Bach Cities and Bach Places: Wechmar, Thuringia, Germany

1  Why Is Wechmar One of the Bach Places?

Wechmar is by far the most important of all Bach places. However, it is the most important of the Bach places, which are not related directly to Johann Sebastian Bach. Anyway I decided, to present you this second smallest real Bach location, and that is in category A, because Johann Sebastian Bach not only has been one of the most famous composers ever, but he was the icon of the biggest and most considerable family of musicians in the world too. Their roots are pointing back clearly to this little village of Wechmar right on the doorstep of the Bach City of Gotha.


It was in Wechmar, when the Bach Family became the Bach Family of Musicians. Plus, with Wechmar you don't just connect the most important musician of this family plus his four famous sons. It is Wechmar which comes in mind when you think about the many Bach generations before Johann Sebastian. However, it seems, Wechmar is the very first Bach location. But, there is one even prior. This, however, is what you find in a whole different section of my website, but it's for real Bach genealogists only. Forkel, the first of five famous biographers in over 250 years has mentioned this location, but didn't have the documents at hand back then, to "ennoble" this further location a Bach place. It's very different with Wechmar.



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2  Music by Bach + Pics from Wechmar

No narration, just music and pics: Wechmar, a Bach place.



3  The Bach Place of Wechmar on 6 Pics

Bach cities, Bach places ... great pictures. Wechmar on additional pics? Just click here.



4  Info About the Bach Place of Wechmar

Wechmar is the smaller part of the community with the nowadays name of Günthersleben-Wechmar. The common number of residents is some 3,000. Günthersleben-Wechmar is located directly next to the Bach city of Gotha. In the center of the village there is the Bach "Stamm-House", just one minute distance on foot from the St. Viti Church. Veit, Viti, Vitus – they suppose that this patron saint of the church building was the namesake of Veit Bach. That was between 1550 and 1600, when Veit was possibly born here. Or in Hungary, when he received his name from his parents, who were reminded by the back then homeland when thinking about their son's name. The creek Apfelstädt flows through Wechmar and there is the central restaurant "Loewe", which is "Lion" in English. When you eat there, or you are lodging in the bed and breakfast for a night, then this comes, if you want it, with a big chunk of Bach when you pay for board and lodge. It's best you walk from the church to the "Bach "Stamm-House" and from there to the Veit-Bach-Mill. It's faster than to find the best parking space for your car. However, parking spaces are not a problem in this Bach place.



5  A Tiny Video: The Bach Place of Wechmar

Film, pics, music and narration: Wechmar presented in a likeable short video. Wechmar is clearly a category A Bach place, however it's no Johann Sebastian Bach place.



6  Where Is this Bach Place Located?

33 maps, 33 Bach cities or places. Wechmar is a category A Bach place.



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