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Children, students, musicians, Bach fans. I hope my many answers are a perfect compromise for all of you. However, children, did you know I created one particular huge website just for you: Johann-Sebastian-Bach-for-Children? The section Bach FAQ on this website is  sort of different to all other pages. And because of such, there is as well something special to look at. "Bach Art" - you will find several paintings and artwork of Petra-Ines Kaune. And if you like this motive in the miniature format just click on the painting. On Flickr we provide each work in a higher resolution – and then: it's real fun discovering it.


These questions and answers (...actually the FAQ start a little down this page...) about Johann Sebastian Bach and about his work, his life, his family and his biography are collected mostly for kids, students and for "Bach Starters". If you, as an expert discover an obvious mistake coming with my answers inside the FAQ chapter, please feel free to send me a short mail. My change with your help will make this FAQ page even a little bit better, more correct and more exciting. Thank you.



FAQ About Childhood, Youth, General Stuff Regarding Johann Sebastian Bach


Bach Art by Petra-Ines Kaune, an illustration coming with the theme "family" for the following FAQ regarding the childhood and youth of Johann Sebastian Bach.


1     Who was Johann Sebastian Bach?

2     In which epoch did Johann Sebastian Bach live?

3     When did Johann Sebastian Bach live?

4     How old did Johann Sebastian Bach get?

5     Where is Bach born and where did he die?

6     Where exactly is Johann Sebastian Bach born?

7     How many siblings did Johann Sebastian Bach have?

8     What was the name of Johann Sebastian's father?

9     What was the name of Johann Sebastian's mother?

11     Was Johann Sebastian Bach a good student?

12     Did Johann Sebastian Bach have a happy childhood?

13     What was the name of Johann Sebastian's stepmother?




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The Person Johann Sebastian Bach: FAQ


Bach Art by Petra-Ines Kaune. FAQs if you are hungry for information, just beautiful illustrations for your eyes. Click on the painting – real excitement comes with a higher resolution via Flickr.


14     Where did Johann Sebastian Bach live?

15     In which cities did Johann Sebastian Bach work?

16     What was the name of the first wife of J.S. Bach?

17     How old was Johann Sebastian Bach, when he married?

18     How did Johann Sebastian meet Maria Barbara?

19     How old was Bach, when he became father?

20     Why did Johann Sebastian Bach marry two times?

21     What was the name of Johann Sebastian's second wife?

22     Did Bach marry a second time, because he fell in love?

23     Did Johann Sebastian Bach have children?

24     How many children did Bach have with Maria Barbara?

25     How many children did Bach have with Anna Magdalena?

26     What were the names of all of Bach's children?

27     How many of Bach's children grew older than 18 years?

28     Was Johann Sebastian Bach rich?

29     Who is PDQ Bach?

31     On which cemetery is Johann Sebastian Bach buried?

32     Has Bach's grave been at the current place ever since?

33     Are there many private letters of Bach still existing?  

34     Are there any hand written documents of Bach?



FAQ: About the Musician Johann Sebastian Bach from Thuringia


Petra-Ines Kaune's Bach Art. A special thank to you, Petra-Ines. For "...so brilliant and so many". What do I mean? I had a cordially request for one illustration, a painting or a drawing. What I received was not one Bach Work but many. Now they are perfectly illustrating the whole chapter FAQ. In the sense of Johann Sebastian Bach: each perfect – and a lot of them at the same time. Experience the artwork much more detailed by a click on the painting.


35     At which age did Joh. Seb. Bach start to compose?

36     Did Joh. Seb. Bach compose nothing but church music?

37     Was Johann Sebastian Bach self employed?

38     Did Bach "only" compose or did he play music as well?

39     Which instruments was Bach able to play?

40     Did Johann Sebastian Bach practise much?       

41     Was Johann Sebastian Bach a teacher as well?

42     Which professions did Bach have during his life?

43     Did Johann Sebastian Bach compose a lot of music?

44     What is a cantor?

45     What is a Thomascantor?

46     Is there an Annacantor as well?

47     Who are "The Thomaner(s)"?

48     Are "The Thomaner(s)" famous?

50     Was Johann Sebastian Bach happy with his jobs?

51     Which titles did Bach receive during his life?

52     What was Bach's musical highlight in his life?

54     Was Johann Sebastian Bach a hothead?

55     Did Bach once throw his peruke after someone?

56     Was Johann Sebastian Bach a musical child genius?




Many FAQ Regarding the Work of Johann Sebastian Bach


A Bach art scribble by Petra-Ines Kaune, an illustration for the following Johann Sebastian Bach FAQ section.


