want to organize regular Bachwochen in the coming years. The ... however is prerequisite. They do not have to be Bachwochen, but they have to deal with Bach and it has to take place every year. Bachwochen and similar events abroad are listed on the sister site "Bach on Bach".



More Bach Weeks All Over the Planet


In the coming months, around the middle of 2018, we want to present all Bachwochen around the world. But since there are more than 400 German pages and more than 400 English pages on the two homepages "Bach über Bach" and "Bach on Bach", everything takes time and goes one by one.



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