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Where in Germany Did Johann Sebastian Bach Live?


Bach spent his childhood in Eisenach plus in Ohrdruf and later on he hiked to Lüneburg. When he had finished his education in Lüneburg, he hiked back again to Thuringia. There he started his working life. He got his first job in Weimar, but only for a very short period. Then followed Arnstadt, Mühlhausen, Weimar again. This time much he stayed in Weimar much longer. The next town, in which he acted and lived was Köthen in the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt. Finally, he spent long twenty-seven years in Leipzig in Saxony.


So actually, you can add up the number of places, where Johann Sebastian Bach acted to a total of five. So, even if we skip the first sequence in Weimar, which actually you can't call a "real" job, we have a total of five locations, where Bach once was acting.


These are the three cities in Thuringia: it starts with an A like Arnstadt. The Next town starts with an M like Mühlhausen in the middle of the alphabet, and it ends with the third town starting with a W like Weimar, at the end of the alphabet. His life ended after twenty-seven years living in Leipzig. In the middle between his three locations in Thuringia and "the end" of his career in Leipzig there was just one city fitting in between: Köthen. That is how I remember the order. Three in the alphabet in alphabetical order A - M - W, last Bach City is Leipzig. Köthen is in the middle.




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