Bach FAQ 46


Is There an Anna Cantor as Well?


Yes, there is an Anna Cantor too, and that is in the St. Anna Church in Aachen, Germany. It's possible to explain that better. It is the title of Cantor Georg Hage. Georg Hage in the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde in Aachen, which in English is the Evangelical Church Community in the city of Aachen, and you might feel happier with the term of a Protestant Church Community.


It's possible to meet this Anna Cantor. Of course that's true in Aachen, Germany, but there is a much more convenient way, and it's faster. Here's the link, and you see him conducting and behind an organ. There's no English translation, but it's about the person and if you like to read so badly, what's written on that page, why don't you "copy and paste it" and fill the text in here?




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