Hurray, Hurray: The J.S. Bach Playmobil Figure Is Here!


The J.S. Bach Playmobil figure. We have waited for it for many years. Especially when the Playmobil man Martin Luther conquered the world some time ago. But - and we were even asked whether we could have one made, as Bach enthusiasts with homepages, so to speak - but there was nothing to suggest that there would ever be one: a Johann Sebastian Bach Playmobil figure.


We couldn't imagine how there could ever be one, because we - my wife and I - estimate the interest in Bach at 1 percent compared to that in Luther. And you have to buy many thousands of small Bachs to get Playmobil to produce them.


And yet it has happened and a tourism institution in Thuringia has made it happen: there is now our Johann Sebastian Bach as a Playmobil figure. We are happy and in our mission to spread the life and work of the composer from Eisenach even more and above all on the Internet, we offer - so more precisely "Bach 4 You" as a publisher and we both as "JSB-Mission" offer the little musician together with two valuable free gifts.

There are no additional Bach figures in 4 more Bach shops on the internet, but there are "tons" of additional Bach gifts and "tons" of additional music gifts … learn more.


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