57     Which works of Bach are the most well-known ones?

58     Which music works of Bach are the most beautiful ones?

59     Was Bach's complete music work really missing?

60     Is all of Bach's music preserved?

61     How many works exactly has Bach created?

62     What does BWV mean?

63     What is the Bach Werke Verzeichnis?

64     Are all known works of Bach preserved?

65     Who was Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy?

66     Is there an incomplete work of Johann Sebastian Bach?

67     Are there famous critics as well?

68     What is the cross motive?

69     Can you sing the notes B-A-C-H ?




FAQ: The Bach Family of Musicians


Johann Sebastian Bach. He is exhausted from composing and is sleeping at his office desk. One of his many children is checking on daddy. Bach Art by Petra-Ines Kaune. Good job, Petra. Excellent.


70     Are there still great-grandchildren of Bach living?

71     Where are great-grandchildren of Bach living?

72     Are all living ancestors of the Bach family known?

73     Are there any great-grandchildren with the name of Bach?

74     Where there more musicians in Bach's family?

75     What exactly is a family of musicians?

76     Does the Bach family originally come from Hungary?

77     When did the history of the Bach family start?

78     Who was more famous: Johann Sebastian or his sons?

79     What is the "Ursprung"?

81     Do the Bachs come from Pressburg?

82     Do the Bachs come from Papua-New Guinea?




This and That – More FAQ on the Subject of Johann Sebastian Bach Until FAQ 100


83     Why is it the "New Bach Society"?

84     Which one is the authentic signature of Bach?

85     Are there any photos of Johann Sebastian Bach?

86     What is the NBG?

87     How many paintings are there showing Bach?

88     Can I become a member of the NBG?

89     How many so called Bach Cities are existing?

90     How many Bach Stamps are there worldwide?

91     How many Bach Monuments are there world wide?

92     Is it true that Johann Sebastian Bach was imprisoned?

93     What does the Bach seal show?

94     Are there two seals of Johann Sebastian Bach?

95     How many books about Bach are there world wide?

96     Which one is the best biography on Bach?

97     How many biographies on Bach do exist worldwide?

98     Where can you find music of Bach?

99     Are there any works of Bach's sons preserved?

100    Who is the most prominent Bach fan?




FAQ Chaos Starts in April 2015: Many More FAQ in the Matter of JSB


Why is it chaos? Plus: who would read through 150 questions, later in a few years some 500 questions – to may be find his or her very own interest. The answer? Noboday would. These are atrificial questions. Artificial questions? I call them artificial questions because I created them ... just for the reason ... to answer them. If a Bach lover or a student somewhere in the world, for instance the Outback in Australia, in the Townships of Cape Town in South Africa, or in an Inuit home asks this questions, my answer would trigger his success. Because I had hoped and expected that this question would be asked one day. Is this strange? Yes it is.


101     Who composed the Ave Maria? Johann Sebastian Bach?


102     Who sings the Ave Maria?


103     The Bach children: have it been 7, 8, 13 or 20 children?


104     How many works did Bach compose vs. Mozart & Co.?


105     Are there works of JSB with the spaceship Voyager on a golden record on it's way into outer space?


106     Is there one Bach seal or are there two Bach seals?


107     Are there schools which carry the name of Bach? On which schools did Bach go?


108     Are there movies or television productions about Bach? Is there a Bachfilm?


109     How old did Bach get? How old did Mozart & Co. get?


110     Was Bach a musical wunderkind, a musical child genius?


111     Is a hit of Lady Gaga influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach?



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